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David SC
Sun 8/15/2021 3:33 AM

Hi, please forward my condolences to Gill’s family. I taught history in the room next to Jill at Milton from 1987 to 1989. We got on really well and took boys on history trips together, when Jill always brought me a packed lunch. She was a very kind and considerate person and will always be fondly remembered for her help and kindness

Kind regards
David West - History teacher Milton High School 1987-89

Steve McKenna

The following obituary appeared in the Lowvelder regarding the death of Mike Hill in a motor accident in 2009 - please could you add this to the Obituary section on theweb pagr


John Kontemeniotis Form 1A1 in 1982

1969 Leavers Ball - From facebook Milton School Pre - 1988 - Robin Hobson
Standing L to R: Alastair Glyn-Jones, Sharon Jackson, ?, Bryan Knight; ?; ?: Nancy Cowham; Robin Hobson.
Seated L to R: ?; Jo Cook: ?; Stephen Smythe; Robert "Zob" Smythe: ?.


'ZANE' - Old Miltonians raising funds for pemnsioners in ZImbabwe

Two separate old boys trips raising funds for pensioners in Zimababwe - 'ZANE' if you wish to donate please use link or contact Paul Cutler on facebook.  Ling needs to be copied so no direct hyperling adopted for level of security.

Paul Cutler, 'JT' John Thompson, 


Charlie Lenegan

Courtesy Brian Ralphs 20 Feb 2021 (Facebook posting)

Reunion of 1965 Milton Sixth Form buddies (and their other halves) in 2015, on the banks of the Thames.
From left: Brian Ralphs, Tony Miles, Michael Dendy-Young, Alistair Baldwin, Ken Graham, Phil Davidson, John Langford. Sadly Alaistir Baldwin passed away a week ago


01 January 2021

A Happy New year to all Old Miltonians, friends and families. Wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous and safe 2021. After the 2020 Covid lockdowns in some countries and resricted travel lets hope that this year can be one where we can travel, meet our friends, colleagues and everyone who was asscoiated with Milton in the past. Let's have you sharing your oldmiltonians travels far and wide. Let's not forget the Sixth Form gilrs from Convent, Eveline, Townsend and St. Peter's - let's have your updates.

Help with names so as to update the 100 year anniversary BULAWAYO and PERTH celebrations, if anyone could volunteer and provide names to faces so as to keep the celebrations alive.


Giles Ridley
11th Jan 2021

Mostly resident in Cape Town, but presently in England.

Greetings and  may I wish you a pleasant festive season and a healthy  and successful year in 2021.
I was at Milton from 1959 to 1963 inclusive, and in my last year I was the School’s Head Prefect, under headmaster CR Messiter-Tooze.
Can you please tell me how I go about contacting any of my contemporaries?  I note that you have received communications from Brian Frost and Rufus Gruber in the past, in both cases about ten years ago,  but since then there appears to have been a ‘drying up’ of interest from Old Miltonians from the pre-Independence era.  One can speculate as to the reason,  but do you have an opinion on this ?  Incidentally, I would like to contact both Brian Frost and Rufus Gruber. Do you have their email addresses please ?
I notice that you have a section covering sports.  They are listed under the sub-heading :  All the Sports photos from the 20s onwards. Followed by a line  stating that ‘Updated November 2020 -anyone with photos missing please feel free to email’.  I don’t seem to able to access the photos themselves.  Can you please let me know how I go about this?   Thank you.
We have now arrived at 2021 and while I can’t claim, at  the age of 76,  that I am as frisky as a spring chicken, I most certainly feel as though I have a few laps left in me still. Sadly my brother Christopher Ridley passed away in 2009.

I note that there are a few omissions from this list, two of them being  pupils in the early 1960s who died in the Bush War in the late 1970s. No doubt there are many many others.

I also note that a Willie Loxton died in 1979, and a William Loxton in 1978.  Is that correct, or is this a typo or a case of not following up a possible duplication ?  And I note that John Oakley is listed twice in the Date Unknown list. Harry Birrell’s name is spelt  BIRRELL .
I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you
Giles Ridley

John Farmar
11 January 2021

I am trying to contact Martin Allard who used to work as an anaesthetist in the USA. He is no longer attached to a University Hospital there and I am not able to make contact with anyone there who knows him. I think he has probably retired in the USA. Have you any contact with Martin?

Keep well and safe.
Regards, Francis