Milton High School

Selborne Avenue, Bulawayo

Player Critique - Rugby 1927 - 2001

Rugby 1922

Milton v. Senior cadets, won 3-0
Milton v. Senior cadets, won 17-10
Milton v. Queen's, won 24-5
Milton v. Plumtree, (at Plumtree) won 7-3
Milton v. Plumtree, (at Bulawayo) won 12-0
Milton v. Salisbury, won 8-0

A. C. WIENAND (CAPT.) Wienand, rightly selected skipper of the 1st XV, was by far the outstanding member of the pack, a hard worker in the scrum, yet with plenty of pace on the loose when occasion demanded. He controlled the team with admirable judgment and was a most inspiring leader. His ability to forge ahead with the ball often carried the side out of danger.

J. LEWIS (VICE-CAPT.) Lewis although a good full-back was no doubt more useful amongst the forwards. He showed his skill in the pack, in the line-out, and especially in dribbling movements and short passing amongst the forwards. He is a good place-kick. A little more dash would add much to his value.

K. GOLDHAWK - After Weindand, Goldhawk was perhaps our sturdiest forward and although he seldom shone in any individual effort, he did invaluable work in the pack. He is a most unselfish player and never loses heart.

W. SCOTT-RUSSELL - Scott-Russell was a forward, not afraid of hard work who displayed wonderful "lasting" powers in the hardest of game. He shone in the loose as a fast and accurate dribbler.

J. BLACKETT - Blackett was a forward who in addition to heeling and hooking well, displayed much initiative at all times, he was a good "kick" and was largely responsible for the fine work of the pack.

C. F. WATERWORTH - Waterworth was another sturdy forward, very useful in the loose and shone particularly in the "line-out" where his height gave him an advantage and he was not slow not slow to make use of it.

E. BARON - Baron was a hard worker amongst the forwards and wherever there was work to be done he was amongst the foremost and played intelligently at all times.

W. VILJOEN.- Although a forward, Viljoen was one of the most speedy members of the team He occasionally put himself off-side by over-running the ball in the loose, but he showed great keenness and with a little more training he will develop into a dangerous man.

W. McPHEE. - Throughout the season, McPhee at full- back did particularly well. He might improve his fielding a little, and could be quicker. He cleared well and usually found ''touch,'' in addition he tackled well and was seldom caught in possession of the ball. He has the making of a good full-back

H. DAVIS (THREE QUARTER). - A late discovery. He has the making of a really good wing - posses a natural swerve which he should cultivate.

C. BURGESS (THREE QUARTER). Burgess did not quite fulfill the promise or last year. H has lost much of his pace and must make an effort to regain it. He has played in both wing and centre positions. He is stronger in attack than in defence.

N. HUCKLE (THREE QUARTER). One of the most promising centres the school has had. He is fast, and his handling has improved considerably, although his pass to the right is still weak, He has the ideal centre's gift of knowing how to "break"

J. M. LIVINGSTON (THREE QUARTER). He has learnt the game very quickly and will make a really good wing. He is fast and makes a real effort, even when the opening offered to him is not a good one.

J. THOMPSON (HALF-BACK). A really "class" fly-half, his handling and his short punt to touch leave little to be desired. Perhaps he is inclined to do too much of the latter when in his opponents half, instead of opening up the game. He kicks well with either foot. He would be well advised to increase his pace.

W. DEMPSTER (HALF-BACK). A plucky, hard working scrum-half, who put every ounce of energy he possessed into his game; got the ball away quickly and accurately, and tackled safely.

H. BARON (IIALF-BACK). Came into the team as scrum-half in the latter half of the season and has played a steady, sound game.

Rugby 1923

The rugby season this year, although perhaps not so brilliant­ly successful as last year, proved very pleasant.
In the departure of A. Wienand, J. Lewis, W. Scott-Russell, J. Blackett, C. Waterworth, E. Baron, W. Viljoen, N. Huckle, W. Dempster and H. Baron, the Milton first XV. suffered a serious loss and to replace ten excellent play­ers proved no easy task.
In passing we must congra­tulate J. Lewis on his inclusion in the Rhodesian Rugby Team which recently toured the Union, where, we understand, he justified his selection.

To turn now to the present players, Milton has to congratu­late K. Goldhawk, better known as "Porky," on the manner in which he captained his team and for the sterling work he executed in the "scrum '' and the " loose." J. Thompson in the capacity of vice-captain ably supported the captain and kept the backs toge­ther in good style. Thompson initiated many successful move­ments and at times greatly assist­ed the forwards by accurate and timely touch-kicking.

G. Dennison lent his able assistance to the "pack" where he showed an excellent turn of speed and gave the scrum extra stability; he would be well ad­vised to put more "ginger" into his play, especially in the" loose" and the "line-out."

E. Briers specialised in "hook­ing'' and as a front rank player was invaluable in the" scrum."

J. C. Smith although not so well acquainted with the fine points of the game as some of his colleagues, proved himself a glut­ton for hard work amongst the forwards.

A.Hyde would be well advised to adopt more hustling tactics, and has the physical qualities necessary for a good all-round forward, but is lacking in dash. He did excellent work in the line-out.

J.McCay proved himself a good all-round forward and executed some good "place-kicks" from time to time, in which connection he would prove himself more efficient by not rushing things.

L.Hill played a good quiet game in the "loose" but like some of his fellow-players, re­quires more dash.
S.Short executed some good foot-work for his side but seems to tire too quickly.

M. Frend scrum-half, came into the team early in the season but did not at first give the satisfaction desired, being too often offside round the scrum and not infrequently infringing the other rules governing the scrum. It is very pleasing to record an excellent and rapid improvement in his play, and by the end of the season he had become an asset to his side.

S. McPhee continued his excellent play at full back where he proved himself a custodian of no mean skill and ingenuity. He tackled well and kicked to touch in good style.

J. M. Livingston proved himself a speedy wing and on the attack crossed the line many times for his school. On the defensive he tackled in good style and brought many threatening movements to an end.

C. Burgess who played both centre and wing is a three-quarter of considerable merit. On occasions he "got going" rapidly and "broke" well giving his "wing" frequent opportunities to score.

B. Jacobs came onto the team late in the season and shaped well as a "centre". He must, however, learn to receive and give a pass more accurately, and to part with the ball at the right moment.

H. Davies played wing and "went well" when he received the ball, but a stronger centre would have been a great help to him.

G. Stephenson played centre most of the season and showed much improvement

D. Ross played wing on several occasions, he is quite fast and a player of great promise.

Rugby 1925

April 25, v. Raylton, lost 0-20
May 9, v. Queen's, won 13-3
May 16, v. B.A.C. won 9-3
May 23, v. Plumtree, won 12-5
July 4, v. Queen's, won 8-0
July 11, v. Raylton, drawn 3-3
July 25, v. Plumtree, won 13-3

Against Plumtree School.

Date.                                   Ground.                        Captain.                Score.                    Result.
1911 ......................................................................... L. Rabinson..............25-0 ...................Won
1912 ................................... Plumtree ..................... A.Williams................ 6-6 ................... Drawn
1912 ................................... B.A.C. ........................ A. Williams.............. 21-0 ...................Won
1913 ................................... No Record.
1914 ................................... No Record.
1915 ................................... No Record.
1916 ................................... No Record.
1917 ................................... Plumtree ..................... A. D. Campbell......... 23-3 ...................Won
1917 ................................... Milton ......................... A. D. Campbell ........ 33-3 ...................Won
1918 ................................... Plumtree ..................... Hockstein ................. 10-0 ...................Won
1918 ................................... Milton ......................... Hockstein ................. 22-3 ...................Won
1919 ................................... Plumtree ..................... P. Swift ...................... 6-0 ...................Won
1920 ................................... Queen's ...................... W. Streak .................... 8-3 ...................Won
1921 ................................... Plumtree ..................... F. Dreyer .................... 3-0 ...................Won
1921 ................................... B.A.C. ......................... F . Dreyer .................. 0-6 ................... Lost
1922 ................................... Plumtree ..................... A. C. Weinand ........... 7-3 ...................Won
1922 ................................... Queen's ....................... A. C. Weinand ......... 12-0 ...................Won
1923 ................................... Queen's ....................... K. Goldhawk .............. 9-9 .................. Drawn
1923 ................................... Plumtree ..................... K. Goldhawk ............ 6-19 ................... Lost
1923 ................................... Queen's ....................... K. Goldhawk .............. 0-5 ................... Lost
1924 ................................... King's .......................... Thompson .................. 8-0 ....................Won
1924 ................................... Plumtree ..................... Thompson ................... 5-8 ................... Lost
1924 ................................... Plumtree ..................... Thompson ............... 21-11 ...................Won
1925 ................................... Raylton ....................... A. M. Goldhawk ....... 12-5 ...................Won
1925 ................................... B.A.C. ......................... A. M. Goldhawk .......13-3 ...................Won

Matches Played - 21, 15 won by Milton, 4 by Plumtree, 2 drawn.

Rugby Critique of First XV


S. McPHEE - full back; ranks with the greatest full backs in the school's history. A deadly tackler and a safe and, at times a brilliant kick. Always cool and deliberate. Gave some very fine displays during the season.

J. W. C. DICKS - Came into the side as a centre, but was at his best on the wing. Has a very useful turn of speed and is a "heady" and spectacular player. Has a good kick, but is not too sound in defence.

B. PAYNE - though not brilliant, is a very sound centre-quite fast for 15 or 20 yards, and a fearless tackler.

C. STREAK - played most of the season at scrum-half, where he was too orthodox. Found his true place at centre, where he did some sound work, both in attack and defence.

B. GELDENHUIS - a speedy wing who did not reproduce his form of last season. Played some good games, but not always safe in defence.

T. MARTIN - played some good game but lacked that inspiration for making an opening which marks the "class" fly half. Did sterling work in defence at times. Spoilt his game by standing too close to the scrum

J. HAYWARD - played some good games; uses his head and does not always do the obvious.

S. J. KNIGHT - captain until June, when he left, played some good games, but would have been more useful if he used his weight in the scrum as it was he labored under the delusion that he was a wing forward.

A. C. WOLHUTER - captain after June - unfortunately handicapped by an injury in the second half of the season.

R. C. TREADWELL - a hard worker and clever forward who never shirked.

F. WISDOM - one of the best forwards in the school; a hard worker and a fearless tackler, who never gave up trying.

C. GARSIDE - when he exerted himself played a really fine forward game.

W. WILSON - a forward of the hard working type, who never spared himself.

B. ADAMS - began the season as a three-quarter, but turned out to be a really fine forward-good in the loose - a very useful man.

R. SCHATTIL - was never noticed much, but that was because he was always in the thick of the fight, a worker.

C. VOSLOO - played well at times and will do better next season.

DU TOIT - played as hooker once or twice-rather light.

C. SMITH - deputised for McPhee several times, and has the makings of a really fine full-back.

Rugby 1929

v. B.A.C. II, won, 9-3.
v. Queen's II, won, 21-0
v. Queen's II, won, 22-0.
v. Raylton II, won, 11-3.
v. Plumtree, won, 12-3.
v. Plumtree, won, 27-0.
v. Plumtree, won, 27 3.
v. Prince Edward, won, 21-5.

2nd XV
v. B.A.C. III, won, 14-3.
v. Technical, won, 14-3.
v. Plumtree, won, 20-0.
v. Plumtree, drawn, 0-0.
v. Matopos Farm School, won, 16-5.
Second match, won, 20-0

Rugby 1931

Characters of the XV.

F. PAYNE. - A full back of promise. Was inclined to open nervously, but once he had settled down played some splendid games. A fine tackler.

R. PETHERAM. - A sturdy wing, full of dash and determination, who never once let the side down. Awarded an honours cap.

A. SANDERSON. - As a centre was the find of the season. A strong runner with an eye for an opening and a good break. With experience should do well.

H. STREAK. - Rather to orthodox - a good tackler.

J. MELTZER. - A wing of promise, with a fine turn of speed should be very useful next year.

P. PITMAN. - Deputised for Meltzer in the last three matches - lacks the necessary dash for a wing.

I G. BLURNE. - Vice-Captain. A fly half with plenty of football sense. A fine kick with either foot. Awarded an honours cap.

M. KELLY. - Played some very plucky games at the base of the scrum-got through an enormous amount of bard work.

R. A. G. STUPART.- Captain - good a forward as the school has ever turned out. A fine scrummager, splendid in the line out and always on the ball. Honours cap, 1930.

A. RALSTEIN. - A splendid loose forward whose ball control was really excellent. Always dangerous with the ball at his feet. Might have pushed harder in the scrum. Awarded an honours cap.

C. VOGEL. - A fine hardworking forward who was always in the thick of things.

A. KING. - A bustling forward who seldom slacked. Should develop into a really fine forward.
R. BRISTON. - The hooker who did very well in spite of the lack of weight behind him.

M. HEIM. - Probably the most improved forward in the pack, considering that last year he was not even in the 3rd XV.

A. FLOWERDAY. - A light but hard working forward who fully justified his place in the team.

F. GREENWELL. - A promising forward who worked hard.

It is difficult to single out the forwards for, as mentioned above, the secret of their success was a perfect understanding and unselfish combination.


May 30th vs. B.A.C. II, lost 3-7
June 6th vs., Raylton II, drew 0-0
June 13th vs. Raylton III, won 6-0
June 20th vs. Plumtree, drew 9-9
June 24th vs. Technical, won 35-3
July 8th vs. Plumtree, won 8-0
July 17th vs. Old Miltonians "A," won 18-16
July 25th vs. Plumtree, won 16-6
August 1st vs. Raylton II, won 18-0
August 15th vs. Prince Edward, won 14-8
August 21st vs. Selukwe, lost 5-14
August 23rd vs. Gwelo, "A" won 5-3


R. SPENCE (C), Full-back. A very sound player with first class positional play. Takes every opportunity to open up play by running, but sometimes faulty in his judgment. Has tremendous potential as a drop kicker but lacks confidence to use this ability.

D. PARROTT (C), Wing. A first-class player both on attack and defence, but occasionally loses contact with his team by over elaborate running.

J. TONES (C), Centre. Has developed very rapidly in his new position and has become a most penetrative player. Very good on defence but has a tendency to run across the field when on attack.

A. SMITH (S), Centre. Has proved an excellent link on attack and has been outstanding on defence. However, lacks pace, which will retard his development.

M. GERARDY (C), Wing. Has made tremendous strides in his all round play. A very determined and elusive runner with a sound defence and effective cross kick.

A. WOLDEMAR (C), Fly-half/Centre. Captain. Has revealed outstanding qualities of leadership. A very penetrative runner with the very desirable quality of seldom "dying" with the ball. A very sound defender, but his kicking, both tactically and on defence, lacks accuracy. Should have a good future in the game as a centre.

B. EATON (C), Scrum-half. The most-improved player in the side and one of the best to represent the School in this position. He varied his play cleverly and was a constant menace to the opposition. Has a good future in the game.

B. STEYN (C), Front-rank. Vice-captain. A powerful forward whose scrummaging contributed markedly to the pack's success. His loose play greatly improved, but he still has a tendency to "die" with the ball. A very good place-kicker and, with further experience and practice, could become outstanding. A good pack leader.

I. MARGOLIS (C), Hooker. A very fine striker of the ball but must eliminate important technicalities in order to realise his undoubted potential. Very good in the loose.

B. KINGSLEY (C), Front-rank. A greatly improved player on his last season. A powerful scrummer and enthusiastic player in the loose, but at times becomes over-keen and undermines his previous good work.

R. HONEY (C), Lock. An outstanding player in this position. His scrumming, line-out work and loose play have been of a high order. With increased pace he may well develop into a very good eighth man.

N. LLOYD (C), Lock. This year saw the fulfillment of the promise of Lloyd as a player. He was probably without peer in his position in Rhodesian schools. Outstanding in all facets of his game, he has great potential as a place-kicker and he must have the confidence to develop this ability.

L. CORBI (C), Flank/Wing. One of the finest loose forwards Milton has produced. Very fast on to the loose ball and excellent on attack and defence. A bewildering, elusive runner. Injury to Parrott resulted in his moving to the wing, where he performed with equal distinction. He scored twenty-three times in sixteen games.

W. FORDHAM (S), Flank. A hard-working player who gave of his best at all times. His general play lacked in pace only. His future may well be as a tight forward, as was evidenced by his magnificent performance in the front row against Chaplin.

N. DAVIES (S), Flank. The youngest player in the side. He developed markedly over the season and revealed a great ability to support the man with the ball. Should serve Milton very well next year.

J. ANDERSON (C), Eighth man. A complete footballer but played out of position in the best interests of the team. His lack of pace did not permit him to fulfil the "raven" role of an eighth man, but in all other facets his play was of a high order.

"C" - Colours. "S" - Cap and Scarf.
The following also represented Milton in 1st XV inter-school matches: P. Cleary, J. Wilson, W. Thompson, N. Morgan-Davies, I. Kynoch, A. Simpson and J. Painting.


D. Hapelt (Captain). Full-back. Has developed into a good player. Good on attack but must work on the fundamentals of full-back play to reach the class of which his undoubted ability gives promise.

G. Adlard. Wing. A grand opportunist who worked hard at his game. His handling and his defence in particular must be improved.

R. Wright. Centre/wing. A good team man with a sound defence. Must run harder with the ball.

I. Bradley. Flank/centre. Not a success on the flank, switched to centre where, as his confidence grew, he made promising development.

A. Smith. (Vice-captain). Good on defence and showed some promising attacking ability, but lacked pace. Must have more confidence in his own ability.

V. Von Klemperer. Centre/wing. Easily the most talented three-quarter, but was dogged by injury which limited his appearances to six games.

D. Foskett. Wing. Has marked ability in both attack and defence, but very inconsistent.

N. Morgan-Davies. Centre. A talented fly-half whose defence, while initially weak, has improved considerably. A good drop kicker but should have shown more confidence in his line by passing rather than kicking injudiciously ahead.

I. Moore. Scrum-half. Although slow at the base of the scrum, he improved considerably in all aspects of the game during the season.

D. Fenton. Front row. Made sound progress during the season and developed into a competent player.

W. Wilson. Hooker. A good striker of the ball and a tigerish loose player. Should do well in 1965.

P. Longhurst. Front row. Came into the side in the second half of the season. Probably the most-improved player in the School. He should do very well in the future.

N. Davies (Captain). Centre/flank. Generally considered the best flank in the country. Represented Rhodesian Schools at the Craven Week, East London. A very fine captain who leads by example. Has one weakness, a tendency to play too loose when possession is vital.

D. Schermbrucker. Lock. Forced his way into the XV by consistently good play in the seconds. A very good line-out specialist who nevertheless gives of his best in the tight and the loose.

D. Fuller. Lock. At times very good and at times disappointing. A fine line-out player but not a good scrummer. This will probably come with greater maturity.

J. Eppel. Flank. A fearless tackler whose all-round game steadily improved. Should prove a first-class player in 1965.

D. Smythe. Eighth man. Started as a lock but switched with immediate success. A player who gave of his best at all times. He was developing extremely well when a knee injury put him out of the game for the last three matches.

Also played: I. Taylor (7), M. Cock (5), G. King (5), B. Shiels (5), P. Jones (4), D. Foster (3), P. Baron (2), I. Robinson (2), K. Reed (2), J. Hargrove (1), D. Human (1), B. Furber (1), M. Maytham (1). (Numbers in parentheses indicates games played.)


P. JONES. (scrum-half, captain, Rhodesian Craven Week captain, Colours). A very mature captain who was capable of getting the very best from his team. As a scrum-half he had several very good games but tended to neglect individual play for the team game. He developed a devastating kick over the line-out, which he used effectively both in attack and defence. His main weakness was in an erratic pass which he gave at times when under pressure. He led the Rhodesian Craven Week side and our contingent of seven players.

P. LONGHURST (front-row, vice-captain, Colours). A tremendous leader of the pack who was always in the thick of the game urging on his forwards. To a certain extent he lacked size, but he was strong enough to hold up against the biggest of opponents. A first-class tight forward.

H. O'MAHONEY (lock, Rhodesian Craven Week, Colours). An excellent line-out forward by virtue of his height (6 ft. 5 in.) and his devotion to practice. Quoted as one of the best line-out specialists during the Craven Week. His tight work was good and he thoroughly enjoyed run­ning in the loose. His one failing is a tendency to tap the ball when under pressure.

N. THOMPSON (lock, Rhodesian Craven Week, Colours). A tremendous jumper for the ball who, with O'Mahoney, assured us of the vast majority of the ball from the line-outs. A sound scrum­mager, he was at times brilliant when running in the loose, where he joined in enthusiastically in both defence and attack. His weakness was pro­bably his dislike of the tight loose, especially loose scrums.

N. GORDON (fly-half, Rhodesian Craven Week, Colours). An intelligent fly-half who was an ideal link man. His play improved as the season progressed, especially his kicking with the left foot. He got his line moving smoothly at all times and developed a good double dummy. His weakness lay in his defence, and he must learn to cover his opposing fly-half with the intention of grounding him on defence. An excellent team man.

S. SCHMULIAN (centre, Rhodesian Craven Week, Colours). A sound player who was prone to a small, irritating injury but nevertheless played some outstanding games. One remembers his chasing a Plumtree wing and saving the try, and several memorable breaks which ended in Hardy scoring. He was somewhat subdued after Craven Week as a result of being the target for defenders because of his reputation.

M. HARDY (wing, Rhodesian Craven Week, Colours). A speedy and tenacious wing, he never flinched from taking a tackle. Rather he tried harder and was rewarded with a crop of tries. One run against Churchill will in particular be remembered, when he took the ball on his own ten-yard line and eluded his own wing, the cover­ing flank and the full-back to score with only a couple of yards to spare between the defenders and the touch line. His main problem may be a Jack of size.

C. DAVY (flank, Rhodesian Craven Week, Colours). The "baby" of the side-only in age! A tremen­dously strong player with an urgent desire to get into the thick of things. He improved greatly after the Craven Week and developed into a first-class tight loose forward. He was more than useful in the line-outs and should be even better next year.

W. WILSON (hooker, reserve Rhodesian Craven Week, Colours re-award). Probably the best player in the side, he missed full Rhodesian honours due to injury. His hooking was un­matched and he was the key to our line-out success in throwing in the ball. This, combined with some brilliant play in the loose, made him almost indispensable to the team. If he continues his rugby he should gain high honours.

N. PECK (front-row reserve, Rhodesian Craven Week, Colours). A very strong tight forward who made up the front row with Wilson and Longhurst. His principal contribution was the support and care he lavished on his locks in the line-outs. Somewhat ponderous in the loose, he was always in the thick of things and driving forward.

M. MAYTHAM (centre, Colours re-award). Probably the player with the greatest brilliance in the side but, like Wilson, missed Rhodesian selection through injury. A true "curate's egg", he varied between his brilliant display against Hamilton and one he will want to forget against St. George's. His running with the ball and his startling change of direction allowed him to cut open any defence, but his passing, when he was tired, robbed us of many well-made tries.

H. VAN DER MERWE (flank, Colours). He was pro­bably the best flank we saw in schools rugby and was unfortunate in missing selection for Rho­desia. The basis of our "switch" tactic, he started many moves from the loose that resulted in tries. His dedication to the game acted as an inspiration to the rest of the team.

P. HERBST (eighth man, Colours). One of the most dedicated and hardworking members of the team. He sacrificed much of the glamour of his position so as to fit in with the requirements of the team. He saved us in many tight corners with some devastating tackling.

R. WHILEY (wing, Colours). A very forceful wing and our most prolific try scorer (20 tries in 16 games). He developed a strong inside break which brought many of his tries, and at all times he concentrated on seeking the ball. He was rather unlucky not to be· given a chance in the Rhodesian trials. A good defender when the need arose.

K. TORR (full-back, Colours). A hesitant player in the first match, he found his feet after a couple of hard knocks against Falcon. From then on his game knew no bounds, and incidents like his try against Selborne and some quite exhilarating kicking from the touch line will remain with us for a long time. He probably enjoyed his rugby more than anyone else in the team.

T. SAGER (hooker). He played in several of our key games and, as his experience grew, so did his hooking ability. At the end of the season he was as good as any of the hookers we played against. He was unfortunate in that Wilson kept him out of a permanent place in the team.

Also played: G. Yeoman (4), F. Simpson (3), R. Pogir (3), R. Mutch (2), R. Trevelyan (2), C. Marks (2), B. Strandvik (2), L. Cary (I).

The games played this year produced some really exhilarating rugby in which we scored some 72 tries in 16 games, giving us an average of nearly five tries a game. Of these, 35 tries were scored by our wings, while the forwards accounted for 14; the rest went to the inside backs.



B. BITTER (captain; Colours I 967; scrum-half):
As a player Bitter always possessed the qualities of common-sense, determination and unselfishness. He was essentially a team man who, when he was allowed a free rein, gave Simpson a long, reliable service. His kicking from the base of the scrum and over the line-out was shrewd and controlled. He backed up well and tackled soundly. However, his service tended to be erratic whenever he was put under pressure by the opposing scrumhalf, probably because he hesitated before passing, losing valuable time. His place-kicking, on most occasions, was immaculate, and at times quite incredible. As a leader I cannot speak too highly of Bitter. He was sound, dedicated, enthusiastic, responsible, reliable and popular. He always set a good example both on and off the field, and his ebullient good humour was a tonic to the side. He is a talented ball player who should do well. (Scored 90 points; 84 with his boot.)

F. SIMPSON (vice-captain; Colours 1967; fly-half ):
Another talented ball player, Simpson proved to be a tower of strength to the first XV. In the first half of the season he ran well, used his backs sensibly and controlled the games with his judicious kicking. He possesses safe hands, an incisive break and runs deceptively, but in the latter half of the season he seemed to lose confidence in the other three-quarters, for he often took the ball standing, broke infield too often, and kicked unnecessarily. With a good, swift service, I am sure Simpson will prove a most capable fly-half. His defence was at all times first class. As a team member he was always reliable and unselfish, and his example provided some of the other members with something worthwhile to try to emulate. (Scored or made 33 points.)

A. COLLETT (centre):
A talented runner, he could prove a devastating mid-field player if he would learn to keep his position, break out sometimes, and not "die" with the ball after a good run. He tended to crowd other players by running across, but was nevertheless a very penetrative centre who, with more experience, could have been very dangerous. He tackled tenaciously and well at all times and his quiet, modest manner made him a popular team member.

I. CUMMING (centre - wing):
After showing great potential on tour and at the start of the season, he never really fulfilled his promise. He was probably the most natural centre but he seemed to lack determination and the ability to adapt his play to fit in with the other three-quarters. On the wing he didn't prove a great success, and he never looked for work. His major handicap was that he was never really match fit and so often found the pace hard going. A penetrative runner, his weaknesses were a reluctance to recover from mistakes and a lack of determination when things weren't going well. He has the ability, but he will have to work a lot harder if he is going to succeed in rugby.

G. YEOMAN (wing; Colours 1967):
He proved to be the most-improved player in the side. After a most inauspicious start to the season as a centre, after a nearly disastrous tour, this speedy player found his niche on the left wing and he never looked back. He gained confidence as the season progressed, and improved greatly on his tendency to slow up when confronted with defenders. Unfortunately he was starved of the ball for a large part of the season; otherwise his already impressive tally of tries would have been a lot greater. He ran hard and penetratively, defended soundly (if his tackles were sometimes rather high) and covered tirelessly. A good player who has a bright future ahead of him if he maintains this interest. (Scored nine tries.)

M. HARDY (wing; Colours 1966):
Unfortunately struck down cruelly by a hip injury in the third game of the season, this speedy winger never really recaptured his pace and bewildering swerve of last year, which earned him a place in the Craven Week Rhodesian Schools side. A plucky player, he felt his lack of size and I think resented being a marked man this year. Perhaps more determination and common-sense to keep the defence away from him would have made an already difficult task a lot easier.

R. MUTCH (full-back):
A most reliable, solid fullback who always played with calm determination. Possessed of magnificent hands, he got away with standing too deep, and often with allowing the ball to bounce. A reasonable place kicker and sound defender, his big weaknesses were a reluctance rather than an inability to kick with his right boot, and an unwillingness to join the line or turn defence into attack. An unselfish, thoroughly dependable team member.

A. LUCAS (full-back; Colours 1965):
A brilliantly attacking full-back, who injected the game with excitement, was again unfortunately crippled with a knee injury most of the season, despite his obvious determination to play. Possessed of amazing natural ability as a full-back, who fielded, kicked and tackled well, his greatest asset was his flair for the unorthodox and the unexpected. Unless hampered by injury, I predict a great rugby future for him.

ALSO PLAYED: C. Marks, A. Maytham, S. Ferguson, J. Santa Clara, S. Versveld, K. Boyd.


R. FENTON (tight-head prop):
Weighing over 210 lb. and possessing a tigerish temperament, we held high hopes for Fenton at the beginning of the season. In the match on tour against Estcourt, for example, we had four key players off the field with injuries for all the second half. Fenton rose to the occasion and more or less took on all the opposition forwards by himself with devastating effect. As the season progressed, however, his enthusiasm waned badly. Fitness was his big problem and his work both in the loose and the tight became very spasmodic. We also found that his large size tended to overbalance the tight scrum and reduce its effectiveness.

W. GOOSEN (hooker):
Probably our most-improved player. He only came into the side in our fourth game of the season, but soon became one of its most valuable members. At the end he had a superb mastery of hooking technique and he backed this up with some dashing performances in all other departments of the game. He is small, remarkably strong and a fitness fanatic. He is unafraid to go in hard into the tight and backs up magnificently in the loose. I predict a very bright rugby future for him.

R. BARLOW (loose-head prop):
Possesses the ideal build for his position. When he has hardened more, with the increased maturity of a further year at school, he should prove an invaluable asset to the side. He is a very intelligent player with a sound sense of positional play. His hands are also good. He was sometimes a little tentative in the tight and did not always like getting his head well into the set scrums. These deficiencies will be overcome, I am sure, next year, and he should have an excellent season.

S. FERGUSON (tight-head prop):
Ferguson was brought into the tight-head position towards the end of the season from the centre, when our set scrums were not functioning at all well. It turned out to be an excellent move. Of a more compact build than Fenton and with stronger legs, he gave the scrum the coherence that it had lacked. From then on the forwards became a team that raked the ball back with a most satisfying degree of regularity. He helped Goosen greatly in the hooking and worked extremely hard in all aspects of forward play. He was awarded his rugby cap and scarf, though deficient in numbers of matches played, for the great contribution he made to the side when he joined it.

M. DAVIES (flank; Colours 1967):
An outstanding loose forward and great team man who was tireless in his support of the three-quarter line. He was the initiator of numerous tries by reason of his ability to rapidly size up the state of play and to send the ball in the direction of the opposition's points of weakness. He was a little slow on his feet, but this was more than compensated for by the cleverness of his deceptive tactics. He really played the eighth man's game from the flank position. In consequence he often failed to harass his opposite fly-half sufficiently. This was a small drawback, however, in the face of the great contribution he made to the side. After Davy's injury he took over as leader of the forwards and performed the job quietly but most effectively.

B. STRANDVIK (lock; Colours 1967):
Another great player whom we shall be delighted to see back next year. A tall lad of rapidly increasing strength, he covers great areas of ground with his long, ranging strides. He always takes the ball hard and twists and drives his way through the opposition most effectively. An honest worker, he is always up with the game and has a sharp eye for any weaknesses in the opposition. His line-out work was a little tentative at the start of the season but improved greatly towards the end. His push in the set scrum, too, never slackened.

B. FARRELL (lock):
Like Fenton, weighing in the region of 210 lb. A player of tremendous potential but one who will only see the potential realised if he concentrates more on fitness. He did some brilliant work in the line-out, but lack of fitness often made him less rugged than he should have been. For the same reason his work in the loose and the set scrum, which could on occasions be excellent, was seriously marred. We are very much hoping that, having now stopped growing, he will in the next season be a much stronger, fitter and more robust player.

J. OAKLEY (flank):
A young player who has gone from strength to strength this season after having produced flashes of brilliance both in attack in the open and in defence. He is a tireless worker who backs up and handles well. His tackling also is sound. His deficiencies have largely been a consequence of his inexperience. It has been encouraging to note how very much more effective he has become in containing the opposite fly-half. His future is full of promise. He should have a tremendous season next year.

C. DAVY (flank; Colours 1966):
An immensely strong and devastating player most tragically struck down repeatedly by head and knee injuries. If we had had Davy as a regular player all season the outcome of most matches, I am sure, would have been very different. He tackles ruthlessly, drives relentlessly and runs magnificently. He must have struck terror into the heart of many an opponent. His injuries seriously reduced his representation for the side, and we did not therefore feel that he merited a Colours re-award. As pack leader he was brilliant by example but seemed unable to unite and draw the best out of the pack by word and encouragement.

P. CLARKE (lock and eighth man):
Played several times for the first team. He always tried hard but was often bewildered and unsure of what the game expected of him.

ALSO PLAYED: S. Riley, W. Herbst, S. Bulling, G. Hubbard.


W. GOOSEN (captain; Colours 1968; Craven Week, 1968; hooker).
A brilliant hooker with an ideal build for the position. He is very strong and was able to bind the front rank very tightly and make our scrumming most effective. In every match Milton won a lion's share of the ball from the set scrums and frequently against the head. Goosen was the architect of this success. He is also a very hard player in the loose who linked well with both forwards and backs on the run. As a captain he was quiet and effective and greatly respected by the rest of the team. He is to be sincerely thanked for the magnificent job he did, both as captain and player, this season.

J. OAKLEY (vice-captain; Colours 1968; flank).
A tireless player who was a tremendous asset to the side. He was outstanding both in attack and in defence, was quick to the loose ball and had a good eye for weaknesses in the opposition's defence. Time and again he was the initiator of attacking moves from opposition lapses, and equally as often it was Oakley who brought off the vital tackle which relieved the side from the attackers' pressure. Perhaps the unluckiest of our players not to get a final Craven Week trial.

R. BULL (vice-captain; scrum-half).
A player with a good head for the game and capable of flashes of brilliance. He served the side well for the major part of the season, but could not get the ball away to the line quickly enough. He was eventually stood down in favour of Boyd, and then Wilson. We look forward to his services next year.

W. HERBST (Colours 1968; eighth man).
Herbst only gained selection for the side in the third match of the season. He was too tentative; sound in defence but lacking any element of positive, attacking play. The fact that he was finally awarded Colours bears witness to his tremendous improvement as a player over the season. Each game was better than the last until he became the player most to be relied upon in covering defence and also attack. He was an honest worker in the tight and outstanding in the loose. Only his hands, at times, were a little suspect; otherwise he was the complete player.

J. KIRCHNER (tight-head prop).
Another player who improved immensely as the season progressed. He was a little small this year for a prop but was very effective at helping the hooker get the ball. Latterly he really began to find his feet at first-team level and showed, by his intelligent play, his good hands and his sound defence that he is going to be one of our most valuable players next year.

R. BARLOW (loose-head prop).
An extremely intelligent player who was responsible for a lot of the constructive movements which started from broken play. He was also invaluable in the tight and played his part in making the scrum so effective this season. We were very sorry to lose him through injury towards the end of the season.

M. SHANNON (flank).
He showed this season that he is going to be one of our really bright prospects next year. He is a rugged player, good in both attack and defence, and very quick to the loose ball. He also has a very deceptive run and makes a lot of ground running with the ball. He lacked consistency this season. On occasions he was brilliant, but sometimes we did not see much of him. With increased maturity we should not be able to fault him on this next year.

W. BULLOCK (lock).
For consistently honest work in all departments of the game, Bullock had no peer. He was always up with the ball, leading the forward rushes and fighting for the ball in the tight. He has boundless energy and was always to be found in the thick of it. Only his line-out work needs improvement, otherwise he is an ideal lock forward. He was probably the player most unlucky not to have been awarded Colours this year.

B. FARRELL (lock).
He joined the side late in the season because of injury, which set him back badly as far as fitness was concerned. He is to be commended, however, for the manner in which he got himself into condition and for the consequent steady improvement in his standard of play. By the end of the year he was doing sterling work in the tight and even in the loose forward play. Line-out work is his speciality and he was responsible for most of the good ball that we obtained from this quarter of play.

N. ARMSTRONG (fly-half).
One of the greatest problems the team faced was to find the correct player for the crucial fly-half berth. The lot eventually fell to Armstrong. He is small, rather slow off the mark and lacked the sparkle that one liked to see in a player in this position. His defence was also suspect and once he had made a gap he did not take it with enough determination. On the credit side, however, he had a good pair of hands, a quick pass and a safe boot. He lacked confidence and fitness, but as the season progressed he gradually remedied these defects and improved immensely as a player.

C. BARON (centre).
He first joined the side for the Durban High School match but was selected for all games thereafter. He is a player who can be really brilliant. He possesses tremendous acceleration and can run most deceptively. His small size is against him, however, and he was often flustered in the face of heavy opposition. With a clear run ahead he was outstanding, but in the general run of play he was often guilty of handling, passing and defensive errors. He was a fair place-kicker and was on target with quite a number of conversions.

S. VERSFELD (wing and centre).
He started the season as a wing and did a very adequate job, running hard when he got the ball and tackling well. This is his correct position. He was brought into the centre late in the season to improve the penetrating power of the line, in which task he succeeded admirably. His great weakness is his passing, in which he possesses little fluency, particularly when passing to the left. Thus he should return to the wing position next season, where he should do very well.

M. HARLOCK (wing).
A player of tremendous potential. He suddenly flowered this year, having played in "B" sides all the way up the school. He is very strong, runs with great determination and can break through many tackles and defends soundly. His main problem has been one of inexperience. He has not had a feel for the game and has not always known what was required of him. His hands have been a little suspect at times, too. With one season in the first XV and another year to go, however, prospects for him are really bright.

A. MAYTHAM (centre and wing).
Maytham played centre for most of the season and was rather disappointing. He ran hard but tended to run too far. He passed badly as well, and his handling was not always as good as it might have been. When moved to the wing, however, things started to go right, especially as he could give free rein to his desire to run hard with the ball, which he did well and deceptively. He put in a few brilliant runs and it was only a pity he was not tried at wing earlier. In defence he was always sound.

W. MATTHEWS (full-back).
A great-hearted player with tremendous enthusiasm, determination and courage. His fielding of the ball was brilliant, but his positional play and kicking left much to be desired. In consequence he played irregularly for the team and was eventually replaced by Lapham.

B. STRANDVIK (Colours 1967; lock and eighth man).
Potentially probably the finest player in the side. He can be brilliant in most departments
of the game and, with his long, ranging stride, can cover a great deal of ground both in attack and defence. He seemed to lose interest as the season progressed, however, and also suffered from injury. Thus he never fulfilled the high hopes that we had had in him.

The following players also played for the first XV: G. Lambert-Porter, B. Dodds, A. J. Barlow, C. Lenegan, W. Armstrong, G. Hubbard, T. Mc-Laughlin, S. Shannon, S. Riley, K. Boyd, J. Wilson, J. Lapham, the last three of whom are to be specially commended for the contributions they made to the team's changed fortunes at the end of the season.


M. SHANNON, (Captain; Colours 1969), flank. A good captain insofar as he had the respect of the whole team, exercised a firm discipline and set a very good example in training. He set a very high standard on the tour and made a fine impression. During games, however, he was often slow to analyse the pattern of play and to adjust Milton play accordingly. Tremendously strong physically, he was invaluable in the tight and could tackle fiendishly. His handling was sometimes suspect and he did have the occasional off day.

K. BOYD, (vice-captain; Colours 1969), scrum­ half. An intelligent player who could break cleverly round the scrum and who initiated many fine moves. He was an inspiration to the side and always encouraged it to give the extra bit of effort. Probably the most complete player in the side. If the forwards had given him better ball he would have had an outstanding season.

J. MILLS, (Colours 1969; Craven Week XV), hooker. A brilliant hooker and a worthy selec­tion for the national side. We did not have a front rank big enough to give him the support he needed and he was not able, in consequence, often to reveal his true worth. His loose play also was excellent. He was always quick to the loose ball and scored several tries thereby. In the tight his play was below standard.

J. KIRCHNER, (Colours 1969; Craven Week XV), tight-head prop. A versatile player who could play equally well as hooker, front rank, flank or eighth man. He much prefers loose to tight play, but is to be commended for playing in the front row for the whole season to help the side out. Always quick to capitalise on the loose ball, he initiated many fine moves. He was also very clever at extracting the ball from mauls. His main defect was inconsistency. He could play brilliantly but often lapsed.

C. BARON, full-back. An extremely talented player, very nimble on his feet, with quick accelera­tion and a most deceptive change of pace. He linked well with the line, gathered the ball well from the ground and brought off some tremen­dous tackles. In some games his fielding of the high ball was below standard and his kicking for touch and positional play needed improving. A great pity he is so small. With some weight behind him he could reach great rugby heights.

M. HARLOCK, wing. A player for whom we had great hopes this season but in whom we were a little disappointed. A powerful runner, he could crash his way through the opposition most effectively. Too often he seemed to lack the extra bit of determination needed to get through. Admittedly he often had poor service from the line, which did not help him, but he could have done better than he did. He was a very sound player nevertheless, solid in defence, and an asset to any side.

G. FORT, wing. A strong runner who made a lot of ground on numerous occasions from orthodox line movements. His great weakness was his inability to adjust rapidly enough to unorthodox situations. When flustered he could do some silly things. His handling was sometimes a little suspect and his defence, though sound, was not always strictly legal. He was keen, however, and should do very well next year.

S. VERSFELD, centre. A great-hearted player, unfortunately set back by a serious ankle injury. As a result he did not have the speed, the acceleration or the nimbleness that one likes to see in a centre. He also tends to hold on to the ball fractionally too long. He has great courage nevertheless, and helped the side in a position we found most difficult to fill.

B. BARBOUR, centre. Probably the three-quarter with the greatest potential in the side. He is fast, deceptive, draws his man well, and handles well. He was responsible for most of the penetration in the back line. His weakness is a hesitance when under pressure and he is occasionally guilty of defensive lapses.

E. PAINTING, fly-half. It is rare to find a player who really enjoys tackling. Painting was one, and as such proved invaluable in defence. One would have preferred a little more pace in a fly half than he possessed and his handling was not always up to standard. He liked the blind-side break round the scrum and often made a lot of ground by means of it. His kicking was often injudicious. Too often his kicks merely gave the ball to the opposition.

H. DU PREEZ, loose-head prop. Moved from full-back to the front row, he had a lot to learn. He nevertheless filled the position very adequately and was assisted by his great strength. He played the tight game well and did a lot of honest work in mauls and rucks. With a little more experience he could develop into a very fine player, for he is fast and handles well.

W. BULLOCK, lock. For enthusiasm, hard work determination and honesty in the tight, he could not be faulted. A player who put all that he had into his rugby and set a tremendous example to the other players. He enjoyed loose play parti­cularly and was always up with the ball and quick to pick it up. He could never master the tech­nique of jumping and catching in the line-out, however, and sometimes let his enthusiasm run away with him to the extent of being guilty of undisciplined play.

B. GRAHAM, lock. Weighing over 200 pounds. handling well and having a good line-out tech­nique, we expected great things of him this season. He never really got fit, however, and so was a little disappointing. It meant that he was slow to the ball and did not always push as he should in the scrums. If he could get really fit and convert some of his fat to muscle, he could be an outstanding player.

J. WILSON, flank. He joined the side late after recuperating from serious injury and played with tremendous courage. An extremely fit player, he was always up with the ball and enjoyed the hustling type of play. He linked well with for­wards and backs and picked up the ball fre­quently in mid-field. In attack he could be brilliant, but his defensive work round the scrum was often inadequate.

G. SMYTHE, eighth man. By no means a polished player, Smythe was selected for the honesty and enthusiasm of his play. He put everything that he had into his game and covered tirelessly. His line-out work improved greatly as the season progressed and he was responsible for a lot of the good ball we obtained from this source. He was not really robust enough for this position. One would have preferred a stronger, harder player, but one could not have asked for one with a bigger heart.

The following players also played for the first XV during the season: Lenegan (5 games), A. Barlow (4), R. Barlow (4), Noble (4), Parkin (2), Scott (4), McCallum (2), Armstrong (1), Watson (2), Ferguson (1).


S. VERSFELD (Captain: Colours 1970; Craven Week XV), Wing:
A very good captain who had great respect and loyalty from his team. He led by both word and example and in him the fine spirit of the side was embodied. Given good ball he was a powerful running wing who was difficult indeed to stop. His cover defence was superb and on several occasions saved certain tries by covering across and crashing the opposite wing into touch. Had a most successful Craven Week scoring six tries over the competition.

B.BARBOUR (Vice-Captain: Colours 1970; Craven Week XV), Fly-Half:
A player of tremendous talent. Had excellent hands, a good kick, and breathtaking speed and acceleration. If not very closely marked, could, and did, break at will. With further rugby experience and greater understanding of the game he should go a long way. Did not always reveal his true potential over the season due to an eagerness to feed his line and by not always analysing the game astutely. Without him in the line though, the Milton team would have been reduced to mediocrity.

B. GRAHAM (Colours 1970; Craven Week XV), Lock:
Probably the most honest and hardworking tight forward. Showed tremendous determination in his pre-season training, and with his huge frame, 6ft. 4in. 210 lbs., this paid dividends. Was always prominent in the loose while at the same time not neglecting his tight play. Jumped well in the line out all season but could not always have good support due to his insistence at playing from the No. 2 position.

J. WILSON (Colours 1970; Craven Week XV), Eighth Man, Scrum Half:
Could have played in almost any position and been effective. His assets were fitness, rugby talent, and a big heart. From the eighth man position he was all over the field and appeared tireless. His constant presence wherever the ball travelled must have been annoying as it was unbelievable at times to the opposition. Stepped into the scrum-half berth late in the season and, while just a trifle large and slow for this position, played on a superb pass for Barbour. Was nagged by shoulder trouble from midterm, but despite this displayed great courage in insisting on playing.

G. FORT (Colours 1970), Flank:
A strong, hard flank. One of those players who enjoyed tackling, and this he did ferociously and with great effect. Was one of the key men in breaking down the opposition play. As a carrier of the ball he was easily the hardest running and most penetrative of the forwards. Very fit and always prominent in the loose.

D.A LLEN, Wing:
One of the more exciting spectacles of the 1970 season was the sight of winger Allen in full cry speeding for the try time. Poor hands and an inability to cross kick were big weaknesses but these were more than compensated for by his danger in attack. He had speed and determination and he used these to full advantage.

A. BOSCH, Tight Head Prop:
Intelligent and very constructive in all his play. He was a solid strong scrummager who supported his hooker and struck for the ball very well. Despite his size had a surprising burst of speed. If he sheds some of his weight and increases in all round mobility next year he will be outstanding.

H. du PREEZ, Loose Head Prop:
Very strong and agile he runs fast and handles well. With all these qualities plus the fact that he was playing his second year for Milton 1st XV, one expect­ed great things. However he never reached the heights he should have because only late in the season was he anywhere near peak fitness. Heavily built forwards have to work harder and take longer to get fit and this he appreciated too late. Returning next year, with his physical ability and determination, he is bound to achieve the standard and recognition potentially his. Was an invaluable player this season despite not starring.

P. EDWARDS, Centre:
Certainly the finest defensive three-quarter and crash tackler in the school. Unfortunately his attacking ability did not match his excellent defence. He lacked genuine pace and penetration. Was very consistent with his backing up however and was deservedly rewarded with some good runs because of this. With further experience next year he should develop into a more than competent back.

Self imposed off-season fitness and strength training saw this tall player gain in physical stature and also in rugby potential. While never brilliant, Ferguson was always reliable and got through some sterling work. In the tight loose he was generally in the thick of things, and when driving with the ball was a hard man to pull down. Started off slowly as a number five lineout forward but developed as the season progressed; he was eventually obtaining very good ball from this position.

W. GREEN, Hooker:
One of the 'characters' of the school, Green was a ball of fire and energy on the field. Unimpressive physically, his looks belied the tigerish spirit within. It was no small compliment to the player that at Milton a tackle was sometimes described as a real 'Green' tackle - meaning crashing in about as hard and low as one could go. Converted from flank to hooker in one season he adapted quickly and on most occasions served the school very well in this position.

D. HARRISON, Scrum Half:
Had all the qualities of an outstanding scrum half but for the most vital of all - a good reliable pass. Luckily Barbour's safe hands never exposed this defect to any great degree. If Harrison could have developed his pass he may well have achieved further honours. He was quick around the scrum, had a good rugby brain, and was courageous. Most of the breakdown of opposition play near the scrum was due to him and Fort. Adapted surprisingly well to flank when placed there at the end of the season - a compliment to his playing ability.

A. McCALLUM, Centre and Full Back:
Probably the best rugby brain in the side. He has an undoubted flair for the game but is heavily handi­capped by slowness off the mark. A very good place kicker he was easily the highest individual scorer in the side and as such was invaluable. Played most of the season in the centre and then moved to the full back position. If it were possible for him to quicken up in the line he would be dangerous indeed.

A. MINTER-BROWN, Wing and Full Back:
A long limbed player who was both a fast and decep­tive runner. In attack he was always very dangerous and brought off many fine runs. He was suspect in defence at both wing and full back when he had to retrieve a bouncing ball. He was also inclined to neglect cover work from the wing position. However any good ball thrown or kicked in his direction generally spelt one thing to the opposition - danger.

Unfortunate to miss several games through injury. As a flank he looked far better in attack than defence. He was a very fast and elusive runner with the ball, as well as being very quick to any break-down in play. Did not harass the opposition sufficiently from his position though and this he must learn to do in order to establish himself as a really good flank. Should do well next year.


B. BARBOUR (Captain; Colours1970; Craven Week XV), Fly Half. An extremely talented player who would certainly have excelled once again this season but for the tragic misfortune of sustaining a bad knee injury on tour which was to put him out of rugby for the season. His brilliance in attack was sadly missed by the team and it would be no exaggeration to say that his absence alone changed the face of the side. A loyal and much-respected captain.
A. BOSCH (Playing Captain; Colours 1971), Tight Head Prop. Probably the most powerful schoolboy scrummager in the country. The tremendous number of tight head balls won by the scrum this season was undoubtedly due to him. Had speed and agility despite his size and was always an intelligent and constructive player. Much admired by his team-mates, he led the side with an ebullience of spirit that matched his immense physique.
H. DU PREEZ (Colours 1971), Loose Head Prop. The "other half' of Milton's formidable front row. Strong and quick he was a very honest forward who was one of the key men in ensuring the side of its excellent possession. His position dictated that he play a very tight game, but given a chance in the loose he was a hard running carrier of the ball. A good all round forward.
A. PRINSLOO (Colours 1971), Left Wing. Undoubtedly the most improved player in the side. He was an extremely hard running and elusive wing with a deceptive body swerve. Made the most of any opportunity and was top try scorer for the team. Worked very hard at his game to emerge as one of the outstanding players over the season.
A. McCALLUM (Vice-Capt.), Fullback. An intelligent rugby tactician he was invaluable in building up and maintaining team spirit. Unfortunately despite the obvious physical talent that he has, he was one of the players who never rose to the heights expected of him. Once he has had a complete season to settle down to his true position as fullback, he should play to his full potential. On his day an outstanding kicker.
K. AULD, Lock. Not always a determined and driving player because of his lack of weight, he was nonetheless a very good lineout forward and a highly mobile player. Emerged from last year's fourth XV and developed his play and confidence steadily over the season. A very reliable forward.
A. BLAYLOCK, Centre. From the fullback position where he started the season he was an incisive and penetrative runner in attack. In the centre he was not nearly as impressive, though giving glimpses of his talent on occasion. A courageous defender despite his slight frame. With experience and greater confidence he should develop into a very good player next year.
P. BULL, Scrum-Half. Started off the season by playing excellent rugby on tour, and from his early form looked set to be one of the side's top players. However, while always consistent as a reliable and competent scrum-half with a good pass, his game never really developed over the season. He is a good enough ball player to excel and with resolution and hard work could lift his game to well above average.
K. COURT, Centre. The most talented natural ball player in the three line. Very inconsistent in his form however. On a good day a remarkably penetrative runner with an eye for the gap; however off form he could be very ordinary. With dedication and development of his game he could do well in senior rugby.
P. EDWARDS, Centre. Not a "natural" he had to work hard at his game and had no real flair for the centre position. As an excellent defender and hard running player he used the most of his ability and always played with great determination. A change in position could possibly reward his attributes of forceful play and rugged tackling.
D. FORT, Flank. Made a slow start to the season while adjusting to this new position but once he developed feeling for flank play the change was dramatic. He proved to be a very good flank who was fast to the ball and both harassed effectively and constructed good movement from broken play. If he can get fitter next season and a little more fiery in his game he will be outstanding.
A. HATTON, Flank. Lacked pace but overcame this considerable handicap by producing his own brand of persistent and determined chasing of the loose ball. Always reliable in a tight spot, he was one of the important players in encouraging, prodding and goading team spirit from his fellow members. Looked too slow to hold his place in the early season, but by intelligent anticipation and sheer fitness more than held his own.
S. LEWINS, Fly-Half. Came into the side very late but with such effectiveness that it was obvious he should have found a place much earlier in the season. Had poise and finesse as a fly-half and played a finely balanced game of astute tactical kicking varied with a good service to his line. Young and talented it is a great pity he is not returning to see his potential flower.
S. McLEAN, Lock. A rugged forceful lock who used his size and weight to good effect in tight play. Never quite mobile enough to be a good first team lock, his solidity and intelligent control of loose scrum possession held him his place until his biggest weakness-inability to jump in the lineout - necessitated dropping him. Nonetheless played some very useful games for the 1st XV.
G. PATON, Lock. A very good lineout specialist who was rarely out jumped by his opposition. Capable and strong in the tight he was an honest forward who, while never brilliant, could always be relied upon for a steady performance. Developed over the season in all aspects of play.


D. Fort (Captain, Colours, Flank):
It needed an individual of Fort's moral courage and strength of character to hold together a losing team. That the side not only held together, but were united in spirit right through the season, speaks volumes for his leadership. He was the only consistently good loose forward in the team and deservedly played for and vice captained the Matabeleland 'A' XV.

A. Blaylock (Craven Week, Colours, Centre):
Certainly the most improved senior player. A dangerous and penetrative centre whose injury seemed to take all the punch out of the backline. Very good in defence.

K. Riley-Hawkins (Colours, Matabeleland A, Centre):
When he gained confidence, a very good player indeed. Deadly in defence, his only handicap was a lack of genuine pace in attack. In combination with Blaylock exciting to watch.

R. McCallum (Vice-Captain, Scrum Half:
An extremely reliable player who was very effective in general play. Only slowness around the base of the scrum precluded higher honours. A loyal and able vice-captain.

S. Adie (Prop):
An honest worker in the scrum and easily the most intelligent and constructive forward in the tight loose. Could have been seen more in the loose play.

C. Conolly (Wing):
Made a very disappointing start to the season with a marked lack of deter­mination in his running. Improved tremendously, however, and was eventually making use of his considerable speed.

M. Einhorn (Fly Half):
A talented, but erratic fly half. Had safe hands and was a dangerous and elusive carrier of the ball. His weakness as a tactical kicker and an inclination to break too often detracted from his play. On top form exciting to watch.

P. Einhorn (Full Back):
Had good hands and was very dangerous in attack. His defence was always good. Has much to learn about positional play and did not always look for work. Should excel next year.

P. Ellis (Hooker):
A latecomer into the team, he proved lively in the loose and hooked well when given support from his scrum. With more weight and experience next year, should do very well.

R. Hatton (Lock):
One of the team's most impro­ved players. Very well co-ordinated and intelli­gent, he did some sterling work as a tight forward. Only insufficient size for his position proved a handicap.

J. Honywill (Flank):
Very young and inexperien­ced, he showed promise which was never really fulfilled. Big framed physically and determined, he will probably end up in the front row, as he was seldom quick enough to the loose ball. How­ever, with two years ahead of him he has time to find his position and has a promising future.

D. Kirchner (Prop):
A strong forward whose solid scrummaging was missed when he was unavail­able. Hard working in all aspects of forward play.

K. O'Connell (8th Man):
Played both as a tight and loose forward. Not big enough for the tight and not fast enough for the loose, he was, how­ever, an extremely honest player who gave every­thing he had. Utterly dependable.

M. Richardson (Lock):
Potentially the best tight forward in the side. His drives in the loose were both dangerous and exciting and he was always constructive in broken play. However, never as fit as he might have been, he never realised his full potential.

L. Shee (Wing):
Not a natural ball player by any stretch of the imagination, he was nonetheless an extremely determined wing who ran well and tackled with ferocity.


K. Riley-Hawkins, (Captain; Colours 1972, 1973) scrum half. Certainly one of Milton's outstanding captains. Talented both in ability and with the qualities of leadership, he was a vital factor in the success of the team. As a player he had all the attributes of an excellent scrum-half, save for one defect, slow­ness in clearing the ball away. His defence was brilliant. Few schoolboys in recent years have tackled with the ferocity of this player.

P. Ellis, (Vice-Captain; Colours 1973) Hooker Instrumental in providing an abundance of ball from the set scrums. He worked hard at his game and was successful in exhorting his very capable pack to some prodigious performances. A fiery and determined player in the loose.

P. Einhorn, (Colours 1973) Fly-half: Probably the three-quarter with the greatest potential in the side. Strong, deceptive, and with good hands, he was responsible for most of the penetration in the back line. His weakness was a tendency to break at the wrong time and he needs to improve his tactical kicking.

K. Friedrichs, (Colours 1973) Tight-head prop: A very powerful scrummager, who did a great deal of honest work in the mauls and rucks. His rugged and yet intelligent play made him invaluable, and if it could be said of anyone, he was the pillar of Milton's pack.

J. Honywill, (Colours 1973) Flank: Big and well co-ordinated, one of the features of the season was the sight of Honywill plucking the ball out of the air from the back of the line-out, and setting off on one of his storming runs. In attack he was always outstanding, but his defensive work round the scrum was often inadequate.

D. Bosch, Lock: A hard and determined tight forward. He lacked size for the position, which precluded him from getting good ball in the line-out. He scrummed very honestly, however, and tore into the rucks with obvious enthusiasm and determination.

K. Brackley, Wing: A relatively inexperienced wing who undoubtedly has talent. One of the few backs with any real pace, it was a pity he was not given more ball during the season. His lack of size did not detract from his effect­iveness and, given the opportunities next year, he should develop into a very good player.

C. Conolly, Full Back: A gifted footballer in that he had good hands, could kick equally well with both feet, and genuine pace; he was not, however, a player with tremendous ball sense. He could have been devastatingly effective if had joined the line more in attack. Nonetheless, his solid competence at full back lent confidence to the side.

D. Cooke, 8th Man: A nimble player with good hands who always looked good in open play. However, as he was inclined to be a little tentative, he did not seriously harass the opposing halves. If he can overcome this weakness, he could blossom out into an out­standing player. He has the physique and co­ordination to excel.

D. Fitzgerald, Loose-head Prop: A good, solid frame and excellent technique in scrumming made him a more than competent forward. He was also very useful in the rucks and mauls. His only weakness was inconsistency of play, as he would vary from very good to mediocre in his performance.

R. Gunning, Lock: A very good forward who only played half the season, due to injury. His was a very considerable loss to the team in the latter part of the season. Had he been fully fit, he may well have been in line for higher honours.

S. Krige, Centre: Very good indeed in defence. Unfortunately, his attacking qualities did not match his ability to defend. His biggest problem appeared to be a lack of concentration and self-discipline which all too often resulted in dropped passes and being caught out of position. With hard work he could mature into a valuable player next year.

E. Kok, Wing: Unfortunately, injured for most of the season. This was a big loss to the team as his elusive running style made him a very dangerous player in attack. His defence and ball ability were less impressive. However, had he played all season, he would undoubtedly have excelled.

E. Kok, Flank: Started off the season in tremendous form and looked set for great things. However, a bad ankle sprain had a deleterious influence on his play for most of the season and, only in the last few games, did he regain something of his early form. Very good in attack, but often inadequate in defence around the scrum.

J. Malevris, Wing: A talented player, very nimble on his feet, with quick acceleration and a most deceptive change of pace. He always looked dangerous in attack and, like Brackley, was unfortunate in not seeing more ball. In defence he was not always sound and did not work hard at cover defence.

E. Layard, Centre: A player of undoubted ability which he never fully revealed, due to his ten­tative approach. Intelligent, well co-ordinated and large for a centre, his lack of real aggression obviated any possibility of him ever being a forceful player. A loyal and reliable member of the team, nonetheless.

G. Pennells, Lock: With an increase in weight and a little more speed he will be a very good player. Extremely constructive in broken play, and an honest forward in the tight. He was ineffective in the line-out and may do well to change to the flank next year.

A. Thomson, Fly-half: Always played to the best of his ability. His strength lay in safe hands and excellent tactical kicking. He was handicapped, however, by a lack of pace off the mark and a rather slow pass to his centre. He was, therefore, limited in attack.


Slater (Captain. Matabeleland Schools vice captain) Colours Award.
Played eighthman this season though probably a better flank. A forceful player who set a very high standard as captain. His ability to get the loose ball back was one of his assets, as well as his hard tackling. A very good loose forward, who always gave of his best.

Harrison (Vice Captain)
Played lock this year and did very well especially in the lineouts where his jumping improved with every game. His only weakness being that he deflected the ball too often rather than catching it. His loose play was sound.

Strathearn (Full Back) Colours Award.
Switched to full back after a few games at fly-half and did a magnificent job. His flair for attack often left the opposition at sixes and sevens, His defence was quite outstanding at all times. He must rate as one of the best fullbacks in the country.

Husband (Wing)
A young and exciting player, who, though very light, always ran hard. His defence is a little suspect as he must go in hard for his tackles. He should do well next season.

McKenna (Wing)
Another young and exciting player, who, when he is in the mood, can be very effective with his elusive running. He must look for the ball more often and do a lot more covering. He should do well next season - defence is sound.

Blaauw (Wing/Centre)
A disappointing player who has tremendous ability but never used it to the full His tackling was outstanding but in attack he never really moved at speed and was therefore easy to bring down. He proved on occasions that he could be very effective when he wants to.

MacDonald (Centre)
A young player with an exciting future. On attack he is always dangerous and will cut through any half­hearted defence. His tackling is sound and next year he should do very well, especially with more speed and strength.

Waite (Centre)
He played scrum half for a while, but never really got to grips with the position, at centre he shows promise especially on attack. He is inclined to hang back at times and give his opposite man a little too much room to move in. He should do well next year.

Krige (Flyhalf
He played centre at times, but never really excelled. At fly-half he played well especially against Guinea Fowl when he ran in three tries, His only faults were that his concentration lapsed at times especially on defence and he never recovered quickly after making a mistake.

Adams (Scrumhalf) Colour's Award
He matured into a good player with some really good performances. He also had an outstanding game against Guinea Fowl scoring two tries and setting up a third. His passing was good, his break was good and his kicking was great. He has a bright future as a scrumhalf.

Van Vuuren (Loose head prop. Matabeleland Schools)
A good honest forward who scrummed well at all times. His lineout work was good and his loose play effective. At training he was always seen to give of his best.

Labuschagne (Hooker)
A very effective player who, together with his regular props, was only really beaten once in a hooking duel In the loose he was tigerish and probably even over-robust at times, but a sound honest forward.

Slement (Tight head prop) Colours Award
A very strong scrummager who was a tower of strength both in the lineouts and loose play. He was responsible for possession in many a loose maul and his determination was well rewarded with a number of tries from short penalties.

Viljoen (Lock)
An honest forward who was always seen to give of his best, His lineout work at No 2 improved towards the end of the season where he gained some good possession, His loose play was good and he was always in the thick of things.

Engelbrecht (Flank)
Rather light, but he made up for it with his fitness and anticipation. He was often first man to the ball, but was left high and dry as support came up too slowly. A good player.

Raciborski (Flank)
As a loose forward he played well but lacked speed to be really effective. In the tight loose he did well using his strength and ball sense effectively. His only weakness being his lack of speed.

Loxton (Flank)
His lineout work at the back of the lineout was good and he has the speed to get around with, but too often he never used it to best advantage. His anticipation was good but still not really rugged enough. He should do very well next season.

Others to play a number of games for the 1st XV include Einhorn (Flyhalf and Scrumhalf), a player with a bright future at scrumhalf. Probably a bit slow at the moment but this is improving. Herbst played fullback but never really settled down in the position. He could do well next season as a flyhalf.


D. Waite (Matabeleland 1979 team award). Fullback/Centre, As a fullback he has proved to be very reliable with his excellent tackling, handling the ball under pressure and his elusive running.

D. Husband (Team award 1979) A good hard running wing - very elusive; a player who should have got a lot more ball. Tackling and covering a little weak.

W. MacDonald (Matabeleland & Team Award 1978 & 1979) Centre; a strong hard running player who tackles well and has a good knowledge of the game. His big weakness is that he tries to break inside too often - a good player all the same.

M. Grobler A young centre whose attack is sound, but his tackling is very weak. Still under 15 and therefore with this season's experience he should do well next year.

J. Herbst (Team Award 1979) Centre/Wing. As a wing he proved to be very reliable where his speed and sound tackling were useful. At centre he never really got the opportunity to show his true worth. A pity he was injured half-way through the season.

P. Cutler (Team award 1979) Flyhalf. A small but good player. His tactical kicking and place kicking were good. In attack .his play was sound, while in defence he was often too slow up on his man. He should do very well next year.

M. Einhorn (Team award 1979) Scrumhalf. A good player with a very good pass - a little erratic at times. He had a good break which he used to cut the defence on many occasions. His tackling and covering was good at all times.

D. Maughan (Team award 1979) Loose Head Prop. The heaviest player in the side who scrummed well at all times. A little tall for the loose head but he did well for the side using his size and strength to full advantage.

R. Labuschagne (Colours 1979; Matabeleland 1979) Hooker and Vice-Captain. A most enthusiastic player - tigerish and tireless in the loose and a good hooker. He led the side well during Slement's absence.

B. Slement (Team award 1978 & 1979; Matabeleland 1979) A very good tight head prop who scrummed magnificently. His captaincy deserves special mention as he did an outstanding job. It was indeed a pity he was injured on tour and therefore missed most of the season. We all thank Barry for his influence and leadership.

J. Grobler (Team award 1979) Lock. Tall second row player who has gained in stature with each game. His loose play was always fiery and constructive.

G. McKenna (Team award 1979) Lock. New to this position, but nevertheless worked well, especially in the tight. Slightly slow and lacked the necessary aggression in the loose - should do well next year.

D. Appelhans (Colours 1979) Flank/Lock. Started as a lock then moved to flank where he played very well. His size and speed proved invaluable especially in attack. He must put more pressure on the opposition in defence.

D. Wright (Team award 1979) Flank. As a flank a little slow but was outstanding in the tight loose. He was used as prop hooker and even-wing and always gave of his best. Good ball player.

S. Loxton (Team award 1979; Matabeleland 1979) Eightman. A player who never really realised his full potential. A very good jumper in the lineouts, but lost the ball often. In the loose he played well though lacked the necessary aggression. Probably a better lock than eightman, but served his side well.


P. Cutler. Captain. Colours l 980, Fly-half. A very talented player with an educated boot. His game has improved with every outing as he used his speed, flair and boot to full advantage. A very reliable place-kicker, and good captain who led his side well.

D. Maughan * Vice Captain. Front row forward. An incredibly strong front ranker who gave of his best at all times. Unfortunately the unbalanced front row was a real handicap to him as the other two forwards were much smaller. As vice captain he led the pack well.

W. MacDonald Colours 1980, Craven Week 1980 full back. He really had a great season and full back is obviously his position. His defence was outstanding and he used his power and flair for attack to the dismay of many a side, Congratulations on being top points scorer for the Zimbabwe team at Craven Week.

S. Robertson * Right wing, Relatively new to the game, A fast and elusive runner who could have scored more tries had he got more ball, Tackled and covered well.

A. Viljoen * Left wing. Like Robertson, fairly new to the game, A deceptive runner who scored a number of good tries, His defence was sound, but he could have looked for more ball at times.

L. Kettle * Centre, A vastly improved player with a good side step and tackled well. He could have exerted more pressure on the opposition by coming up much faster. A reliable place kicker.

D. de Villiers Centre. It was wonderful to see him back on the rugby field again after an absence of two years. His defence was sound and his ability to cut the opposition’s line came back to him as the season progressed.

M. Grobler * Centre, He started so well this season then his game went off badly. A good attacking player, but his defence must be tightened up a great deal.

R. Pearson Scrum-half. An exciting young player whose game matured towards the end of the season, when he started using his break. He has a good long service and should do well next season.

R. Hunter * Prop. Very young, but a good strong loose head, who gained a great deal of experience this season. His loose play improved as the season progressed.

D. Peratt * Hooker. Another very young player. Rather short and battled with an uneven front-row. A sound striker of the ball and exceptional player in the loose.

R. du Toit * Lock. A good second row forward who had to bear the brunt of all lineout jumping. Light but made up with tremendous fire and anticipation in the loose.

J. Grobler * Lock. A strong and aggressive tight forward who got through some good work. Lineout work not as good as it could be.

G. McKenna * Flank. A strong forward who played lock and even wing on occasions. He could have used his size and speed to greater advantage, especially in attack.

T. Bezuidenhout * Flank. A good back row forward with a great deal of drive. A little hesitant in defence at times but a good ball carrier.

D. Appelhans Colours 1979/1980. Flank. A very strong and aggressive loose forward who possessed a good turn of speed. Unlucky not to make the national side, but he must look for more work. Very difficult to bring down on attack.

C. Maughan * Number 8. Another very young player who inevitably had to mark a bigger and more experienced player. His defence was excellent.

* Team Awards


W. MacDonald - Captain: Full-back and Centre. - re-award Colours 1981 and top scorer. Captained Matabeleland Schools 1981 and was unfortunate to be excluded from the National side this year, as his defence was exceptional and his ability to counter-attack and join an attack created devastating results. Perhaps he did not involve himself as much as he could have, but the responsibilities of captaincy and the grinding of an inexperienced back division took their toll on his own game. He is a versatile player and has a great future in the game.

H. du Toit:- Vice-Captain: lock - Colours 1981. Played for Zimbabwe Schools at lock and flank 1981. An outstanding player who is particularly good in lineouts and loose-play. His leadership of the forwards was exemplary. He deserves to be congratulated on a very successful season; and he will be valuable asset to any team in the future.

P. Stockman: Flank- Colours 1981 - Matabeleland Schools 1981. An outstanding loose forward who harassed the opposition relentlessly. His tackling was superb and he combined well in attack. A fine performance throughout the season.

C. Maughan: No. 8-Colours 1981 - Matabeleland Schools 1981. A talented ball player with a flair for attacking rugby. His tackling and defence were of a high standard and although he played exciting rugby during the season, he has not yet fully exploited his potential.

C. Faasen: Fly-half-and Full-back. He played at fly-half for the first half of the season and then moved to full-back. At fly-half he lacked experience but by no means disgraced himself. At full-back he was more at home and fielded some difficult and awkward kicks. His anticipation, cover defence and tackling were of a high standard whilst he made very few mistakes with his kicking.

F. de Chalain: Wing three-quarter. A new player to rugby in 1981, whose size, weight and speed were a tremendous advantage and made him a difficult man to mark. His tackling was flawless but kicking ability was limited.

D. Feigenbaum: Wing three-quarter. An intelligent player who tackled very well. He has a tendency to slow down in the face of oncoming cover-defence but he used his initiative in attack, and his defence was of a high standard.

I. van Niekerk: Centre. A vastly improved player who made some fine runs especially in the latter half of the season. His ability to anticipate and read the game were his most noticeable improvements, as well as making the best use of space to create strong attacking situations.

G. Faulds: Centre and Wing three-quarter. An extremely hardworking player who improved throughout the season. At wing he played with added confidence and was a party to several attractive running movements which led to tries being scored. Selected as a substitute for the Matabeleland Schools side.

G. Butler: Wing three-quarter. A strong runner but he tended to be hesitant at first. later in the season he gained enormously in fitness and confidence and made some attractive runs. He is congratulated on his determined effort to gain fitness in order to improve his game.

I. Ferguson: Fly-half. A young player who joined the side for the hardest game of all against Prince Edward. He remained cool-headed and must be given credit for the high standard of his tactical kicking, which created havoc for the opposition. He will be an asset to the side next season.

J. Brownlee: Scrum-half. Most improved player of the year award. An aggressive attacking scrum half who used his initiative and constantly harassed his opposite number, rarely allowing the opposition good ball from the scrum. During the early stages of the season he made nasty basic mistakes and lacked a strong service. His greatest failing was a lack of imagination but through sheer determination and hard work he improved tremendously. Selected to play for the Matabeleland Junior side.

S. Jones: Loose-head prop. A young player who held his own in the most difficult position on the field.

G. Whyte: Loose-head prop. Originally an U/15 team player, whose size and ability, coupled with the lack of depth of front row players in the open group, led him to a place in the 1st XV as a replacement for an injured player. This is a proud achievement by any standards and he should be congratulated on his performance in the games that he played. He has very good ball sense in this game, but has to learn to straighten his back in the scrum.

D. Perratt: Hooker. A plucky and aggressive player who not only hooked well in the scrum but also played like a terrier in the loose. Injury, early in the season, unfortunately denied him the opportunity to play in the Provincial trials.

R. Young: Hooker. A young player who replaced the regular hooker owing to injury. Although he lacked in size and age, he certainly made up with his ability to hook and his mobility on the field.

G. Tasmer: Tight-head prop. He had an unsteady start to the season owing to a shoulder injury and subsequent lack of fitness. He played best in the latter half of the season where his strength and speed were deceptive, relative to his size and shape.

R. Flashman: Prop and Lock. A fairly versatile and intelligent ball player. He was too tall as a prop but used good technique. His natural position is lock where he excelled in the tight phases but tended to hang off in mauls and rucks where the strength of a lock is needed most.

P. Stephenson: Lock. He lacked co-ordination and speed off the mark but made up for this by doing well in lineouts; he was a difficult man to stop in the forward drive.

S. Molloy: Flank. A strong capable player who did not realise his maximum potential until the latter part of the season when he made up his mind to play his best.

T. Hubbard: Flank. A very fit and hard working loose forward. After a short period of experience in the 1st XV he learned quickly. His pick-up on the loose ball and support play was superb.

J. van der Walt: Played at wing in the first game of the season.

R. Herbst: Substituted on two occasions at midfield

M. Dunfting: Played on the wing during the pre-season festival but decided to change to soccer after the opening game of the season.

W. Dakers and O. Ruetsche: Made their debuts with one game each and are players to be watched next season.


David Perratt - Captain: Hooker - National Selector's XV, Matabeleland Schools XV, Zimbabwe Schools. David was the only full time First XV player to· return from last year's squad. He had the extremely difficult task of captaining a very young, raw side and of hooking ball for a pack travelling in reverse! He is undoubtedly the best hooker Milton has had in recent years and his record speaks for himself. His sneaky burrowing and irrepressible nature will be greatly missed next year.

Ian Ferguson - Vice-Captain - Fly-Half, Centre Reserve, Matabeleland Schools' XV. Ian was moved to Centre to provide some punch in the line which he did successfully. He is certainly a player to watch next year since he has improved with every game.

Stephen Venn - Scrum-Half - Matabeleland U/20, Zimbabwe U/19, Reserve Matabeleland and Zimbabwe Schools XVs. A talented player who, unfortunately, broke his collar bone against Churchill and took most of the season to get back into form again. He is an extremely competent and constructive scrum-half who will be an asset to the side next year.

Paolo Brustolon - 8th Man/Flank- Matabeleland Schools XV. A brilliant ball-player with tremendous potential.

Aaron Chitereka - Wing - Matabeleland Schools XV: An U/16 player who is an excellent cover defender, and who is elusive on the attack. An asset to the school's XV next year.

Jorge Correia - Prop - A hard man to contend with on the field of play. Unfortunately suffered a severe spinal injury against Prince Edward.

Stephen Jones - Prop - A burly player who never fully gave of his best. Emigrated to South Africa halfway through the season.

Wayne Dakers - Prop - An U/16 player who more than held his own in the front row. His talent and determination will certainly show up next year.

David Sutherland-Mcleod - Lock - Undoubtedly the smallest lock Milton has ever had! However, he certainly gave his best and more than made up for his lack of size.

Adrian Probert - Flank/8th Man - A robust U/16 player who is a player to watch in the future. However, he tends to play the man and not the ball on occasion.

John Dunn - flank/Wing - A speedy boy who was always a danger, particularly on the flank. Unfortunately he was dogged by a knee injury for most of the season, and finally broke his collar bone against Chaplin after a magnificent try.

Roderick Young - Flank - A talented boy who lacked consistency. He has good potential.

Stephen Haddon - Fly-Half- A minute U/16 player who has tremendous potential. Unfortunately he had a collar bone injury against Prince Edward.

Ian Catherall - Centre - Very elusive on attack but has defensive weaknesses which he must overcome. Certainly an exciting player for next year.

Grant Salomon - Wing/Fly-Half - A player new to the game who gave of his best. He still has a lot to learn.

Mark Jenkinson - Full-Back - Another U/16 player who has made his mark, this year. A safe dependable player who, unfortunately, cracked his skull against Prince Edward and this kept him off the field for much of the season.

Daniel Reutsche - Full-Back - An exciting player on attack.


I.A. Ferguson - Captain, Colours, Matabeleland Schools'. Many members of the team depended on Fergie for generalship. He never let them down. A superb leader, he was also a more than capable centre on both attack and defence who always applied much thought to the game.

D. Sutherland-Macleod - Vice-captain. Dackie is not the largest lock around in stature but is one of the biggest in the amount of work he got through. He gave of his best at all times.

A. Chitereka - Colours, Matabeleland Schools'. Aaron has developed into an extremely competent wing. He is now a polished player who knows when to turn defence into attack and when to clear under pressure. The first African to be awarded Milton Rugby Colours - well done!

B. Deysel - Colours, Matabeleland Schools'. Once Bren­dan's true position at fullback was established he devel­oped from strength to strength. His coming into the line was at times devastating and his defence solid and reliable.

J. Dunn - Colours, Matabeleland Schools'. A very fast­ breaking flank who put a lot of pressure on the best fly halves in the country. This constant pressure was rewarded with many tries.

A. Probert - Colours. One of the boys who has developed extremely well into a truly hard playing rugby gentle­man. A pleasure to coach. Adrian's drive in the loose, jumping in the lineouts and scrummaging was always done with great determination.

S. Venn - Colours, Matabeleland Schools'. Steven has the potential to go far in his rugby career. He developed slowly in the first part of the season but by the end had become a mature scrumhalf. He must have one of the best services in the country at schoolboy level when he is not under pressure. When he does take the blind side it is at the correct time and penetrative. His play under pressure has also developed well. He must continue to play his rugby with the attitude developed.

P. Akeroyd - Prop. The player with the biggest heart. Blob has given of his best through thick and thin. Through his sheer determination he has developed into a very worthy team member.

R. Catterall - Centre. Roy has always been dangerous on attack with his elusive running. His ball handling has improved tremendously and his defence is solid and determined. His calm determination has been a settling factor in the team.

J. Correia - Lock. A relatively small lock who has worked extremely hard at his game. At no time was Jorge giving less than a hundred percent of his best. He has developed from an excitable boy to a mature, hard-driving forward.

W. Dakers - Prop. Due to an injury early on it was not until late in the season that Jock showed his true capability. He is a very good scrummager and can be extremely mobile.

S. Haddon - Flyhalf. A broken leg kept Steve from playing the whole season. He is a small, wiry, hard player who tackled extremely well. On attack he seemed to be able to squeeze through gaps where no gaps existed.

G. Johnson - Hooker. A stocky, robust hooker who improved throughout the season, his loose play being the strong point of his game. His hooking improved steadily, with the best performance at Plumtree. Should do well next year.

S. McTiernan - Prop. An ideal build for a prop. Sean is a very good. His loose play tended to be rather slow and there is room for improvement here. With the correct attitude this boy has the ability to go far.

N. Rix - Flank. A flank who was always on the lookout for work and work he did. Not always the first to the break down but a lot of constructive work was done when he got there.

R. Watson - Flyhalf. The "baby" of the side who came in when Haddon was injured. At certain times when receiving poor ball he was a bit overawed. He need not have been as he has a very safe pair of hands and a more than adequate kick with both feet. With more confidence he should do well.


W. Dakers - Captain, also Captain of the Matabeleland XV, member of the Zimbabwe Schools XV, awarded School Colours. An excellent tight head prop whose rugby skills are such that he could well play fly half as well. His loose and open play is very constructive.

R. Watson - Vice-Captain; Matabeleland XV, Zimbabwe, Schools XV, awarded School Colours. Fly half possesses an excellent pair of hands, kicks well with both feet and is prepared to put in a lot of hard work when not in possession of the ball.

A. Abel - Flank Matabeleland XV, Zimbabwe Schools XV awarded School Colours. Switched from 8th man to flank and went from strength to strength. A very strong runner, particularly unstoppable near the opposition try line. It is not surprising that he was the top try scorer in the side.

B. Box - Lock Forward, one of the youngsters in the side, shows considerable promise for the future.

A. Chitereka - Wing, Matabeleland XV, re-awarded School Colours. A good all-round rugby player whose cover defence is excellent. Top points scorer.

B. Dawson - Flank, awarded School Colours and received the Andersen Trophy for the most improved player in the 1st XV. He does everything a flank should do - a very good prospect for the future.

B. Deysel - Fullback, Matabeleland XV, re-awarded School Colours. He never quite rose to his brilliance of the previous season but still a formidable player.

S. Haddon - Centre, has the ability to cut the opposing three-quarter line but tends to go too far.

A Mackintosh - Lock, Matabeleland XV, Zimbabwe Schools, awarded School Colours. A fine line out jumper and one of the fastest men on the field.

K. Mafungise – Wing, hard runner, deadly tackler and beginning to look for work.

S. McTiernan - Loose head prop, a good scrum manager.

R. Pattison - Centre, Matabeleland XV, awarded School Colours. A sound centre without being spectacular, outstanding defender.

N. Peel - Utility three-quarter, has played wing, centre and fullback. A strong runner and fearless tackler.

D. Victorious - Scrum half. The baby of the side (actually still U15) who was fortunately well shielded by the strong pack. He shows plenty of rugby ability and is a good prospect for the future.

N. Rix - Flank, awarded School Colours. An injury prevented him from playing for part of the season. A 'hungry' flank who always showed a fearless determination to win or maintain possession.

R. Williams - 8th man. hard working and a fierce tackler.

R. Young - Locker, Matabeleland XV, Zimbabwe Schools, awarded School Colours.

R. Young - Locker, Matabeleland XV, Zimbabwe Schools. awarded School Colours. A much improved player whose relentless determination made him a valued member of the team.


W Mills (Prop) - Will is an excellent scrum mugger and acquitted himself very well, but tends to be lazy on occasions. He is a solid player who provided the much needed weight for the tight five.

A Simon (Hooker) - Promoted from the seconds Anton always played a hard game and never gave up. Noted for taking tightheads from the National Hooker. An aggressive player.

K Zondo (Prop) - Although Keith made the Matabeleland side he was unable to play due to a neck injury. He is a hard solid player who moves remarkably quickly for a prop.

P Sinclair (Prop, Flank) - Paul played prop at the beginning of the season then moved to flank. He is a good worker and player.

S Boncey (Lock) - Received the cup for the most improved player. Whenever there was trouble one would find Stuart and throughout the season he held his position and at times made brilliant breaks with the ball.

G Skinner (Lock) - In one year Gary moved from the Third Team to the First Team and was always determined to score tries and win games. He teams up well with Boncey as lock.

B Ray (Pack Leader) - Dog, the man with all the heart and a never ending supply of guts was an inspiration to the team. There was not a game where he did not give of his best. Due to his height he was moved from hooker to flank.

B. Beattie (Flank) - An aggressive forward who is always ball hungry and was subsequently the teams' top scorer.

A Dube (Flank) - The baby of the side who tended to be hesitant at times due to the lack of experience. Alex will be a player to watch in the future.

H Nguruve (No 8) - Honeywell's giant like appearance enabled him to shine both in scrums and lineouts. He is a mad worker on the field but during practice tends to be lazy.

D Morgan (Scrum Half) - Although unusually big for a Scrum Half he is very agile, to add to this Dave is a quick thinker and possesses a good service.

S Williams (Fly Half) - Steven in his first season as fly half tended to be a bit slow off the mark but is a good thinker and kicker.

D Pistorius (Scrum Half, Centre) - Dion, the vice Captain of the team, moved from scrum half to centre to provide much needed penetration. Any opposition player with the ball was brutally felled by him. Dion's left foot was also put to good use in touch kicks.

B Choto (Centre) - Bethel is an exciting player on attack and is a good tackler. His main fault is that he tends to panic when under pressure.

D Rusheshe (Wing) - A good tackler but lacks aggression when on attack.

Z Hawa (Wing) - Zak is undoubtedly the fastest player in the team. He was fairly new to the game and progressed a lot as the season progressed.

A Chitereka (Fullback) - Captain Chit is the oldest and most experienced player in the team. He is very elusive on attack and brilliant in defence. He is the team’s highest points scorer.


W Mills (Prop) Willy, despite his lack of height used his sturdy farmers build to provide the essential platform necessary for good scrumming. Willy also managed to get around the field a bit more, probably due to his father’s extra 'Fitness Sessions'. He was chosen to represent the Matabeleland B schools team.

A Simon (Hooker Scrum Half) Anton acquitted himself well when he was moved from hooker to scrum half and then back again to hooker. He is to be complimented on his keen attitude towards the game especially in training.

K Zondo (Prop) As this was his third season in the 1st XV Keith could always be relied upon when the going got tough. His experience was a great asset to the side. He is a powerful scrummager and also has the speed to get to the loose play where he can use his strength to set up good second phase.

S Boncey (Lock) Stuart excelled in his second phase where he won a great deal of good ball for the team, although his fitness was never up to scratch for one reason or another. Stuart's major downfall was his lack of height which was a problem in line outs. He was selected for the Matabeleland B schools team.

S Nkomo (Lock) "Josh" started playing rugby this season but despite his lack of experience and knowledge of the rules he still pulled his weight. His 6'3" frame was a great asset in the lineouts often winning us the ball. "Josh" went from strength to strength throughout the season which earned him the cup for the most improved player.

B Ray (Flank, hooker, scrum half, 8th man.) Bryan captained the side and led the team by example and dedication both in training and the game situation. He was an inspiration to his team mates. These qualities were not lost on the Matabeleland selectors who chose him to captain the B side. Although a little light Bryan, nicknamed "Dog", used his terrier-like work rate to the teams advantage. Always one of the first to the breakdown and working tirelessly when he got the ball he was a real asset to Milton.

B Beattie (Flank 8th Man) Brian was vice-captain of the side, he is an outstanding flank with a lot of experience which coupled with his powerful build and determination resulted in him being one of t he teams highest scorers for the second season in succession. Brian is also a very good tackler who often put a great deal of pressure on the opposition's line. Brian was selected for the Matabeleland A schools team.

H Nguruve (Flank) Honeywell is a very good player who used his huge build to excel I in lineouts. He is also a very powerful runner with the ball and is difficult to stop when he gets going. Although his attitude at times was questionable he still scored numerous tries, thus battling with Brian for top scorer. He was selected for the Matabeleland A schools side and later the National side.

W Querl (Hooker, scrum half) Wayne started off the season as hooker but later moved to scrumhalf where he excelled. Using his build and forward instincts to keep the ball tight around the base of the scrum he also combined well with the loose forwards, passing the ball where necessary. He is a talented player who shows great promise for the future.

D Weber (Fly half) Darren joined the team late in the second half of the season from the U 15A side. This was due to his kicking abilities since the first team had lacked a good kicker for some time. He adapted well to the pressures and this experience will have stood him in good stead for the future.

A Jani (Wing) Aaron is a very fast wing, who when he got the ball used his speed to score some exceptional tries. He is another promising player who should be watched for the future having already played for the Matabeleland A and B sides. For his achievements this year he was awarded the trophy for the most improved player.

M Sinclair (Centre) Malcolm was a regular member of the team who a always attended practices and gave of his best. He combined well with the other centre and was a hard tackler.

N Moyo (Centre, Wing) Despite his lack of size he always tried hard never missing a single practice.

R Katso (Centre, Wing) Roy is a determined little player who is not scared to tackle. He improved greatly throughout the season and should be an asset ot the side next year.

D Ruscheche (Fullback) Although De Villiers was our only experienced line player his game unfortunately seemed to have deteriorated from last season. He seems to lack confidence and his hands seem to let him down especially when he was under pressure. One hopes this is only temporary and that he will soon be back to his previous standard.


W. Mills: - Captain: William had an enjoyable season as captain and was always urging his team on, often in stormy moods after games and always causing tempers to flair. William is an accomplished loose head prop and was chosen for Matabeleland A and Zimbabwe Schools. William was a pivot point in the scrum and always led by example. He went on to play for OMs 2nd XV at the end of the season and faired well. Many thanks to him for his time and commitment.

A. Jani: - Vice Captain: Jani was a superb vice captain and led the three quarters well. He is a very good winger and centre and was a key player in the team. Jani played for Matabeleland A Schools and was a standby player for Zimbabwe schools. Jani is a quiet figure on the field, but otherwise noisy and full of commitment. Many thanks to him. Jani also played for OMs 2nd XV and proved valuable.

H. Nguruve: Honeywell played 8th man where he excelled and was a valuable asset in scrums and line outs and he always gave of his best even if sometimes late for practice. Honeywell was chosen for Matabeleland A Schools and for Zimbabwe schools. Honeywell and William have played together since Under l 5's and will continue on at OMs. Honeywell played for OMs 1st XV and proved to be well accomplished in the position he played. In the Russell cup for Matabeleland Men he won a cup.

D. Chowles: His first season as hooker, Chowles played exceedingly well and was an inspiration to all. He was chosen for Matabeleland Schools, but unfortunately broke his neck and was unable to continue playing. His dedication was an example for all and he was badly missed in the remaining games and no suitable replace­ment was found for him. Hopefully all will go well for him in the future.

F. Mukoma: Fortune is an agile player and did very well and continued to improve. Fortune played lock and equipped himself well and worked in with the team. To continue playing lock, Fortune needs more weight which he makes up for in strength and technique. Fortune was chosen for Matabeleland Schools.

M. Ndiweni: Tighthead prop. Mike improved dramatically and played a key role in the strength of the scrum. Being a farmer equipped him well for the game and proved an asset for him. He was chosen for Matabeleland Schools where he played very well. All the best to Mike in the future.

S. Sibanda: Stanford is a newcomer to the game and played lock where he kept on improving as the season went by. Stanford always worked hard and gave of his best. With a bit more experience, Stanford can go a long way.

N. Bhebhe: Flank. Nigel played a good game, lacking in speed, but always willing to work and continually giving of his best.

G. Mazithuea: Gatsha played well at flank and his commitment never failed. He lacked in speed, but always worked hard and was always in the thick of the game.

D. Dube: Dumi played scrum-half and played a very good game and was a very valuable player. He always gave clean ball from the scrums and was always ready to take on whatever came his way, even if it was bigger. Dumi was chosen for Matabeleland Schools and will undoubtedly do well in the future.

D. Weber: Darren (Dugs) played as fly-half where his kicking was invaluable even if he missed a few. He even did our coach out of a dollar when betting on a kick. Dugs was a quiet but committed player, and always gave of his best in every situation. He was also chosen for Matabele­land Schools.

M. Brand: Centre. Brand played very well having just come up from U/l 5 s and was fearless in attack and defence. He held the ball a bit long at times but was always geared for improvement and proved committed to the game.

S. Moya: Centre. Nkanyiso played centre throughout the season and worked well in the game, especially in defence. Nkanyiso was always committed and gave of his best. He is improving and passes the ball more often, that is when Brand decides to pass it. He worked well with Brand and will continue no doubt to do well.

S. Jones: Wing. Shepard played well, lacked a bit of commitment, but always played a steady game. His handling improved throughout the season and his speed was a tremendous asset. Hopefully Shepard will continue to play as he has hidden potential.

N. Khakhata: Full Back. Khakhata played full-back throughout the season and did well in defence and on attack. Khakhata has room for improvement especially in his attacking game. He has superb handling and has a few more years ahead of him to gain experience for club level.

Reserves: C. Green - Hooker, S Mubobo - Flank, Hooker, J. Evans­ Scrum Half. Mutare - Flanker. R Katso - Wing. Centre, S. Sibindi - Full back, Flyhalf.


1) MPOFU P - Josh turned out to be the find of the season, but also turned out to be a moody player who was not consistent throughout the season. Josh turned out to be very aggressive when he chose to be once he realised his own hidden strength which he had 'tactfully' concealed at the beginning of the season. Josh must learn to settle down quickly but otherwise he has a bright future in the front row.

2) MOYO D - Hamosi was voted as the most improved player of the team and he deserved this honour, which I hope he does not regard as a 'mere scutcheon' but something to be proud of. Mahosi always gave the game all he had and despite facing bigger opposition in the front row, he never gave up, and I hope that he will not give up rugby as he could be an asset to club rugby.

3) NDIWENI M - Ndiwi, Zayiregondo always gave his best and worked very hard in the front row. His presence was inevitably felt on the field throughout the season and this payed dividends as he was chosen to represent the province. Iron Mike has a bright future if he carries on playing rugby next year at club level before he goes into the tedious profession of farming.

4) NKOMO Z - Siphofu Z turned out to be a very energetic player, he was outstanding in lineouts and was always there when needed to collect clean ball and distribute it to the three quarters. Z showed dedication towards this great game and although he has room to improve, hopefully next year he will be one of the key players in the team.

5) MUTARE EM R - Bobby played a solid game and never seemed to tire as he went from one maul to another, searching like a 'wounded lion' for that inflated piece of leather. Bobby also played eighth man and proved to be an aggressive player in this position. He always gave his best performance when he played and unfortunately like most of the squad will be missed next year.

6) MOYO S - Disregarding 'visits' or Moyo's size he played a very powerful flank and always proved to be a menace to the fly halfs. S Moyo always worked hard and will undoubtedly do well in the future.

7) MAZITHULELA G - lacked aggression at times when it was most needed but nevertheless gave his best performance when he could. At times he found it hard to settle down but hopefully next season he will come back with a 'bang' and prove himself to be a determined player.

8) DUBE D - Double, Mambodlela was very brave and aggressive for his size throughout the season. This is his second season in the team and his experience is second to none. His dedication, determination and aggression combined well to ensure that he hardly, if ever, missed a tackle throughout the season. Double D will inevitably do well next season and hopefully in the years to come.

9) WEBER D - Dug's dedication to the game this season was wonderful to watch, he made breaks which proved useful and his 'PATRICKS' never let us down as his powerful boot payed dividends. Dugs proved to be a thoughtful player and always found 'touch' when the pressure was piling up on us. Dug's experience and concentration will be badly missed in the team if he choses not to return next season.

10) MUKOMA F - 'Francois' as Mr. Perigoe repeatedly called him, always gave his best. His greatest moment must have been scoring the winning Try against Plumtree. Fortune led by example covering lots of ground and always looking for an attacking opportunity. He led the team well and off the field was a fine spokesman for the team.

11) JONES S - 'Whiz-Kid' played very well in most of the games, but in order to improve he must give more dedication to the game. He was called up to the Matabele­land squad late in the season. Jones needs to settle down quickly. Otherwise he was a keen, useful player.

12) DANISA S - Njivengo proved to be a very aggressive centre and if you got through him you were lucky which was not something to be repeated. Njivengo has a pleasant character but once on the field his concentration was amazing. He combined very well with Brand and never let the team down.

13) BRAND M - "Speedy Gonzalo' always played his level best but was hampered by injuries which were worrying at times when we most needed him on the turf. Speedy showed dedication to this wonderful game and always thought positive and was never happy until he felt at home on the oppositions try line. Speedy has a great future and hopefully he will be wearing the grey jersey once again next season.

14) MOYO N - Finch proved himself to be a hard solid, tackler and seemed to be always on his 'toes' as he made tackle after tackle. Finch had a weakness with his ball handling but otherwise he had a very good season when he had the ball in his hands.

15) KHAKHATA N - Khays continued to impress like last season with his safe steady hands. Khays also proved to be a very strong dedicated player and it was sheer delight to watch him punch through the opposition. Khays should do well in the future if he comes back next season.


1) P MPOFU - Vice Captain. 'Josh' was the outstanding player of the season. He led his forwards by example and was a pivot in the scrums. His play was excellent and he accomplished himself as a head prop. He was chosen to play for Matabeleland and Zimbabwe schools.

2) J EVANS - Hooker. 'Jay' played exceedingly well and was an inspiration to the rest of the team. He excelled himself in scrums and was very quick in breakdowns. He had a 'golden boot' which got us out of many serious situations.

3) K MTUNGWAZI - 'Mqombothi' was the strongest forward in the pack and thus played a key role in the strength of the scrum. He was chosen for Matabeleland schools.

4) M NCUBE - Lock. A newcomer to the team, Melusi improved dramatically and kept on improving throughout the season. He worked well with the team and was valuable in lineouts and scrums. With a little pushing Melusi can go a long way in this game.

5) D NGWENYA - Lock. 'Donkey Lock' was an invaluable member of the team. He made up for his lack of height and weight with strength and work rate.

6) S MOYO - Flank. The saying 'dynamite comes in small packages· is an apt description for 'Vivid'. He was the smallest and fastest forward. He tackled anyone who came his way. He was chosen to play for Matabeleland Schools.

7) G MAZITHULELA - Flank. Gatsha had one of the best seasons. He excelled in lineouts, where he was very quick. His play improved dramatically. His best game was against C.B.C. when he scored one of the best tries of the season. Gatsha continues to improve and has a bright future at club level.

8) M SENGWAYO - 8th Man. Missiondown was the find of the season. A former U15 player, he blended well with the rest of the team. His play was immaculate and his tackling was second to none. With more height Missh could go far with Rugby. He also played for OM's 2nd XV.

9) D DUBE - Captain. 'Mambodlela' was undoubtedly the most experienced player in the squad, having played for the 1st XV for the last three years. He led the team well. His constant Psyching up was dreaded, but payed off when the team got onto the pitch. His weight and height were not a disadvantage to him. He was the top try scorer in the team. As Scrum half, 'Dummy Half' had an outstanding season. He was chosen to play for the Matabeleland Schools Squad.

10) F CHINIMITIRA. Although he had a weak boot China more than made up for this with his ball skills and tackling.

11) M NKALA - MD. 'Mighty Dark' was the most improved player of the season. M D made up for his lack of speed by his aggressive play.

12) S DANISA - 'Oh yes' had his second season with the side. A good tackler and the pivot of our attack. His unorthodox play was devastating at times.

13) S JANTJIE - One of the best tacklers we have had in years. His defense was second to none. He will be a force to reckon with next season.

14) S MOTSETTA - This was Sello's first season with the team. Undoubtedly our fastest runner he lacked in ball handling skills and often found himself in a lot of trouble.

15) Z NKOMO - A strong and powerful runner. During the season he developed the coolness needed for his position as Fullback.

16) P MHONDERA - Prop/Flank. Paul played a good game. He was the most aggressive forward but sometimes too aggressive, with his temper getting him into trouble and spoiling his game.

17) N NYATHI - Flank. A hard runner and tackler Nceku was unable to show his potential as he only played a few games. On the occasions he played he excelled himself with his loose play.

18) D BALOYI - 'Donald Duck' came in to replace China. He was one of our younger players. He has a 'golden boot' but lacked aggression, which I hope he develops next season.


1) Nyathi M. (Prop) Mzee one of the youngest players in the squad, but he gave of his best. A good asset for next season's team.

2) Bunu S. (Hooker) Simbarashe acquitted himself well and was hard working and a reliable hooker. Simba known as "Saba Simba" at Milton was selected for the Provincial side, and was awarded half colours.

3) Mtungwazi K. S. (Prop) He was the captain of the side. He was a powerful prop whose presence was a vital asset to the scrums. "Warlord" as he was known managed the opposition prop that every scrum was a nightmare to him (opposition prop). With more height Kevin can be a devastating prop.

4) Ncube M. (Lock) Melusi in his second season wearing the grey jersey tried his best, but should concentrate on his position in the scrums. He held onto the ball for too long. Better luck next year.

5) Sherekete P. (Lock) "Big Phil" a new comer to the school was selected for Mat schools and was awarded half colours. He received the Anderson Trophy for the most improved player in the 1st XV - he's got a good prospect for the future.

6) Old C. (Flank) started the season very well with a lot of guts but as the season progressed he seemed to wave off. Cliff should be a force to reckon with next year.

7) Nkomo Z. (Flank / Wing) one of the most experienced players in the team who was an inspiration to his team mates. "Zet" as he was known was outstanding in lineouts winning most crucial throws against the oppositions. Has a bright future if he continues playing rugby.

8) Nyathi N. (Eighthman) Nceku although too light for eigthman gave of his best. He scored tries in the forwards. With more weight and aggression "UK" has a bright future in club rugby.

9) Dube J. (Scrumhalf) was moved into the team in one of the shuffles. Jay panic's if put under a lot of pressure but with increased guts he can be a better scrumhalf.

10) Baloyi D. (Flyhalf) "Donald Duck" kicked like a duck this season. Besides kicking "D.D" lacked that killer instinct. Good luck next year, and hopefully good kicking.

11) Munyanda R. (Wing) Ronald, very fast but too light and short. With good side steps he should make a good winger. His tackling left a lot to be desired. He was chosen for the Matabeleland squad.

12) Munyanyiwa P. (Fullback/Scrumhalf/Centre) Percy was moved from fullback to centre where he equipped himself very well. Cream was a crunch tackler thus feared by many at practice sessions.

13) Jantjie S. (Centre) Sizwe and experienced player who was chosen for matland school squad. He was known as "Jack the Snake" because of his devastating DDT's. He had a good season and wish him even a better season next year.

14) Lungile (Wing) was one of the players who was affected by changes within the squad. Thus gained the name "Rusty". He was a reliable player but lacked the speed for attack.

15) Danisa S. (Fullback/Centre) Sidney the most experienced player in the side. He was feared by many he had no peers in tackling and attack. His presence was an inspiration to the team and has got a very bright future in club rugby.


1. MANDOW A (POWERHOUSE) was a new find this year and he proved to be quite an asset to the team and few props could match his power.

2. NDLOVU - small for his position but most pro­bably had the biggest heart in the team. His cover defences were of great value to the team.

3. NYATHI (MZEE) - captained the side fairly well and his power play got him into Matabeleland.

4. KACHERE - lacked aggression and was rather tame for his size. His lineout work was, however, quite impressive.

5. MUCHAKA (BROILER) - did not live up to expectations. His scrummaging was his strong point but he needs to work on his lineout work.

6. NDEBELE - as a flanker, his tackling was rather mediocre however, his support play was fairly good. He does need to control his temper at times.

7. KHUPE - Hardworking throughout, his tac­kling impeccable but his lack of weight was his let down.

8. DZIMATI - was at times too aggressive, needs to control his temper.

9. MBAMBO (RIBZ) -had one of the best passes at this level. His attack was good but at times lacked vision.

10. BALOYI (NSIZWA) - the longest serving mem­ber and his experience was a great help in tight spots. Played better under-pressure than when there was no pressure. Positional kicking was excellent.

11. MANDIKATE (S.S.) - had a lot of confidence and was the pivot of attack. He improved from last season and his speed gained us a lot of ground.

12. MUNYANDA-at this new position it took him some time to settle down. He is a small, wiry player who could square through tight sports.

13. KAYIYO - a young player and could have played better with more confidence. He has a lot of potential and should be valuable next season.

14. BAZAYA (NASH) - the fastest player on the field and easily outpaced his opponents on any day. He still needs to work more on his tackling.

15. MBANGWA - new to the position but his attack was his strong point. He lacked confidence under the high ball. He also needs to work on positioning himself.


1. Sibanda A (Pro). Big player with lots of potential. Needs to work thoroughly on his ball handling skills.

2. Ncube S. (Hooker/prop) "Crunchie". An aggressive player but tended to be too aggressive at times, which affected his game. Very unfit and lazy at times but will be missed next season.

3. Dube B. (Pro) Another big player who needs to work on his fitness to improve his game. He played a pivotal role in the front row.

4. Mpumpumi T. "Biggaz" (Lock, Flank) Rock solid in defence and by far the most powerful forward. A real work horse for the 1st XV

5. Samson N. "Sumsung" (Lock, Eight man) A consistent worker who always gave his all. Very mobile and hard working. His height and strength were an asset to the team.

6. Cadribo T. (Prop, Flank, Eight man) A very powerful and skillful player who fitted well into the team. A tireless and committed player, highly disciplined and was a pleasure to play with.

7. Ngarara A. "skele" (Lock, Flank) An energetic player who seemed to be lacking in confidence at first, but improved as the season progressed.

8. Mukondiwa N. (Captain) (Flank/ Eight man) His third year with the 1 st XV proved to be of utmost importance. His experience was very inspirational to the rest of the team. He led the team well and his style of play earned him a place Mat under 19 A Squad.

9. Moyo D. "Smart" (Scrumhalf/hooker) A very skillful and aggressive player whose service will be missed by the 1st XV next year. It was a pleasure to play with you "Smart" hope you take rugby further.

10. Mukondiwa B. "Benni" (Fly half/wing) Youngest team player who graduated from the U16 side. Hard working and committed and always gave his all. Played his season consistently but would learn to play under pressure. A bright prospect in the years to come.

11. Lynx O. "Ozzy/Yellow" (Wing, fly half, fullback) Very lethal and slippery player who was joy to watch Ozzy is skillful and with a bit more weight could go further with the sport. He, however, should guard against playing to the gallery which puts him under unnecessary pressure. He leaves a void that is going to be hard to fill the 1st XV.

12. Kandawasvika O. "Solo" (Centre/Wing/Fullback)This was his first year with the 1st XV in the three quarters and he did not disappoint. Considering his size, I feel he has the most gut in the team. Very spirited and committed. Osborne together with Lynx made the Mat. U19 "B" Squad. A player certainly to watch next season.

13. Mbanje W. "Mwamba" (Centre/Wing) (V/Capt) Very powerful player who was a real asset to the 1st XV. Mbanje scored most of the tries during the season. He teamed well with Osborn. An aggressive but very clean player, whose discipline was second to none.

14. Landa M. "Border" (Wing/Centre) The season saw him in and out of the 1st XV. A very talented player (Who perhaps does not realise this), with tremendous pace. He needs to have guts and determination if he is to play at this level.

15. Xaba D. (Fullback) Most experienced player of the team who also was very motivatived. Duma covered the back well and was a superb tackler. His discipline on the field was appalling but humorous, such that he will be dearly missed next season.

Also played for the 1st XV; T. Ndlovu, J. Chisvo, P. Volo, L. Dube -Bongo, A. Dube.


1. Ian 'Monyai' Jamela. A powerhouse in the team whose strength was a great asset to the team. A Matabeleland 'A' player who also played for O.M's first team.

2. Aubrey 'Fuqumz' Dube. A fair player who has improved as the season pro­gressed. Needs to improve his hooking to be a competi­tive player. He played for Matland 'B' .

3. Tapera 'Gandi' Mushoriwa. An aggressive scrummager who always won valuable ball possession. Shall be hard to replace.

4. Kanyangu 'Samsung' Sansole. A disciplined player whose height and strength were great assets to the team. 'Samsimos' type of play got him into the Matland 'A' team.

5. Mpume 'Durawall' Hlabangana. A determined player who beside this being his first year with 1st XV showed a lot of guts and courage but tended to be too aggressive at times.

6. Anthony 'Skele' Ngarava. An athletic player with tremendous pace who lacked in aggression. Another player in the Matland 'B' side.

7. Teboho 'Shad' Cadribo. A hard worker who gave his all throughout the season. Shad made the Matland 'B' team.

8. Norman 'The Gonyet' Mukondiwa. An experienced player who played consistently through­out the season. This being his fourth year shall solely be missed. Captained the Matabeleland 'A' team and also played for O.M.'s first team.

9. Osmond 'Khakhi' Lynx. A skillful and entertaining player also on his fourth year, a great loss, and the void shall be difficult to fill. Also for Matabeleland A and O.M.'s first team.

10. Bernard 'Benni-Tee' Mukondiwa. A cool and collected player who stood his ground all the time. This year's most improved player.

11. Osborne 'Weekend' Kandawasvika. An energetic player with a big heart. His speed earned him a place in Matabeleland 'B' Team.

12. Gerald 'Monty' Sibanda. Youngest player in the team whose discipline was second to none. This year’s promising player.

13. Nigel 'Gonzo' Moyo. A young and aggressive player with great enthusiasm. Should however show more positive attitude.

14. Wesley 'Weed' Mbanje. A player par excellence. Incredible flair and pulsating pace. Words can't express this wonderful player. Matabeleland 'A' and O.M's first team honours.

15. Charles 'Sisters' Wadawu. A player with good vision and helped stabilize the team. He also earned Matabeleland colours.

Also played for the first XV

16. L. Dube - an incredible player with vast talent.

17. M. Ndiweni - determined and promising player