Milton High School

Selborne Avenue, Bulawayo

Reunion - 2017 from in and around Perth

2018 on 2nd December - Perth

Following last years gathering another smaller one in Perth, a few new old boys, Ron Crittall and Antony Coates. Thanks to those travelling from out of town to be here.

Adrian Abel, Barry Watson and Peter Hatton                                                          Cherie Lennegan, Jane Cutler and Judith Martin 

Ron Exelby, Derek Fenton & Rob Mutch 1958-1964 (Students became teachers) Adrian Monck-Mason, Charlie Lennegan, Paul Cutler and Geoff Martin

 Rob & Marion Shand                                                                                             Antony & Lorraine Coates (Lorraine created the ceramic mosaic on the boarders dining room wall)      

  Alphabetical Year  
  Adrian Abel 79-84 Antony Coates 43-47  
  Antony Coates 43-47 Rob Shand 44-49  
  Ron Crittall 49-55 Ron Crittall 49-55  
  Paul Cutler 75-80 Ron Exelby 58-64  
  Jane Cutler (nee Eddington) 79-82 Derek Fenton 60-65  
  Mike Einhorn 66-72 Geoff Martin 61-66  
  Jeanette Einhorn (nee Harvey) 71-72 Rob Mutch 63-67  
  Ron Exelby 58-64 Charles Lennegan 63-68  
  Derek Fenton 60-65 Adrian Monck-Mason 65-71  
  Pete Hatton 72-78 Mike Einhorn 66-72  
  Charles Lennegan 63-68 Jeanette Einhorn (nee Harvey) 71-72  
  Geoff Martin 61-66 Pete Hatton 72-78  
  Adrian Monck-Mason 65-71 Paul Cutler 75-80  
  Rob Mutch 63-67 Barry Watson 78-84  
  Rob Shand 44-49 Jane Cutler (nee Eddington) 79-82  
  Barry Watson 78-84 Adrian Abel 79-84  

A short poem written last year by the prolific poet Derek Fenton


Old Miltonians gather by the Swan.
The Matsheumhlope it is not.
No modern, trendy names, just John and Ron.
Old Miltonians gather by the Swan,
handshakes and the best of friends later on.
A real Bulawayo day, nice and hot
as Miltonians gather by the Swan,
quitting themselves like men, no matter what.
You can rest assured they’ll be back next year,
wives, good friends, skof and hobos of beer!