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Anyone with sports photos missing please feel free to email

Borehole Project - Hambly rugby field

John Farmar
Mon, December 14, 2020 2:11 am

Photos Milton Pioneer House 1960s

Unfortunately I am not able to enlarge any of them significantly to be able to clearly see an individual. A J Bull died in the 1990s and a mutual friend has been trying for more than 2 years to see if his widow can locate his Milton photographs but to no avail. Chris Hornby who lives on Portland, Dorset is well and active and he himself doesn't have any photographs. My plight is that all my possessions including photographs were not kept by my mom in Bulawayo when in 1966 I left home and joined the Royal navy. Even when I visited Rhodesia in 1972 I was not able to locate anything. I suppose it is purely nostalgia that I am seeking proper images of my friends as I have been able to find out that so many are no longer with us. Having attempted to locate people since 1996, it is only in the last 18 months that I have been able to find out about my Milton friends. And that has often come through seeing a surname and asking questions.

Gerard Adlard seems to have a real list of Miltonians which I have been sent and I remain hopeful that someone on that list will respond and may have photographs. But if you can help with an actual digital image of an actual photograph this would be most helpful.

If you are wanting any information about Miltonians from my findings to update the Old Miltonians site I will be only too pleased to pass this information onto you.



PS. I was always called John at school and even in the navy so people may know me as John Farmar or Farmar Buck by nickname. It came about as my grandfather and father were also called Francis!


1974 Class 4A2

1982 Form 2 or 3

Under 14 Rugby

1982 School Leavers Ball - Courtesy Robin Hobson

Standing L to R: Alistair Glyn-Jones, Sharon Jackson, ?, Bryan Knight, ?, ?, Nancy Cowham, Robin Hobson,
Seated L to R: ?, Jo Cook, ?, Stephen Smythe, Robert "Zob" Smythe, ?.

1966 - Cadet Band - Courtesy Robin Hobson

1982 Class 1A1 with teacher Mrs. Evans who taught history, passed away 29 August 2020, at Milton for 35 years

1929 - Photos rugby and buildings (Charter House, Beit Hall, Dining Room and War Memorial) Courtesy Shane Van Leewen

Back. Gilmour, Rosen, o'connor, Ingram, Culverwell, Mccrombie, Wolfe, Hooper-Sharpe and Soderberg.
Front: King, Skinner, Mcphee and Streak


Pioneer House Athletics representatives and winners about 1968 (Courtesy Mike Murray)
Cup Winners - Doug McCrrimmon, Alex Prinsloo, ? George Lamber-Porter, Wessel Goosen, Dave Fort, Rich Wakefield,  Alister Reid, and holding the Inter-house Athletics winners trophy David Wright (Head Housemaster) and Lionel Reynolds (House Master)

Back Row: David Clarke, Mike Ralph, Doug McCrimmon, ? AN Other, John Michael,
Front Row: Clive Riddle, Sam Goosen, Raymond Prinsloo, Mathew Smuts, ? AN Other,

 Adventure trip planning to Gona-re-zhou: Ant Blaylock, Mike Murray, Paul Johnson and Herb Dennison-Farrar
196x_pioneer_boarders_trip _milton_6807
 Fixing the bike -Ant Blaylock, Herb Dennison-Farrar, Mike Murray and Rich Lambert-Porter
Lastly - borders - Alister Reid, John Michael, Theo Pistorious, Rod Halls, Alistair MaCcrimmon surrounding William Wakefield.


Milton Appeal
Joe Krige has forwarded the attached article in regard to an appeal to Old Miltonians with the possibility of upgrading and upkeep of the Hambly Rugby field (named 1969) where we used to have the 1st XV home games played on Saturday afternoons. Appeal letter


Newspaper articles - Sir. William Milton at Government House, Salisbury, 1900's and unveiling of Shangani Memorial 5th July 1904

Sir William Henry Milton was Mashonaland's third Administrator from 24 July 1897 to 24 January 1901. In 1901 it was decided to combine the administration of Mashonaland and Matabeleland that had been separated three years before, and Milton then became the Administrator of the whole of Southern Rhodesia. He retired in 1914 at the age of 60. In 1922, the biggest school in Bulawayo at the time was renamed Milton High School in his honour.

He had three sons, Cecil and John, both of whom would play rugby for England, and Noel, who played for Oxford University. He died in Cannes, France, at the age of 75.



Corona virus

To all old miltonians, staff, families and friends, hope you are all staying safe during these trying times of lock down in most countries. Stay safe, it will pass with time, probably longer than we want, patience is a virtue as an old saying goes.

If during the down time you might find any old photos, articles please send email.


Fort family 2020 recorded at IMB reminicing about growing up in Zimbabwe in the missionary field. Interesting to see that their father's name was also 'Milton'. The photo of the family in their school uniforms was taken nearly 50 years ago back in 1970.


Hi to all oldmitonians
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Steve McKenna
Sun, Feb 16, 2020 7:03 pm

Please could I post the following messages on the Common Room; Congratulations to Michael Bullivant on receiving an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II in her 2020 Honours List. You are an inspiration not only to Bulawayo and the community you represent, but also to all Old Miltonians who had the honour and pleasure of your guidance and counsel during our days at Milton. Well done and keep up the good work.

Condolences to Wanda, Stuart, Louise and family on the passing of Gerry. He was loved and revered not only by your family, but also by all who came into contact with him. How lucky to have been able to catch up with you in Cape Town a few years ago - he is gone but not forgotten. RIP

Many thanks
Steve McKenna

Mike Kennedy
Wed, Feb 12, 2020 4:55 am

Mr Bullivant !!!!! He taught us …. he deserves 2 medals.
Touched base with Joe Krige last year …. cc’d on this email. Based in Frome in Somerset ….. physics teacher (Sparky !!)

Peter Wallace
Wed, Feb 12, 2020 7:07 am

Mr Bullivant !!!!! nice to see some of the old school names, thanks

Zac Zacharias
Wed, Feb 12, 2020 3:36 pm

Mr Bullivant !!!!! Now there is a blast from the past!
Would be good to see everybody again - unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) I am retiring in September so August will be chaos closing out loose ends.
Will hopefully be coming out that way in the new year sometime though....
Keep in touch.

Peter Wallace
Wed, Feb 12, 2020 11:31 pm

Mr Bullivant !!!!! Zac! Calling out the class names/register was never complete until we'd got to Zed!
(though sometimes we could have saved ourselves the troublem - no answer! :-))

Robert Shand
Sun, January 19, 2020

Hodes, Ernest Geoffrey

I think that this guy was in my year at Milton . His age fits – father was an auctioneer in Bulawayo
Hodes, Ernest Geoffrey (aged 45), Corporal Rhodesian Intelligence Corps, died vehicle accident north of Eiffel Flats when driving back to Bulawayo after call-up

file:///C:/Users/AdrianMM/Documents/My Web Sites/oms/commonroom_images_2020/obituary_hodes

It would be interesting to see who of my year would know of him?

Rob Shand

OBE Honour by Queen Elizabeth II in her New Year’s Honours 2020

Mr Michael Bullivant (73), former Deputy Headmaster at Milton High School and the Principal of the Zimbabwe Music Academy (ZMA) in Bulawayo, was awarded the OBE by Queen Elizabeth II in her New Year’s Honours 2020 list released yesterday. Born on June 15 1946 in England in a county named Lincolnshire, Mr Bullivant learnt at King Edward VI Grammar School in Spilsby. He moved to the then Rhodesia in 1975 and started teaching History at Milton High School.

The OBE is a British order of chivalry, rewarding contributions to the arts and sciences, work with charitable and welfare organisations and public service outside the civil service.

The bespectacled Mr Bullivant who lives in Suburbs with his wife Lindsay, said he was speechless and at the same time happy. Mr. Bullivant has been awarded top British award, the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Queen Elizabeth II for his services in music, education and Zimbabwe/United Kingdom relations.

“I’m thrilled and feel very honoured to have been awarded with the OBE like anyone else. I’ve been working for the Zimbabwe Music Academy for the past 14 years but I’ve been involved in music for the past 40 years. I became Chairman of Performing Arts Bulawayo in 1978 there about,” said Mr Bullivant.