Milton High School

Selborne Avenue, Bulawayo

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2001 - Contribution of articles and memories

All other entries for 2001 were lost due to computer crash (no backup made !!)

Brian Leaney
Melbourne, Australia
30 Jan 2001

At Milton from 1950 - 1954

Max Kretzmer
Jhb South Africa
18 Jan 2001

Hey you guys enough abuse. I have made contact with Gavin Brown, spoke to Gerald Coleman and have been in touch with George Archibald. Any info on where teachers like Craig Canton and Elkington ended up. I also had a very strange art teacher whose name slips my mind. Any news on people i played cricket with. i.e Pete Elkington, Timmy Watsom Chris Robertson, Cunninham, Parkin, Inky Fredman??

max kretzmer
Jhb South Africa
17 Jan 2001

Have recently made contact with old schoolmates, George Archibald, Gerald Coleman. Gavin Brown please get hold of me! Shek Solomon gave me your details which I lost. Would also like to know whats happened to Bawden, Russell, etc as well as teachers like Craig, Canton, Elkington.

Mick Higgins
Staffs, UK
01 Jan 2001

Hi all fellow OM's - Happy 2001... Thanks to all who have visited the site in 2000, especially those who have supplied info, pics, etc.. If anyone out there has any info, photos, etc. or suggestions about the site then let me know. If your name isn't in the OM's database then let me know. Hopefully we shall have our own domain name this year - I'm making enquiries at the moment - I'll keep you informed.