Milton High School

Selborne Avenue, Bulawayo

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1999 - Contribution of articles and memories

Nick Wells
Berwick Australia
23 Dec 1999

Hi there, I was at Milton from 1958 to 1961, boarding in Charter House. I have been here in Melbourne since 1973 and have a small business supplying IT contracting and permanent staff. Love to hear from Nigel Griffin, Dewi Williams and others from my era. Saw Trevor Desfountain in Cape Town a year or so ago. Anyone remember Fifi Klein the Afrikaans teacher of the time? He was great with the miniature cricket bat in the classroom.

Max Kretzmer
South Africa
22 Dec 1999

Rhodes House 1970-1975. Completed school in B stream which annoyed me since I figured I was brighter than some of the A stream guys. Anyway went on to complete a Masters degree in Town and Regional Planning and am at present managing director of A listed Property Company. Would like to hear from guys like Gavin Brown, Richard Bawden, Kalshoven, Pete Elkinton, Gerald Coleman, Crow, Cunningham, from my class, also others like Johnny Honeywell, Simon and Chris Parkinson, Chris Robinson, Tim Watson and many others especially those I used to jorl with.(Brewer Rabinson Fredman) For the record would like to know what happened to Mr Craig - history teacher, Elkington, and some of my cricket coaches. Played cricket in this period for under 15A and one game for 1st team as wicket keeper. Also rugby up to under 15A. Also did reasonably well on Athletics track - competed with people like Bossi Goosen, also trained at Callies. For the record got jacked by Dry more times than I can remember - call me if you're alive - Drippy!

Oliver von Kalckstein
21 Dec 1999
Louis, the Welshman’s name was Mr Thomas (Taffy) and he had a fair temper on him as I and my backside recall.

Stephen McKenna
Cape Town, South Africa
19 Dec 1999

Attended Milton from '74 to '79. Moved to Cape Town in '81 after completing NS. Have been there since. Would love to hear from old friends. Mick well done on a great site. Thanks to Clive Cooke (Brisbane) for the address.

Louis Kinsey
Aberdeen, Scotland
14 Dec 1999

I was at Milton Junior and Milton High during the early and middle 70s before moving to Salisbury and Ellis Robins - an inferior school! My classmates at Milton High included Michael Dando, Jimmy Geddes, David Kibel, Willy Loxton. Strange to see Mr Gracie's picture on the web! Whatever happened to Mr Dry? There was a Welshman at Milton teaching geography during the 70s. What was his name? Any former school band members out there? Heaps of nostalgia visiting this site. It's a good effort and much appreciated......!

Pete Chadwick
11 Dec 1999

A great site! Attended Milton from 1971 - 1977. Have done the geological circuit in South Africa, Namibia, and now back in Zim (Bulawayo to be exact). What ever happened to all the Convent girls?

Oliver von Kalckstein
09 Dec 1999

Well done and thank you to the web master. Following are details of OM's old boys from my address book . CRAIG FAASEN 1977-82 (Switzerland) GRANT FLINDERS 1976-81?(Older brother Ashley) (Joburg) IAN MILLER 1977-82 GARETH WILLIAMS 1975-80? (Brisbane) NEIL RIX 1978-83? travmark@acacia.samara (Bulawayo) SEAN MOLLOY 1977-82 Town) ROGER DUGMORE 1976-81? ( older brothers Alan (deceased) and David) (Maun,Botswana) Hope the above helps some people to get in touch. I in turn would like to get hold of Rob or Boris Palcich and Richard Neal from my year.

Martin Ross
Perth, Australia
09 Dec 1999

Attended Milton from 1980-1985. Studied chiropractic in Chicago, moved back to Bullies in 1995, decided enough was enough and so immigrated to Australia in September of this year. Married a wonderful Bulawayo girl in 1997, Liane Davies, and expecting our first baby in May. Would like to get in touch with any Old Miltonians who remember me, especially if you are in Western Australia. Coincidentally, there are three of us Old Miltonians living on the same block in our neighbourhood, Oliver Von Kalckstein, Dave Morgan and myself.

Colin Telfer
Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
08 Dec 1999

I was at Milton from 1969 to 1975, University of Natal PMB 1977 to 1979. Worked in Botswana 1984 to 1999 and now working in Los Angeles as a Financial Systems Consultant. I'm trying to track down Simon Walker and Pete Haddow (U6 1975). Can anybody help? The three of us had agreed in 1974 to meet for a reunion at Vic Falls on Dec 31 1999. Pity that I'm at the other end of the world now. Who would have thought 25 years ago......

John Pugh
07 Dec 1999

I was at the school from 1951-1956. I had a marvellous schooling with excellent teachers cum real characters. Masters who stand out most are; Putt Jackson, who showed me the merits of independent learning and research, Bork Jones who showed me that History was more than a string of names and dates, Jack Niven whose inspirational teaching led me to an academic career, Queeny Freeman who taught me to love literature but failed to interest me in poetry and Don Watt who guided all of us through the finer points of PE. Other masters (especially a couple who claimed.)