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2000 - Contribution of articles and memories

Tony Eliot
Brisbane, Australia
30 Dec 2000

Hi all I am an Old Miltonian of the 1962 class. Have lost my blazer badge and am looking for a spare one or a pic of one or even a pic of the school emblem - if you can help I would appreciate it. Thanks, Tony Eliot.

Joao Santos
Lisbon / Portugal
14 Dec 2000

Attended 1971 / 1976. Chancellor house. Played 1st team soccer and basketball. This is a great site let's keep it going. Message for Joao Machado: I have made contact with Carlos Ventura. Message for Joe Martins: I promise I will send you a message soon. (remember the old Rhodesians are still meeting every 5th Oct )

David Shulman
Miami, FL, USA
11 Dec 2000

Hello friends. I attended Milton from 1971 - 1974. My older brother Tony attended at various times, as did my late father Neville.

10 Dec 2000


Trevor Palmer
durban rsa
10 Dec 2000

Hi chaps, really great to see so many guys alive

Pat Moody
Bracknell Berkshire, England
03 Dec 2000

Just seen a message from Roy Chassay in the Common Room. Roy, one of the names you have mentioned was George Dando who happens to be married to my cousin. George is farming in Nymandlovu on his fathers (Laurie Dando's - also an old Miltonian) farm. I was hoping to see them this year for Christmas, but it is unfortunately looking unlikely. I will be able to relay a message to George if you would like. Some of you may remember George's Brothers Mike and Ray. Mike was tragically murdered back in 1983 during the unrest in Matebeleland at that time. Ray is a practicing veterinary surgeon in Bullies. Laurie Dando died a few years after Mike's death.
Miles Robertson is elder brother to one of my class mates, Kim. I last saw Kim in Harare about 5 years ago in a Hi Fi shop at the Sam Levy centre in Borrowdale. I understand they are still living in Harare.
Some other sad news was passed onto me recently. I understand that Rob Teasdale, who was another class mate of mine, died of a heart attack just several weeks ago. Rob was General Manager of Golden Valley Mine and must have been approximately 40 years old. I am sure all of us who remember him have fond memories of his lively spirit and entertaining personality. Deepest sympathy to close family and friends from all Old Miltonians.

George Archibald
South Africa
19 Nov 2000

Hello eveyone I am getting in a bit early but would like to wish all fellow Old Miltonians and their families a very Merry Christmas and a rich and prosperous New Year. Hopefully in the New Year we can get some more Old Miltonians joining to bring back the good old days. Today I am going to see Gerald Coleman for lunch and will be chatting about good Old Milton. Two weeks ago we had a tongue wag for two hours and definately was not long enough. Last week was in Johannesburg for the Rhodesian Dinner with John Edmond and family singing and they have just brought out a new album - if you know the stories behind the songs it makes the songs so much more interesting. Let us hope he brings another book out about his songs.
Have not had a chance to speak to Neville Parken but his son Terrance got a Silver medal for South Africa - Well done Terrance we all had great joy in our hearts watching you.
Have just received a number to contact Howard Atkinson - hope to get hold of him soon - he is living in Richards Bay. Will chat soon - Take Care over the festive season.
Hey Gavin Brown chat to us man!!

Sean Roderick
10 Oct 2000

Hey Frik, I think that was Pettican (Buster), not Pellican.

Frik Verster
02 Oct 2000

It's been good to hear the name after all these years! Mike, read your comment on Daniel Rilley - whatever happened to him? You certainly do bring back memories - where are all my mates??? Until now I have only managed to get into contact with Mick and Rodders - where is Spunky, my best friend - Chris Yates, van Niekerk (I still have the black spot tattooed on my hand after he jabbed an ink pen into the back of my hand) that was after he had thrown a dart into Pellicans??? back in biology.

Norm Tatz
17 Sep 2000

I am researching the Tatz name and found in your 1969 class list, an entry for N.L.Tatz. Anyone with information or mailing address?

Mike Ross
Perth, Western Australia
11 Sep 2000

At Milton 1965 -1969, 1970 at 6th Form College. Would anyone know how to get in touch with the PhyEd teacher of the period. There were 2 of them, one was a weightlifter? and the other was knightbridge or something like that. I would really like to make contact with him. I now teach computing to high school kids in the government schools here. By the way what ever happened to big Mac and little Mac (started 1965 & 1966).
regards Mike Ross

Howie Parker
Sydney, Australia
05 Sep 2000

Hi Roy, I went to Milton from 1963 -69, hell of a long time ago. I remember you well, along with some of the teachers names mentioned in the other notes. I am now living in Sydney along with a few others. Rory Mckenzie is living in Kalgoolie. Mark Knight in Brisbane and the others who knows. Send us an e mail and we can catch up on some news.

Roy Chassay
Sydney Oz
21 Aug 2000

Started at Milton in 1965, class 1a1. Left in '68 to go to 6th form college. Nevertheless I had brilliant memories. I am interested to find out what has become of the following class mates: Brian Knight, Billy Green, Adrian Monck-Mason, Miles Robertson, Helmut Neujahr, Alastair Glynn-Jones, George Dando, Syd Versveld, Alastair Davis, John Masterson, Kevin Koekemoer, Miles Saxby, Andrew Cowell and Richard Brenton-Coward. I'm amazed I can still remember these names after all these years!! If any of you see this, please give me a shout.

João Henrique Machado
17 Aug 2000

Fellow Miltonians,
A deep silence has swept over our Common Room, no-one subscribes the tiniest piece of news, events, etc. Are we all living such dull and uneventful lives that dampens our interest in our school buddies? Is Mick Higgins's effort to set and run this site not worthy of our attention and collboration? From my part I restrain myself from writing every day but what about all you other buggers that don't bug to write?? Let's shake this place up a bit!!! I'm in Brazil and eager to learn more about my friends scattered all over this tiny lump in the universe!!!

Mick Higgins
26 Jul 2000

Hi Roy Abbott - I was in the first form at Charter House when you were in the fourth form. I remember pushing soap !! Cross country-very early in the morning ! Homework in the prep room! I used to do the last post and reveille-remember practicing up the Hambley fields !! Used to fag for McNeillie. Do you remember Daniel Rilley-he used to run away from school very often-he nearly always made it to his home in Vic Falls !! I also remember weeding Taffy's lawn-more than once ! What about those mouth watering meals in the dining room - I can taste them now...

Roy Abbott
Durban, South Africa
26 Jul 2000

Hi, Does anyone know the where abouts of either Harry Hayden-Payne or frank Alexander, those two were as thick as thieves in the night. they were in Pioneer house and I was in Charter for the latter part of 1977.

Munashe Mbereketo Sithole
Harare, Zimbabwe
26 Jul 2000

There from 1986 - 1989.

André Nel
South Africa
18 Jul 2000

I was a boarder at Charter House from 1976 (Form 2) to mid 1978 (Form 4). Still remember how we as new boarders had to go to the Senior Locker Rooms for our initiation and had to push soap etc. Mick you are doing a great job of this site. How about starting up something on both Charter House and Pioneer House. I am trying to get hold of Deon Barnard (Tick). Anyone trying to get hold of Johan or Pieter Kritzinger, please let me know at either or Where does Mr.Thomas(Taffy) and Mr. Walker(Baldy) now find themselves?

Dennis Bartlett
Cape Town
30 Jun 2000

Humble Greetings! ;-) Attended '74 - '79 - yes, I remember Steve McKenna, and no! I don't expect to be remembered overtly! Tho' tis strange indeed to end up in the same city! I actually live in Wellington, and work in CT - mad, I know! Anyhow, Louis mentioned David Kibel, & Willy Loxton - David Kibel is a practising psychiatrist here in CT, and is actually the head honcho at Valkenburg, a local asylum, - Stuart (Loxton) was in my year, along with Kagan, Andrew Teasdale, Per Karlsen, ?? Catterall, Ian Anderson, David Stone, Trevor Whales, Brett Turnbull, John Glassbrook, Gary Mills, - er... I left school early '79, trained as a Meat Inspector (of all things - my dad arranged the job), got paid extra all thru the army (Intaf!!!), then got out of that Jan 1981, and promptly moved to Jhb, trained as a programmer. Worked in Joeys for 15yrs, then a year in England, and returned to SA, only this time in Cape Town - been here since 1996. Anyone remember Sally White's Riding School? Maths lessons with Mr Andrews? Lunches in that big dining room - with that Latin gobbledygook prayer rattled off first? anyone remember my ma arriving with bright purple hair (1974?)...

Alex (Sandy) Fraser-Kirk
Sydney, Australia
28 Jun 2000

Memories memories memories. Names have come flooding back - Clive Cooke rings a bell - were you friends with Nigel French?? I was at Milton from 71-73 - Ma Gelman - English - Mr Everett - Physics Miss Havanga - Afriks. I remember clearly a Biology excursion to Matopas (?)with biology teacher - name now forgotten - with girls school. Rob Kerr Piet Ellis - a girl called Janice?! My wife Sally and I are now in Sydney - been in Oz for 12 years - landed in Cairns and loved it - stayed for 10 years. Two kids - Grant - third year medico at Qld Uni and Kristy - just finishing school. I work for Qantas in their weight and balance department - working out fuel loads and payloads for all departures between Darwin and Melbourne. How I don't know - never was much good as physics!!! Anyone who remembers me drop me a line - other names Doug Fitz-Gerald, Jack Scmulian , Ray ?, The brain hurts with the effort!!! Look forward to catching up guys...... History - Debbie Wagner - with the short skirts!!!!!

Tom Waugh
27 Jun 2000

I was at Milton from 72 - 76. Classmates included. Frank Alexander, Gary Jenkins, Steven Atkinson (Chops), Graham De Milita, Roy Abbott, Harry Hayden-Payne, Gry Gow and other whose names will no doubt return a soon as I've finished this message! :o) Teachers I remember are Miss Havenga for Afrikaans, Johnnie Walker for woodwork, Mr Thomas (Taffy) for Geography, Mr Dry (Drippy), Gracie (The Cat), Mr Ward (Coco Puff), for English, Mr Bing history, Mr Ormowe. My memories are mostly of the teachers, some of whom had a particularly sadistic streak and of some of the prefects (Dingles) . What a bunch of rejects. But all in all, It's nice to see a page on my old school. I still have my blazer badge. I also heard recently that Dry had died last year.

Richard Nash
21 Jun 2000

Knock, Knock......... Please Sir......... Can I come in?
Well my first trip to the common room - gosh, its awful quiet in here!! Has anyone heard - There's an election about to happen. If any-one else wants to get excited about it try the following sites:
If anyone wants a copy of Morgan T's speech over the weekend let me know - its pretty stirring stuff and worth a read. I went to his talk over here a few weeks back and he certainly says all the right things - including "Come Home - Your country needs You"!
Remember - an elephant never forgets Hahle Gahle RN.

Joe Martins
14 Jun 2000

I was at Milton between 72 and 77. Now live in UK, in the town that gave rugby its name, or so the story goes.

Harold Bodmer
Cambridge UK
06 May 2000

At Milton from 1967 to 1972, now living in Cambridge.Dorothy Sibson, Physics Teacher who ran the sixth form for many years passed away 17th April 2000 in Byo.She was 83.

Peter Williams
South Africa
01 May 2000

Miltonian 1963-1965.

Colin Telfer
Los Angeles CA USA
26 Apr 2000

How come we've seen so few comments in the Common Room this month. It seems that the word about this web site is not getting out to all the old boys. Or are the "old boys" just too old to be web-wise. Come on guys, spread the word. Perhaps those that have internet access have been fully consumed watching the events in Zim unfold. What a dreadful situation! Are there any OM's being mentioned in the news? Does anyone know where Martin Olds went to school. Since the troubles started I have decided to try to help those trapped there to get out. There is not much one can do from afar but I know my employer is trying to recruit hundreds of accountants in many parts of the US. So if any of you know of Zim CA's or experienced financial people who would consider moving to US, please give them my e-mail address.

Clive Cooke
Brisbane Australia
23 Apr 2000

I was in Canberra in March and put a call through to Simon Pelling. He can be contacted on He tells me Dave Dry is in Tasmania and I think a medico? I also managed to see a good school friend from Form 2A2 days in 1968. Chris Ellison has gone on to be a Federal cabinet minister and Senator for Western Australia. He was born in Bulawayo so there are some interesting stories as to where we all landed up!! Anyone is welcome to look also at my web site which has been revamped.

João Henrique Machado
16 Apr 2000

Hi Gavin Brown,
I too was at Milton High 71-74, same class as Max Kreztmer and many other unforgetable types (hehehe). Max is listed on the OM's whereabouts, somewhere in this site, but I'm afraid he might only respond to a first message, I know, I tried to contact him many times but he won't reply. I'm interested in finding other fellow Miltonians, like Les Finnis, Carlos Ventura, Darrel Lazarus...know any of them???

Gavin Brown
South Africa
15 Apr 2000

Lost touch. Keen to hear from anyone who knows the whereabout or existance of Richard Bawden / Max Kretzmer / Rusty Russell & Pete Kalshoven all of vintage 1970 -74.

Pat Moody
Bracknell, Berkshire UK
12 Apr 2000

Milton 1973 - 1978. Worked at CSC Bulawayo 1980-1984. Bulawayo Tech 1981 and 1982, Tinto Industries 1995-1997. Had the pleasure of been taught by Mr R.K. Gracie for Engineering Mathematics at college. Quite a different person in this role, actually enjoyed his classes! I've been living in the UK for 13 years now with my wife Phyllis (née Graham - Raffingora) we were married in 1986 in Raffs and have produced 2 kids, Sarah (8) and Thomas (6) - two little POMS! We get back to Zim as often as we can. Still regard it as home! Have recently met up with Rob McGann over here in the UK and have enjoyed a few beers together. Would like to regain contact with the 5B2 class from 1977, especially Jannie Steenkamp, Andy Gerling, Glen Taute. Still maintain contact with Barry Anderson here in the UK, one of my seniors!
I have been involved in CAD in one way or another for about 14 years and have my own company - get in the plugs when you can!
Derek McIntyre, I remember you, you were obviously blessed with more brains than me, being in the A stream! I think I was at Waterford with you for a short while before moving on to Moray. What were you doing in Botswana and what are you up to now?
Great to see this site on the internet - keep up the good work. I shall try to get hold of some more material for you when my brother Tim comes over here in May.

Kingsley Brian
Port Elizabeth South Africa
05 Apr 2000

Attended Milton from 1958-1963.

Clive Cooke
Brisbane Australia
21 Mar 2000

I have just returned from Canberra where my term as National Chairman of the ASABC ended. (see I was delighted to meet a good friend from Milton days that I last saw in 1968 and said goodbye to in Borrow Street! He has gone on to be a Senator and cabinet minister. Chris Ellison was born in Bulawayo and it is pleasing to see an OM achieve highly. He is well thought of which is unusual in politics. I also phoned Simon Pelling who lives in Canberra and has a PHD. He said David Dry was a doctor in Tasmania! The internet is still in its infancy with these sites but more needs to be done on a human level to add names and pass on the url.

João Henrique Machado
15 Feb 2000

Hi there Andrew Pelling... and I thought that only I remembered mad prof Wrigley !!!! I "caught" the madman during '73 and '74 and distinctly remember (among many other happenings!!!) him filling the bsliding blackboards with ballistics, geometry, trignometry and other fancy stuff to explain the class how man hhad reached the moon. To us it was a distraction from the boring maths class !!! Boy that year we all nearly failed to pass maths!!!! But most clearly to my mind was Wrigley riding to school on his bike, trousers clipped, while Mrs Wrigley drove to school on their dark green Bentley...Did you ever catch that scene in the early morning????Hahahahah.. By the way, whatever happened to Mr Craig (History) and Mr Crawley (Geography teacher who dated that sweet thing Afrikaans teacher...whatsaname????. Another by the way...don't you think that Old Miltonians are selfish and seldom write to the site??? I suppose that we all have had wonderful enriched lives, with many stories to exchange. Could it be that we are all so shy about leaving Rhodesia that we hesitate to contact old friends, even though we know where they are, via the www??? What's your view on this??? Do you have the same feeling??? I mean, now we have our own website (thanks to Mick Higgins solely) yet we do not swap experiences on what I regard as the happiest years of my school life. Could we not start some sort of campaign to get these buggers to write, write, write??? Take Max Kreztmer for instance... and I hope the bummer reads this.... I spent nearly two years on the www searching for him, Darrel Lazarus, Les Finnis and others...So I find the guy...make contact...he remembers a few details, even includes Drippy Dry in my memories (sorry Dry, I had completely forgotten you. Your staff photo of 1976 really helped bring back some memories)and then....completely disappears !!!! Mad, Mad, Mad, Max!!! So long Andrew Pelling, keep in touch and shall we start that campaign???? João Henrique.

Andrew Pelling
Perth, Australia
15 Feb 2000

Hi to any who remember me. Boarder at Pioneer House from 1968-1971, then graduated to day-ski. Completed A level in 1972. Have fond memories of distracting 6th form Maths lessons with the 'mad prof' Mr. Wrigley.

John Posselt
Brisbane Australia
13 Feb 2000

Milton from 1956 to 1961, boarded in Charter House as I hailed from the Republic of Enkeldoorn. Migrated to Australia in 1970 with my wife, Helen. We have four children (three girls and a boy) all now grown. We are now in the grand parent age group - don't laugh, it will be your turn tomorrow !

Bryan Simon
Brisbane, Australia
09 Feb 2000

After leaving Milton (1956-1961) I attended UCRN (now University of Zimbabwe) to do a B.Sc. (Botany, Zoology). Then I worked at the National Herbarium in Harare (1965-1974) following which I migrated with my wife Pam (ex QE) to Brisbane to a position at the Queensland Herbarium. We have 5 children, three boys studying or working at IT, a daughter just commencing OT and another daughter in second year high school. I have very happy memories of Milton, and have the school mags 1956-1962. I can get scanned images from this era onto this site, if there is interest out there. Are there any plans for a school reunion, as there have been recently for PE, Churchill and Townsend? I would be intersted to know where all my school colleagues are in the year 2000.

Derick McIntyre
Northampton, UK
07 Feb 2000

DayBorder (Chancellor House) 1973 - 1980. Would like to hear from anyone in my classes or anyone from the Waterford area. I've been in mud-island for 2 years and was in Gabs, Botswana for 5 years prior to that. Would also like to hear from OM's in either of those 2 locations.

Kevin MacIntosh
Washington DC, USA
06 Feb 2000

Attended Milton from 1973 to 1975 inclusive before going on to Rhodes University. Graduated and went back to Harare for 12 years, and finally left to come to USA. Hello to all who might remeber me...the bagpiper ! at Variety Shows

Clive Cooke
Brisbane Australia
31 Jan 2000

Started in Form 2A2 in 68 & finished in 72 with A Levels. Where is my Geography teacher Elkington I had for 5 years??! Remembered Ma Sibbie! I believe she is still in Byo. Visited the school grounds in July 97. Chris Ellison who was in my class now a Senator in WA. Mark Knight here in Brissie. Chris Macmillan, a very bright guy who was a friend sadly passed away in Byo some 5 yrs ago. It would be great to see this site grow so we need to all promote its existence!

Richard Johnston
Gaborone, Botswana
19 Jan 2000

"Tubby" Reynolds lectured at TTC in the late seventies early eighties. Then taught at Falcon for a number of years. Last I heard he is running a safari camp near Wankie somewhere.

Jim Cram
Ladysmith, BC, Canada
12 Jan 2000

I taught at Milton from 70-75. I taught science/chemistry and coached basketball/basball. I was also head of Fairbridge House, remember many great times. I am coming to Zimbabwe for a visit in August 2000 and would like to hear from any former students or teachers. My son Pat is teaching in Zambia at the present time and visited Milton in August 99. I have the emails of a number of teachers who have left Africa. What ever happened to Mr. Loxton, Dry, Gracie, Reynolds, Thomas, Epple.

George Archibald
South Africa
02 Jan 2000

Hi Josa,
If my memory banks serve me correctly you were in Charter House for a while. You use to play soccer with Gus Alexander from Pioneer. If you are the same person than I remember you had a fight with a Nigel Auld in the senior change room one afternoon. Wasn’t Bossie spelt Bossy? His first name was Alf. Other people that you may recall. Brian Coghill (living in Gillitts Durban), Gerald Coleman (living in Toti Durban), Neville Parkin (living in Durban North), Jed Robinson (living in Bulawayo), Willie Herbst (living in Johannesburg), Les Finnes (living somewhere in SA), Pete Strydom (living in Bulawayo), Malcom Hertz last seen in Bulawayo about three years ago. Chuck Coventry (living in Bulawayo), Leon Blom (living in Wankie), Nigel Boad (living in Bulawayo), Glen Pretorius do not know where is now. Athol Anderson deceased car accident. Anthony Trivitt (sic) and Adrian Vosloo (do not know where they live).

George Archibald
South Africa
01 Jan 2000

Border at Charter House 1970 - 1974. Housemaster 1970 onwards was Todd. Longest lasting Master at that time. Alex (Johnney Walker, Baldy) was in charge of backstage for the Milton plays. Pioneer House was in charge of the lighting. Other masters that come to mind was Mr French and Mr Bentley. Would like to hear from others Charter guys.