Milton High School

Selborne Avenue, Bulawayo

Pioneer House - History and photographs of boarders from 1946

The school was initially divided into four houses; Charter (boarders), Pioneer (boarders), North Town and South Town, however due to the dominance of the "boarders" four new houses were introduced in 1938, they were; Birchenough, Borrow, Fairbridge and Heany.

In 1961 Milton had 1150 boys, which made it the largest school in the Federation. Malvern and Brady Houses were dropped and the boarding houses of Charter and Pioneer were re-established once again

Courtesy Brenda Moir


Courtesy Allan Garriock

 Courtesy Joe Goldberg

 Courtesy Joe Goldberg

 Courtesy Joe Goldberg

 1951 Seniors
 Courtesy Joe Goldberg






Back Row Standing: ?, Sagar, Gillard, McCrimmon, Cecil Grimmer, Murgatroyd, ?, ?, Amstrong, Strandvik, Landman, Terblanche,
Hickstrom, Charles Mantle, Brian Mantle, Peter Broekman, Rodney Torr, Butch Galinos, George Barkhuizen.

2nd row: Ian Riley-Hawkins, George Van Niekerk, George Knoesen, Neil Bernic, Roussou, Chris Liebrandt, Aubry Chatham,
Mike Harlock, Brian Kemp, George Barnes, ?, Brian Commerford, Maytham, Mike Till, George DeKock, Mick Allard, Davis, Hulme.

3rd row: John Clarke, Gordon Moore, Aiden Hogg, N. Armstrong, Oliver Kay, Nigel Harlock, Alex Frazer, Brian Spencer,
Peter Lapage, George Lambert-Porter, Mike Murray, George Goosen, Smuts, Colin Michael, Alex Primsloo,
Michael Simth, Alister Mcrimmon, Adrian Monck-Mason.

Seated: Kevin Torr, Clive Davy, ?, Mrs, Gillman, Mr. D.H.M. Wright, Mathew Mayhem, Mr. R.A.L.T. Suttle, (Housemaster) Coghlan,
?, Mr. Everett, Taylor, Finch, ?, Mike Cole,

Ground: George Michael, Alister Reid, ?, Tom Wanklin, Stanley Chesworth, Gary Van Bovener, Vermark.

 Courtesy Joe Goldberg

Back Row: Johnsone, Dave Terblanche, John Michael, ??, Rod Hall, Nielson, Mike MacCrimmon, Kevin Pistorius,
Kevin Rundgren, Rock Kay, Richard Lambert-Porter, ??, Richard Wakefield, Mike Cole, Gavin Vanbovene.
2nd Back Row: ??, Herbert Dennison-Ferrar, ??, ??, George Savva, Dave MacCrimon, Dave Fort, ??, Stan Brazer, Mike Smith,
Raymond Prinsloo, Mike Chattham, Kim Riley-Hawkins.
3rd Back Row: ??, David Hughes, ??, ??, Clive Riddle, Terry Wakefield, George Banks, ??, Mike Rausch, David Terblanche, ??, ??,
Sam Goosen, Andrew Pelling, Russel Terblanche, ??, Mike Murray.
Sitting: Colin Michael, Ian Riley-Hawkins, ??, Mike Till, Alec Prinsloo, Aiden Hogg, Mrs Gillman, Giles Fort, Mr Reynolds,
Mike Harlock, Mr. D.H.M. Wright (House Master), Cecil Grimmer, Mr. Ron Exelby, Mr. Mike McGeogh, Kevin Knoesen,
Mrs ??, Peter Lepage, Eugene Pretorius, Colin Smith, Adrian Monck-Mason.
Front Row: ??, Tony Ludeke, George Vandesandt, ??, Chris Rodgers, Simon Pelling, ??, ??, Tony Dejaager, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??


Courtesy June McIntyre

Back Row: ....?, Kim Riley-Hawkins ....?, Raymond Prinsloo, ....?, Stanley Brazer, David Fort,
....?, ....?, ....?, ....?, Mike MacCrimmon, George Savva, George Michael, Theo Pistorius,
2nd Back Row: William Wakefield,
3rd Back Row: Neil Potter,
Seated: Richard Lambert-Porter, Adrian Monck-Mason, ....?, ....?, Richard Wakefield,
Mr. Mike McGeogh, Aidan Hogg,
Mr. R.Todd (House Master), Giles Fort (Head Boy), Mr. Ron Exelby, Ian Riley-Hawkins,
Mrs Gillman, ....?, Alex Prinsloo
Front Row: Barry Smart,

Back Row: .....?, Chris Rogers, .....?, .....?, .....?, .....?, .....?, Mike Ralph, .....?, .....?, .....?, .....?, .....?,
William Wakefield
2nd Back Row: .....?, .....?, .....?, .....?, Ian Livingstone-Blevins, .....?, .....?, .....?, .....?,
3rd Row: .....?, .....?, .....?, .....?, .....?, .....?, .....?, .....?,
4th Row: .....?, Neil Potter, .....?, Raymond Prinsloo, .....?, David Fort, Mr. D.H.M. Wright (House Master),
Kim Riley-Hawkins, Mr.J.Eppel, Stan Brazer, .....?, .....?, .....?, Rob Tinning, Ant Blaylock
Front Row:


Back Row: ....?, ....?, Ant Blaylock, ....? Neil Potter
Front Row: Kim Riley-Hawkins, David Fort, Mr.D.H.M. Wright (House Master), Raymond Prinsloo, Stan Brazer

Courtesy Neil Potter

Courtesy Clive Williamson

 1964 Rugby teams - Both hostels (Pioneer & Charter)
Back row: John Wilson, : ?? : Walter Herbst, Stephen Ferguson, ?? : ??
3rd row (standing): John Waugh-Young, Bert Zietsman, Peter Jones, Neil Thomson, João Santa-Clara, Fred Simpson, Mike Davies
2nd row (seated): Rolf "Spud" van de Merwe, Piet Herbst, Len Cullen (Payne?), John Eppel, Chris Ferguson, ? Grobler, ??
Front on lawn: Ken Reed
Courtesy of Joao Santa Clara



Herb Dennison-Farrar, Rod Halls, 'Rusty' Brown