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2002 - Contribution of articles and memories

Pete Chadwick
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
28 Dec 2002

Greetings all! Haven't visited the site for a while - too busy queing for petrol (and bread, and milk ..... and most other things). It's good to hear some familiar names cropping up. Roy Slater was last seen farming in Umvurwi (Umvukwes) - but that has probably changed now. Stewart Loxton was last seen working for Liberty Life in Jo'burg - according to Bruce Anderson, who I still keep in touch with. Life in Bullies is getting hard these days, and heck knows why I'm still here! Still get to have a beer with Pridgeon, who is now re-married! Hilton Wynn is still around (I hear), and I see Catherine Miller driving around the Whitestone route. Is there an address I can send some digital photos to? Any special requests? Keep well, and all the best for 2003. Let's hope for a change for the better here in Zim.

Ken Deetlefs
26 Dec 2002

Mick, a great site. No matter where you go or what you do, it's always a heart warming experience to catch up with old friends

Conor Walsh
20 Dec 2002

Every best wish to all for Christmas and the next year. Mick, thank you again very much for a magnificent site.

João Henrique Machado
Santos, Brazil
18 Dec 2002

Season´s greetings to one and all, past classmates and younger boys (that was twenty-six years ago!!!), may we all share a better and more peaceful 2.003 and continue to improve ourselves and our sorroundings. May Milton High School (or Kumalo, or whatever) make it through these dark days and hopefully give to future generations what we received back in those days

Alan Yates
Benoni, South Africa
11 Dec 2002

It is good to see this site. Thanks to the webmaster. Browsing through it brought back a few memories. I was at Milton 72-78, BSAP/ZRP 79/80, then went to Rhodes University then UCT. Now married, 2 children aged 10 and 8, etc, etc. Whatever happened to Joe Krige? Ash Flinders? Dave Nel? Graham Nel? Ben Getz? Andre van Vuuren? I last saw Ash Flinders, Joe Krige when I was at Rhodes in the early 80s. Milton was great fun and despite all the turmoil we had an excellent education. Wonder what happened to the teachers? Baldy Walker? Taffy Thomas? Bullivant? Cactus Gracie? Simons the Science Teacher? Mr Loxton? Was it such a long time ago since leaving? Best wishes to all and compliments of the season.

Ian Hodge
New Zealand
11 Dec 2002

Hello again, Mick - it has been a long time since we were in that "O" Level class in 1979 (attended Milton 1976 to 1979)!! I have just been given the site address from young Craig Hardey in Perth. Not much response from any others in our class. The Husband brothers, Dave & Brian are also over here in NZ, & I will let them know about this spot. Regards to Charlie Kerr, Connor Walsh & everyone else out there. Great work on setting this up. Cheers for now.

Charles Kerr
Johannesburg, South Africa
02 Dec 2002

Now that you mention him I did bump into Colin McLeod about five years ago. I'll see if I can dig him up!! Have also recently been in touch with Sean Roderick (Woking, UK).

Dennis Bartlett
Cape Town, South Africa
01 Dec 2002

Hey! Mick, Great Site! Class of '74 - 79 - anyone know of Andrew Teasdale? Per Karlsen? Harold Marcus? I would guess the Conor Walsh would be related to Phillip, of Marula school days? (Posted on a HOT day in Africa!)

Conor Walsh
London, UK
27 Nov 2002

Well obviously when I describe myself as an Old Timer, CK, I don't mean to place myself in the same category as a decrepit marathon runner of our acquaintance (as mentioned in emails), but, yes, I am beginning to feel the years catching up - particularly when I look at this site. By now you should have contacted Craig in WA. I wonder what has happened to "A2" stalwarts like Mike Sack, Gavin Kadey and Colin McLeod? Kev McIntosh is an advocate in Durban. Let's hope more people will hear about the website and start bringing us up to speed on their lives.

Charles Kerr
Johannesburg, South Africa
25 Nov 2002

Conor Walsh - an "Old Timer"? Is this, Conor, a consequence of the fast-approaching "Big Four Oh"? Fortunately I've managed to keep myself well enough pickled for the past twenty-something years not to have noticed too much! Hope you're keeping well. Any idea how to get hold of Craig Hardey?

Peter Ferendinos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Geelong Australia
24 Nov 2002

Looking for a Mark Slater - last year at Milton was 1978. (Or his brother Roy)

João Henrique Machado
Santos, Brazil
22 Nov 2002

Hi Brian, reading your posting regarding old Mr. Wrigley, came to my mind the funny behaviour of the man and his wife. I remember that he´d come to school on his bike, trousers pegged just above the ankle, while his wife would drive the green Bentley a few meters ahead of him...I had him for maths in ´73 and ´74 and I remember that he could ramble on any subject and leave maths for later. At the end of 73 we were in trouble, cause our grades were so poor that we would surely flunk!!! Anyhow he practically pulled a miracle because I don´t recall anybody failing to pass O levels in maths. I too am curious of his whereabouts. I suppose that today he would be between 70 and 80 years of age. There were many stories about him in those days, like going to the cinema with a flashlight, book and radio and use them all !!! Or the time that at the beach he forgot and left behind his niece and nephew, ages about 7, and only found them later in the night at the police station... Milton was fun in those days. Mr. Graig was my history teacher, a great character and fond of Napoleon. He would give Max Kreztmer a lot of crap.. Also Les Finnis who was absolutely useless in History suffered a lot with those oral tests that would go around the room and leave no one out! Hey Mick, maybe you could pull together some of these stories and surely we could find enough stuff to stuff a book of memoirs. Remember that many of the boys left school and died in the bushes not long after. Milton was fun, the characters were great and I enjoy my memories even today !!!

Brian Henry
Chattanooga Tennessee USA
22 Nov 2002

Does anyone know the whereabouts or email of our esteemed math prof Kenneth Wrigley ? Regards, Brian

Duncan Ogilvie
19 Nov 2002

Anyone know the whereabouts of John Gillmaster ('77). Please email me

London, England
18 Nov 2002

known as rusty attended milton 1970 - 1975 form 5b. borrow house. max kretzmer, rich bawden, ross clephane,rob hart, jerry lamb olly dodds etc friends. lived harare 1981 to 2002 now in u.k. lawyer. great to find the sight

Brian Henry
Chattanooga Tennessee USA
17 Nov 2002

This is a magnificent web site. I was a day boy at Milton from 1958 - 1962. I had Mr. Leach for English, Mrs. Suttle for Geography, Mr. Robertson for Math. I left Rhodesia in 1980 and have been lecturing at a nearby college for the past twenty years.

David (Fozzy) Foskett
Milton Keynes, England
10 Nov 2002

What an amazing find! I was emailed the site by another O M in Australia. I was at Milton in the early to mid 60's and it was sad, yet nice, to see some names of friends on the roll of honour. Keep the site going as it bring back so many memories - some better than others.

Henry Baffour
Washington DC, USA
01 Nov 2002

Glad to see that some of the younger Miltonians, my age, have found this website. I was a boarder at Milton from 1990 - 1993. I can say that my last year there was completely different from my first year. Pioneer house was a mess, mainly because of negligence by a certain House Master that I won't name, (Mr. Manda) ha ha, who seemed to only be there for his personal gains, Mr. Kemp was the House Master for Charter House, he did a good job with discipline and keeping the House in order, thank god that he was there, I can only imagine what the school would have been like without him. He took care of the Cricket fields and rugby grounds to. I don't even know where to start when it comes to the dining hall, it was a complete mess, from cooks stealing food to having to eat sadza and beans everyday for diner. Sports were slowly going down hill and the education standards were dropping. I still remember a few of the really dedicated teachers, Mrs. Evans, Mr. Kemp, Mr. Long, Mr. Mazwie, Miss Brookes trying their best to keep the standards up. Now that I look back on things, the new administration completely failed in trying to maintain the strong school tradition and I can only assume that the embezzlement of school funds contributed to the deterioration of the school, which is pretty sad. Yeah I know that’s a pretty bold statement to make but if you looked at the school infrastructure by the time I left you’d understand why. I hope that someday the school returns to it's past glory. If anyone knows how I can get hold of Mr. Kemp please send an email. “Quit ye like me”

Bongani Hlatshwayo
south africa
21 Oct 2002

Milton has drastically changed ,the old Milton many of you know out there unfortunately is no more.In 1995 i was in form one and generally the standards were acceptable maybe it was because of the presence of MR Kemp .By 1998 things took a different turn.By 2000-2002 it was terrible but lets hope sanity will one day prevail and the mighty elephant will rise from its deep slumber.

Conor Walsh
UK 16 Oct 2002

For the old-timers among us, Mike Bullivant is still at the school, as is Gill Evans. Along with their colleagues they do great things for Milton. In present conditions their commitment speaks volumes. Mr and Mrs Alec Walker are retired and still living in Byo. Mr and Mrs Thomas are now based in Harare. Alec Dry died a few years ago, as did RK Gracie, I believe. Another recent sad death was that of Mnr JJ De Wet. Sadly Mr Senda, the latest Headmaster of the school, has been killed in a road accident, though it has been suggested that politically inspired foul play may have been involved in his tragic death. He was a much respected and well-liked head. Following the strike of recent days 68 of the teaching staff at Milton have been dismissed. Four administrative staff remain in their positions. It is possible that some negotiated settlement will take place but this is by no means guaranteed. It is a moving experience indeed to return to Milton to see the efforts made by the school community to try to maintain the physical fabric of the buildings as well as the spirit of the school in extremely trying circumstances. One hopes future generations will be able to look back as we all do on years spent at what was once described as "undoubtedly the leading boys' school in the colony". Bayethe!

John Fynaut
15 Oct 2002

I would like people such as Bongani to tell us his experiences whilst he was at school. I left in 1976 and would like to find out how and when the changes occurred. Did people like Drippy, Mr. Thomas( Geog) and Mrs.Howard(Latin) stay until they retired? What about sport? Did baldy Walfer keep the cross-country running going? A lot of my group were deeply involved in the war. I know Langer Lockston died in the Grays Scouts. I also know of others like Allsop and Hughes who ended up in the British police. I'd love to learn more of what happened. An old adversary called De Milita was still around in Harare in 1980 in the police? What has happened to everyone?

Colin Telfer
Los Angeles USA
07 Oct 2002

I want to second John Scholz's proposal in July that we put a Roll of Honour on this web site. There used to be the bronze plaques at the entrance to Beit Hall for the fallen Miltonians from WW1 and WW2. And I'm sure they added names up to 1980. Is there anybody in Bulawayo who could photograph or replicate that Roll of Honour?

Bongani Hlatshwayo
south africa
16 Sep 2002

Wow this is really amazing. I did not know of the website and it was truly with pleasure that I got to know of it. It seems like I will be the youngest here because everyone seems to be from back in the days when Milton was Milton. I learnt at Milton from 1995 to 2000 and that was the best years of my life. I hope to meet more old Miltonians through this website.

John Fynaut
14 Sep 2002

Gracie has left me off the lower sixth list for 1976, although it is nice to see the list of old class mates. I left at Easter of 1976 to evade military conscription, so this could be a factor. I hope some of the old class will show up on this site. I got to this via

Clinton Jones
Riyadh/Saudi Arabia
02 Sep 2002

An excellent job, this website I must say ! Yes, sad to hear that the ancient pile has been renamed but fortunately sites like this will see to it that it doesn't fade. Anyone know what the status is of Jack Hawkins and Michael Bullivant - I believe that the latter is still involved in the school?

Erik "Red" Back
27 Jul 2002

I was searching on google for old classmates from 1956 and found the Miltonian website. Well done, it brings back a lot of memories. Should anyone know where I can find David "Bob" Hope, Colin Fraser or Bernard Seargent from 1956 please let me know.

John Scholz
Brisbane, Australia
02 Jul 2002

Attended Milton 1968 to 1975. Realize now how privileged we were to have had the high standard of education we received there. Who ever though that when we sang the school Hymn 'I'll labour night and day to be a pilgrim' Pilgrim in the sense of traveler, that that is what would happen to most of us before we were 25. Who could ever forget teachers like Mrs Giggons, Ma Sibson, Miss Fiveash, Drippy Dry. I would like to propose we have a Roll Of Honor for all those Miltonians that payed the ultimate price for defending their beliefs and their beloved country.

João Henrique Machado
Santos, Brazil
01 Jul 2002

Have only now logged onto the new site and I must say that Mick is doing a terrific job!! Sadly Milton High has changed its name (as many others) and some of these new names don´t mean a thing to any of us old timers, fortunately!! Many of us left over 25 or 30 years ago and never came back (my case) but my fond memories of MHS still remain vivid as ever and I can´t imagine it with any other name... goes on and perhaps we should let the African people rename all our art, education, sports, etc with their own little-known so-called heroes (in my day they were the terrs... but now they are heroes...Irony or sarcasm doesn´t qualify ???). Maybe someday civilization will return to those dark regions and finish off those little dictators and oppressors of their own people. By then I will be too old to care anymore, but meanwhile I would still like to see a changeround happening and maybe some few shreds of light could be maintained in Rhodesia. As for my old school friends I call on you to subscribe more often to this site, Mick deserves to see that his work has payed off!!! and we need to know who is where since when, right?
Joe MHS from 1972 to 1974

Pete Chadwick
17 Jun 2002

Yebo! Bill, good to hear you're still going strong mate! I am in Tanzania for a couple of months on a job - the scenic vistas of Mwanza on the shores of Lake Victoria! Things back home are a little tense, but we still manage to have our fill of sadza! Must dash. Pete

Billy Caunt
Nr. Brighton, Sussex, UK
09 Jun 2002

Greetings Mssrs. Chadwick & Meredith. Glad to hear you're ok Pete and still digging for diamonds! Col see you for the cricket next month? Just seen me ol' mate Dennis Green for the first time in 25 time flies? Friday night with Chris Champion we just managed to duck a full scale ruck in a Worthing pub after the Enlgand Argentina match! I still think Stewie Ferguson could run rings around Michael Owen!!!
Thank God Milton has changed its name... from what i understand it aint the Milton i remember for many years? Take it easy guys wherever you are.

Billy Caunt
Brighton, Sussex
09 Jun 2002

Greeting Mssrs. Chadwick & Meredith. Glad to hear you're safe in Zim ... Pete will tap soon! Col are you on for the Ind v WI at Arundel next month? Just seen Dennis Green for the 1st time in 25 years this morning...don't time fly. Glad the present day Milton changed its name, gives me a sense of closure! I want to remember those corridors just as they were when i was there, not as i believe it is today! Lala Mushle Milton!

Clive Cooke
Brisbane Australia
09 Jun 2002

Howzit! Over 20 years here. Mark Knight (brother is Brian) a client of mine. Saw Andy Pelling when in Perth recently. I was in the UK doing some market research at Emigrate 2002 in Esher. I jointly publish a book called "The Australia South Africa Connection". It is sold in CNA's in RSA. We are about to bring out the 5th edition and I am keen to also publish a UK edition so need contacts. Our web site will have a major refurb but do look at it. If you are bored see and Lots of former Zimbos here or those who can get in. Cheers and good luck in the journey of life. Clive

Colin Meredith
05 Jun 2002

Gubulawyo fellow ex-class mates, teachers and others generally. Attendend Milton -oops sorry- Khumalo High School 65-71. Recognised a number of names in the Common room. What are you guys up to nowadays? Paul is in Bullies and I can help put you in touch with him. Hope to hear from a few of you.

Pete Chadwick
29 May 2002

Greetings All!
An excellent new web site - well done Mick! Thanks to Google, I managed to find the site again. I'm still hanging out doing geology in Bullies, but times are getting tough.
The concept of an OM reunion is excellent, but if you check out the names database, the chances are good that the reunion might take place somewhere in the UK! Certainly not in Bullies! There's hardly anyone left!
Take care all.

Bryan Simon
10 May 2002
How about a school reunion sometime? I know of ones that have been held for Prince Edward, Churchill and Plumtree. In the meantime it would be nice to get more OM's to join up so that a better network can be set up. Thanks to Mick and his new look web site.
Bryan Simon

Joe Martins
Rugby/ UK
09 May 2002
Hi Mick,
It seems that many of the Old Miltonians don't know the new site address.
I was a little surprised to hear that the name of the school has changed, at least the new name is one that I might remember.

Mick Higgins
08 May 2002

Come on you lot.. Don't be shy, you can leave comments on the common room pages !!!

Mick Higgins
06 Apr 2002

Welcome back..... The Common Room is now fully functional. Lets use it !! Sorry for the inconvenience. Mick
Mick Higgins
March 2002

Extract from the Herald
Prince Edward High now Murenga Boys High (named after the Njelele High Spirit that instigated and directed the first Liberation War, 1896-97); Warren Park 3 now Chenjerai Hunzvi Primary (national hero); Mount Pleasant High now Joshua Nkomo High (named after the late Vice President). Allan Wilson High now Mutapa Boys High (named after the founding father of the glorious Mutapa Empire); Queen Elizabeth Girls now Sally Mugabe Girls High (after the late First Lady and national heroine); Milton High now Khumalo High (name of suburb in which school is located); King George VI now Lookout Masuku Primary (national hero); Townsend High now Joseph Msika High (named after the Vice President). Churchill High now Josiah Tongogara High (national hero); Blakistone Primary School now Shearly Cripps Primary (named after priest who championed African interests); Moffat Primary now Basil Nyabadza Primary (activist of Chimurenga II); Kuwadzana 5 School now Moven Mahachi Primary (national hero); Morgan High now Joseph Culverwell High (national hero); Seke 1 High now Seke Mutema High (named after chief Seke 1). Queensdale Primary now Safirio Madzikatire Primary (after the late musician and performing artist); David Livingstone Jr now Guy Clutton-Brock Primary (national hero); Kuwadzana 6 now Maurice Nyagumbo Primary (national hero); Warren Park 4 now Eddison Sithole Primary (named after a veteran leader of the struggle); Gillingham School now Brigadier Gumbo Primary (national hero).
Umvukwes Primary now Border Gezi (national hero); Jameson High now Kadoma High (town name); Fletcher High School now Alfred Knottenbelt High (a former head of Fletcher High); Cecil John Rhodes School now Gweru Primary School (name of town); Guinea Fowl High School now Benson Ndemera High (former Provincial Governor of Midlands); St Joseph’s Secondary now Mqabuko Nkomo High (named after the late Vice President).
Howard Parker
Feb 2002

Dear all, I thought this might interest you. An extract from a note from a friend of mine still in Zims. It would appear that the schools names are changing and that Milton no longer exists and is now called Khumalo High. In today's paper, all the government schools have had their names changed. Mt Pleasant High will now be Joshua Nkomo High. Prince Edward will now be Murenga High. Milton will be Khumalo High. Plumtree isn't changing as it has the name of the town it is in. Queen Elizabeth in Harare will now be Sally Mugabe High.

Mick Higgins
Staffs, UK
01 Feb 2002
For those who have been logging onto this site since christmas - you will know that things haven't been quite right. So in Jan of this year I registered the domain name "" and moved the site to another server. Since then the Common Room has not been working !!! I am currently moving this site to another dedicated server so that this site can function again. During this time I have lost most of the entries from the Common Room 2001 (What do they say about backing up files??) Anyway I hope that by next week this site will be fully functional so lets use it !! Any photos, etc.. email them to me. Does anyone have any direct contact with the school?? Does anyone have any year books, class lists, anything about the school?? Any suggestions about the site ?? What about photos of you "Then and Now"?This site is only as good as the information-photos I receive.

Mick Higgins
Staffordshire, UK
13 January 2002

The Common Room is currently not working... please be patient. If you want to place any details here then email them to me and I will put them on for you.