Milton High School

Selborne Avenue, Bulawayo

Updates and new contributions


 April 2018

   ▪ Obituary - Colin Bland, Ian Ault and Earl Hunter

   ▪ Photos in and around the school - Museum, Scholarship boards, playing fields, sixth form, dining hall and hostels

March 2018

   ▪ Badge history different blazer badges over the years
(collection courtsey Saktie & Craig Fourie)

   ▪ Old Miltonians Sports Club 90th Anniversary Celebrations to be held at the club. They are organising a 4-day programme of festivities at the end of April 27-30th
      and are hoping that Milton Old Boys and former OMs members, from wherever, but particularly South Africa, will attend.

      OMs became a sports club in April 1928 when the OMs Association entered a rugby team in the Bulawayo 2nd League competition, and the Milton Senior Sports club
      was opened on 1 June 1928. See celebration program

   ▪ Obituary - Lenoard Krikler, Keith Iverson, Sisonke Ndlovu and Itsepemodimo Valela.

January 2018

   ▪ An interesting article about David Greswolde Lewis, known as "Tommy" Lewis who in WWI was recognised as the last fighter pilots shot down by
      Baron von Richtofen (Germany) known as the "Red Baron".  See 1918 school magazine where after his capture he was a prisoner of war in Graudenz.
      His article of the event was written in Gwanda, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) after his return from WW1.

   ▪ Attendees Bulawayo 100 Year Gala Dinner

   ▪ Bulawayo Gala Dinner 100 Year celebrations - Program, menu and table assignments

December 2017

   ▪ Reunion photos - Perth 2017

     A reunion was held in Perth following the recent event in Johannesburg, great turnout with old miltonians from the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and the 80's. 
     We had three head boys Charlie Lennegan 1968, Paul Cutler 1980 and Adrian Abel 1984, and possibly the second oldest Miltonian of todays era Rob Shand
     who was at Milton 1944 to 1949.

   ▪ Miltonian Magazines extracts 1912 - 1949.
** In progress

    A special thanks to Graham Andrews for his help and time in visiting the National Archives to co-ordinate and kindly pay for nearly 400 pages of the
    "MILTONIAN" magazines going back to 1912.

     Graham gave up quite a bit of time whilst in Harare on holiday from overseas, and co-ordinating the initial requirements with Ian Johnston in
     England (archivist who worked at the National Archives) before he arrived in Harare. This enabled him to meet with a representative of the 
     National Archives with specific information relating to the location and indexing to enable complete identification of very old magazines.

     Graham focused his attention in obtaining copies of pages considered most relative and covered each year :

•   Roll of honour, those serving in WWI and WWII, together with some pictures of the students, some who lost their lives serving His Majesteys Service.
     Including some details of medal awards, unit, rank, force number, and status when reported.

•   Names of teachers, staff and headmasters 1923 onwards
•   Names of prefects and headboy, school council 1923 onwards
•   Names of School Council 1923 - 1945
•   Sports photographs - mainly cricket, rugby, boxing and tennis
•   Sports critique - cricket (1917 and 1921) and rugby (1922, 1923, 1927, 1929 and 1931)
•   Sports results - cricket (1921 ) rugby (1922,  1923, 1927, 1929 and 1931) -
UNBEATEN TEAMS 1922 and 1929.
•   Other photographs in the magazine - headmaster, school, cadets, signals, gymnastics, athletics, boxing, tennis etc
•   Extracts 1932 - 1940 from the "Old Miltonians Association" (OM's club that started in 1922)
•   Milton Junior - headmaster and staff names 1932, 1933 and 1935
Photos from 1919 magazine, those who served and died for our country

  1918 - 19



October 2017 #2

   ▪ Reunion photos -- Jhb 20177

Alex Prinsloo (1971), Alister Davis (1970), Anne Wilkinson (nee Dryden) (1968), Basil Preston (1970), Bill Mathews (1969), Brendan Farrell (1968),
     Brian Kalshoven (1966), Clive Granville (1965), Colin Bernic (?), Derek Rouquette (1969), Don Nash (1968), Duncan Foley (1981),
     Garry Quick (1967), Garth Yeoman (1967), George Archibald (1974), George Lambert-Porter (1968), Heather Manly (nee Fyfe) (1967),
     Iain Laing (1968), Ian Benning (1981), Ian Broli (1968), Ian Fuller (1964), Jeff Kerr (1967), Jerome Lithins (1967), Joe Brownlee (?),
     John Lapham (1968), John Mills (1969), John Rowan (1974), Ken Bain (Teacher) (1968), Ken Duncan (1967), Kevin Boyd (1969),
     Kevin 'Chippy' Denyer (1969), Kobus Kirchner (1969), Luch Tonetti (1971), Marc Field (1980), Martin Van Rensburg (1967), Melvin Waldeck (1964),
     Mike Grobler (?), Niall Bernic (1968), Paul Johnson (1972), Peter Goldhawk (1964), Phil Grobler (?), Ray Prinsloo (1972), Richard Blaylock (1969),
     Richard Morrish (1970), Rick Wilson (1969), Rod Edwards (1967), Ronnie Todd (Teacher), Russell Taylor (1966), Sid Carlisle (1965),
     Stuart 'Soc' Anderson (1970), Stephen Foley (1976), Travis Sletcher (1969), Wes Goosen (1968), Nige Westwood (1966), Sal Westwood (1966).

   ▪ Pioneer House boarders 1965

   ▪ Photo Beit Hall Entrance, 1990's repairs to school hall floor etc,

October 2017

   ▪ Reunion photos - Jhb 2014

   ▪ Updated page for OM's Association (club) for notes on meetings 1922 to 1945

   ▪ Extracts Miltonian magazines from 1910 to 1950 from 1968 magazine

   ▪ Critique for 1st team players hockey 1968 - 1986 and match results

   ▪ Upgrade all Miltonian magazines 1950 onwards for fast web view with magazines clean format.

   ▪ Cricket 1st team match results 1950 - 2000

   ▪ Photogallery - 2017 photos - Entrance gates, Tennis Courts.

   ▪ Milton is Proud 1985 - 2000

   ▪ 2016 & 2017 sports teams and other 2017 photos in photogallery recent

   ▪ 1970's magazine pictures. Hockey, Plays, Aerial 1935, Buildings - Charter, Dining Hall, Old Music room, Stage, Entrance, Swimming Pool, War Memorial

   ▪ Miscelleanous - Athletics McKenzie Shield winners 1926 - 1968, and rugby tour teams from 1928 - 1959

August 2017

   ▪ 1942 photo Pioneer House boarders.

   ▪ Reunion photos - Jhb 2014** Separate page (Under Other)

   ▪ Sports results for rugby 1926 - 2000 against all schools. Rugby results aligned with players 1926 onwards

   ▪ Critique for 1st team players rugby and cricket 1910 - 2001.

Headboys 1922 - 1965 history and achievements since leaving school from 1966 magazine.

  ▪ 2016 photograph headmaster Mr. C. Ncube and sports photos under16 soccer and handball team. Extract of current 2017 school uniform requirments

   ▪ Photograph pages by year from "The Miltonian" magazines 1910 - 2001

   ▪ Rugby trivia - players photo of Plumtree team - 100th rugby match vs. Plumtree. Milton 1963 touring rugby team

    ▪ Reunion photos in Johannesburg 2014:
Arthur Lucas, Bernie Bitter, Lex Lucas, Mark Lester, Lorraine Lester, Bill Mathews, Don Nash, Brols 'Ian' Broli, Dixie Boyd, Bob Eppel,
       Andrew Hodder, Brendan Farrell, Rich Blaylock, Chippy Denyer, Derek Noyes, Matt Smuts, Pete Stewart, John Lapham, Gary Quick, Hans Ziemkendorf, Martin Simon, Jeff Ker,

       Nathan Herscovitz, Cathie Cowie, Gary Quick, Melvyn Waldeck, Michael & Pete Zacharias, Trevor Cowie, Mick Davies, Ronnie Todd, Vince Botcher, Derek Roquet, Jerome Lithins, 
      Jerome Lithins, Travis Sletcher, Rod Edwards, Ken Bain, George Lambert-Porter, Lex Lucas, Doug Cantley, Howie Parker, Ronnie Bell, Derek Noyes-Smith, Mick Davies

   ▪ Sports photos (various) up to 1947 - 2001 - Cricket, Baseball, Badminton, Gymnastics, Hockey, Rugby, Squash, Prefects,
     Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball and Waterpolo.

   ▪ School Plays years 1960 - 1981

July 2017

    ▪ 1958 Miltonian magazine, thanks to Dave Crozier (head boy in 1958) also Bob Eppel and Graham Andrews.

    ▪ 1958 Old Miltonians Association Notes

    ▪ Tribute to Putt Jackson from 1958 magazine

    ▪ Chronicle articles and congratulatory messages 60th and 75th anniversary (Courtesy Hylton Garriock)

    ▪ Reunion photos

    ▪ Photographs taken in 1990's by Benny Leon

    ▪ Milton speachnight program 1942, '44 and '47 (Courtesy Hylton Garriock)

    ▪ Chronicle artciles and congratulatory messages 60th and 75th anniversary (Courtesy Hylton Garriock)

    ▪ Milton newsletters 1978 and 1979 (Courtesy Hylton Garriock)

    ▪ Aerial photo 1938

    ▪ Memorial stone - Capt. Henry John Borrow from St.Johns Cathedral - (Borrow house named after him)

    ▪ Chronicle photo of 1952 Cambridge exams - Colin Newton, Jackie Kerr, Reg Furber, Peter Hartley, Derek French & Keith Dallas Brown

    ▪ Charter House - Study 4 - names house prefects from 1938 - 1953

June 2017

    ▪ Reunion photos

    ▪ Stamp - Sir William Milton 1/6 commemorating life 1854 - 9130 (Common room 2017)

    ▪ Milton magazines 1945 and 1946 (Courtesy Hylton Garriock)

May 2017

    ▪ Reunion photos

    ▪ Cadets - 1956 Presentation sword of honour - John "Jock" Pugh

    ▪ School Council - names 1926 onwards

    ▪ House names - history of the houses and who they were named after

    ▪ Schools - 1911 postcards of Milton Junior and Eveline (Common room 2017)

April 2017

    ▪ Reunion photos

    ▪ 1955 photos play and athletics photo with Colin Bland from Dusty Miller (Class of '54)

    ▪ Teachers photos and names separate pages updated from 1926 to 2001 from magazines mostly 1949 to 1991

    ▪ Prefects photos and names separate pages updated from 1926 to 2001 date from magazines mostly from 1949 to 1991

    ▪ Rugby photos 1949 Milton rugby XV curtain raiser to Rhodesia v. All Blacks where Rhodesia won (photo Rhodesian team)

    ▪ Teachers tributes
       Tributes - Mr. J. Downing, (1955) Mr. D.J. Avery, (1957) Mr. A. Jones, (1959) Mrs Sibson, (1977) Mrs. Hitchcock, (1977) Mr. A.G. Dry, (1979)
        Mr. A. Gracie, (1980) Mr. K. Swales, (1981) Mrs. J.F Hoal, (1983) Mr. J.J. De Wet, (1983) Mr. Van Zyl (1984) Mrs. Favish (1984)
        Mr. E. Anderson, (1984) Mr. A. Walker, (1985) Mr. A. Thomas, (1986) Mr. H. Fincham (1987), Mr. Ron Todd (and family all teachers)
        Obituary - Col. J. Brady, (1952) Mr. A. Page, (1970) Mr. F. Hambly, (1971) Mr. R. Cooper (1974)

    ▪ Sports - 1949 rugby team vs. Plumtree (Milton won 3-0) curtain raiser to Rhodesia vs. All Blacks (Rhodesia won 10-8) and action photo from chronicle

    ▪ Sports - 1970 rugby XV unbeaten 13 games results

    ▪ Sports - new Cross Country (1985-1988), Indoor Hockey (1986-1991), Karate (1988-1983, 2000-2001), Shooting (1985)

    ▪ Clubs/Activities from 1983 (Under other)
       Business Management, Chess, Choir, Commerce, Careers Guide Club, Debating, Diving, Drama, Forward Faith, History, Interact, Marimbas,
       Museum, Ndebele, Revival, St. Johns Cadets, Quiz, Science Club, Observer, Scouts, Scripture Union.

March 2017

    ▪ Miltonian school magazines pictures by year 1910 to 2001 where available, mostly years from 1949, some 1920's

    ▪ Obituary update

    ▪ History of cricket and rugby 1910 to 1970

    ▪ Captains of cricket and rugby updated 1986 to 2001 where available, with previous from 1922

    ▪ Rugby results Milton vs. Plumtree updated 1960 to 2001 where available (Seeking assistance bringing the results up to date from 2001)

    ▪ Rugby photo 1966 Craven Week rugby 7 representatives from Milton:
      Clive Davy, Hugh O’Mahoney, Neil Thompson, Neville ‘Dingy’ Gordon, Stan Schmulian, Peter Jones (Captain), Mike H
      Hardy, Walt Wilson (Reserve), N. Peck (Reserve).

    ▪ Odds & Ends - 1898 onward History event notes by date of bits and pieces of old boys, celebrations, activities etc

    ▪ Diamond Jubilee 60 year celebrations update, recollections 75 years ago by Ben Baron and the Milton Address

    ▪ Reunion photos

    ▪ 1953 photo play, athletics photo with Colin Bland from Dusty Miller (Class of '54)

    ▪ Teachers photos updated from 1927 to date from magazines available mostly years from 1949 to 1991

    ▪ Prefects photos updated from 1927 to date from magazines available mostly years from 1949 to 1991

    ▪ Photos (recent) 6th Form repainting and new desks

    ▪ Photos cadets parade 1949 Field Marshal Lord Montgommery

Febuary 2017

    ▪ Miltonian school magazines 1926 - 1928, 1949 - 57, and 1959 - 91 inclusive. 2000, 2001 and 2003. 
       Looking for missing magazines 58, after 1993 to 1999 and before 1950.

    ▪ Separate page for OM's Association (club) from early days taken from Old Miltonians annual magazines 1947 on

    ▪ Teachers names updated from 1927 to date from magazines available

    ▪ Prefects names updated from 1927 to date from magazines available

    ▪ Update 'No Ancient Pile' from notes in 1985 magazine '75th Anniversary' Diamond Jubilee

    ▪ Update 'Milton Museum' from 1985 magazine '75th Anniversary' Diamond Jubilee

    ▪ 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee page:

        - an address by Ben Baron "RECOLLECTIONS OF ONWARDS OF 75 YEARS AGO", to the school on 25th July, 1985.

        - SERMON preached by Rev. Fr. C W Ross Thanks giving service held in cathedral church of St. John the Baptist on Sunday 28th July, 1985

        - Address by Hon. R.S. Garfield Todd, Mr. H.F. Day,

January 2017

    ▪ Miltonian school magazines 1960-66 inlcuding Golden Jubilee extra magazine 1960, 1970-1975 and 1982

    ▪ Sport in action - rugby

    ▪ Photo gallery - repainting 6th Form block

    ▪ 2016 Milton Address

December 2016

    ▪ Obituary updates

    ▪ Sports photos on Milton Junior and Eveline School site (related schools)

    ▪ Photos - 6th Form improvements, paint and desks. Before and after.

    ▪ Photos - 2016 Milton Address

    ▪ Photos - 2015 Pakistan and Scotland sports kit donations to Milton.

    ▪ Photos - 2016 Repainting Beit Hall, Science Exhibition, 2016/17 inductions

    ▪ Reunion photos - in no particular order.
      John Eppel, Ilan Elkaim, Craig Baron, John 'Slingsby' Mills, Tony Schulman, Brian Feigenbaum, Alan and Clive Lawrence, Alex Frazer-Kirk, Stefan Frankl.

October 2016

    ▪ Obituary

    ▪ 2016 Milton Annual Address speaches

July 2016

    ▪ Uniforms - blazer sports badges, bag, cap, ties etc.

    ▪ Reunion photos - in no particular order. T
ravis Sletcher, Derek Fenton, Allan Gordon, Fred Simpson, Richard Wakefield, Vince Botcher, Ronnie Bell, Arthur Lucas, Charlie Lenegan, 
       Nigel Hodder, Rod Moss, Rob Posselt, Herries Johnson, Ian Fraser-Kirk, Alan Lawrence, Roberto 'Beet' Accorsi, Ian McFarlane, Di Nixon, Sharon Naude Nugent, Robyn Thysee,
       Mike Einhorn, Ian Scott, Luch Tonetti, Mervyn Spiro, Ilan Elkaim, Adrian Suskin (RIP), Roy Chassay, David Harrison, Brian 'Butch' Marks, William Suzman, Mark Nusbaum,
       Jim Cram, Gift Kaniwa, Eric Berzack, Issy Miller, Nathan Hersovitz, Ronald Gordon.

June 2016

    ▪ Common room

    ▪ Poetry, awards and recent recognition in 2016 for John Eppel. Publication by 'Tiger' D.H.M. Wright

    ▪ Miltonian school magazines 1959-69 and 1960 Golden Jubilee issue (50 years).
       Thanks go out to Hugh Roberts, Alex Walker, Pete Hatton, Adrian Abel, Paul Cutler and Alex Prinsloo for making these available

April 2016

    ▪ Eveline and Milton Junior links as part of the school's history

    ▪ Rugby results vs. Plumtree, won/lost/draw from 1910 as available Up to 1949 Milton won 38 Plumtree won 27 with 7 draws

October 2015

    ▪ Photos playing fields, tennis and squash courts, swimming pool, other buildings - teachers accomodation, tuck shop/pavillion

    ▪ Photos classrooms and buildings. Maths, French, History, Art, English, Biology, Woodwork, Metalwork, Chemistry, Latin,
Afrikaans, temporary class and storeroom/garage.

September 2015

    ▪ Photos from George Carr (teacher in 1979), now include sports in action athletics, and rugby

    ▪ Names updated for sports photos, pioneer and charter

    ▪ Miltonian school magazines 1986 and 1987 from Brian Brett (sudent and teacher.)

    ▪ Updated history for change of houses done in 1986 renamed after headmasters

    ▪ Photos 6th form

August 2015

    ▪ Names Prefects 1926 onwards

    ▪ Common room update

    ▪ School magazines 1920's and 50's from Michael William McCombie, 1949-1953 and 1959 from Colin Newton (R.I.P.)

    ▪ 'No Anceint Pile' by Michael Bullivant - complete copy

    ▪ Notables - international sportsmen who went to Milton, Bobby Chalmers, Andy Mac Donald, Percy Mansell, Colin Bland, Chris Rogers, Neville Davies

    ▪ Rugby trivia - players representing Craven Week, photo of 100th rugby match vs. Plumtree and results from 1910

    ▪ Photos from George Car (teacher in 1979), sports in action cricket, basketball and hockey,
       various 1st team sports photos.

June 2015

    ▪ A new format has been adopted to assist you to get all the news and contents of contributions from
      'old miltonians' around the world.

    ▪ Photos from Benny Leon and Colin Newton of the late 40's and early 50's

    ▪ Magazines received from Alan Garriock 1945, 1947 and 1970, and Peter Hatton 1977 and 1978

    ▪ Photos 100 year celebration in Bulawayo and Perth, separate pages to capture the number received, 
       pages showing individuals, pairs, speakers, with the sign and group pictures

    ▪ Photos rugby, orignal school building as St. Johns 1890's which became St. Gabriels

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