Milton High School

Selborne Avenue, Bulawayo

Reunion - 2017 from in and around Perth

2017 on 26 November - Perth

Reunion held in Perth following the recent event in Johannesburg. A great turnout with old miltonians and partners from the 40's though to the 80's.
Included three head boys Charles Lennegan 1968, Paul Cutler 1980 and Adrian Abel 1984, and possibly the second oldest Miltonian of todays era, Rob Shand who was at Milton 1944 to 1949.
Rob represented Milton at Athletics which he continued at UCT, represented Rhodesia in 1953 and held the Rhodesian mile record of 4m19.6s for a short time in 1954. He continued running in Australia completing 7 marathons - best 2h52m07s and 2h56m0s, both in 1979 (age 47), as well as other distances. In later years Rob converted to the pentathlon winning the Australian Masters title in the Men’s 70-74 age group in 2003. He also holds the West Australian Masters Javelin records for the men’s 70-74,75-79 and 80-84 age groups.

A short poem written by the prolific poet Derek Fenton on our outing


Old Miltonians gather by the Swan.
The Matsheumhlope it is not.
No modern, trendy names, just John and Ron.
Old Miltonians gather by the Swan,
handshakes and the best of friends later on.
A real Bulawayo day, nice and hot
as Miltonians gather by the Swan,
quitting themselves like men, no matter what.
You can rest assured they’ll be back next year,
wives, good friends, skof and hobos of beer!

 Derek Fenton and Ron Exelby 1958 - 1964 (Students who later became teachers)              Rob Mutch, Ron Exelby, Jane Cutler (Eddington) Rob Shand and insert Derek Fenton

 Terry Neel, Dale Wilcox, Rod Moss, Adrian Monck-Mason                                                  Derek Fenton 58-64 and Geoff Martin 61-66

 Mike Einhorn, Charlie Lennegan, John 'JT' Thompson, Gus Lawson                                     Rob Mutch, George Banks, Neil Potter, Jane Potter, Ron Exelby

 Rob Shand, ?, Craig Hardman                                                                                                  Janette Einhorn, Terry Neel, Adrian Monck-Mason, Adrian Abel

 Rob Shand, Marion Shand, Jane Cutler, Lynne Exelby, Ron Exelby, Sylvia Mutch, Rob Mutch


 Paul Cutler, Jane Cutler (Eddington), Lynn Thompson, Adrian Monck-Mason, John "JT" Thompson, Ka Hatton.

  Alphabetical Year  
  Adrian Abel 79-84 Rob Shand 44-49  
  George Banks 67-72 Ron Exelby 58-64  
  Greg Blatch 78-81 Derek Fenton 60-65  
  Paul Cutler 75-80 Terry Neel 61-64  
  Jane Cutler (nee Eddington) 79-82 Geoff Martin 61-66  
  Mike Einhorn 66-72 Rod Moss 62-67  
  Janette Einhorn (nee Harvey) 71-72 Rob Mutch 63-67  
  Ron Exelby 58-64 Charles Lennegan 63-68  
  Derek Fenton 60-65 Dale Wilcox 63-68  
  Craig Hardman 79-82 Adrian Monck-Mason 65-71  
  Pete Hatton 72-78 Mike Einhorn 66-72  
  Gus Lawson 67-72 George Banks 67-72  
  Charles Lennegan 63-68 Gus Lawson 67-72  
  Geoff Martin 61-66 John Thomson 69-74  
  Adrian Monck-Mason 65-71 Neil Potter 70-72  
  Rod Moss 62-67 Janette Einhorn (nee Harvey) 71-72  
  Rob Mutch 63-67 Pete Hatton 72-78  
  Terry Neel 61-64 Paul Cutler 75-80  
  Neil Potter 70-72 Barry Watson 78-84  
  Rob Shand 44-49 Jane Cutler (nee Eddington) 79-82  
  John Thomson 69-74 Craig Hardman 79-82  
  Barry Watson 78-84 Adrian Abel 79-84  
  Dale Wilcox 63-68 Greg Blatch 78-81