Milton High School Reunions around the World

Milton High School

Selborne Avenue, Bulawayo

Reunions - Golfday - Durban & bowls at OM's

2014 - Golfday, Durban


Travis Sletcher and Neville Parkin

2014_trav_neville_golf_2 2014_trav_neville_golf

2009 and 2010 Hooligan Bowlers Social - Bulawayo OM's club



Courtesy George Clarke

2007 - Golf day in Durban


Neville Parkin, George McDonald, Travis Sletcher, Howard Atkinson                                                              Neville Parkin, Travis Sletcher, George McDonald


2005 Milton Boys Get Together at Durban Shamwari Club, Durban


Neville Parkin, George Archibald, Gerlad Coleman


2002 Old Boys Golf Tournament 1st Team - July, Durban


1st Team - Potch College Old Boys Golf Tournament 14th July 2002                                        2nd Team - Potch College Old Boys Golf Tournament 14th July 2002
Left to right:
Richard Leachy, Travis Sletcher, Neville Parkin, Brian Coghill.                               Left to right: George McDonald, Howard Atkinson, Steve Atkinson, Mike Husband.
Picture courtesy of George Archibald