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Tony Orwin
October 18, 2015

Subject: Help with tracing an Old Miltonian

For some time now, I have been attempting to help an (Old) Family friend (Diane Bonakis) find details of her now long dead father – Basil Demetrius Bonakis. He was a WWII Mosquito Pilot and died in action over Germany in 1945 and she has very little information on him.

I have however found out that he was the son of an Isadore Bonakis – who owned a Garage in Broken Hill – and ad an Uncle (Isadore’s Brother “Nico” – who died in Bulawayo in the early 1950’s.
Basil was born in March 1917 and lived with his parents in and around Broken Hill – and I am now informed attended Milton School – until returning to the UK during the late 1930’s when he joined the Army in 1942 – before transferring to the Royal Air Force.

I was surprised there for to see that he was not on the Role of Honour (as shown on the web site) – but I’d be MOST grateful if you could assist me in obtaining ANY information on Basil and his time at Milton.

Kindest regards


Dave Wright


For all those who remember Mr. Wright from Pioneer etc, now of Tasmania who on and off in recent years has both helped build and taught at an independant high school in Francistown. He has written a book if anyone may be interested called Footpaths of Africa Never Run Straight. In this memoir Cross-Cultural Journey fresh light is shed on one of the great challenges of our times: finding ways for different cultures to live together amicably and productively. In this example, Western and African mindsets are contrasted. The argument is that without real reciprocity in the varied ways of responding to the world, beneficial relationships are unlikely to be established. This Cross-Cultural Journey follows the life of the author, a white child born of missionary parents, who was raised and schooled on Zimbabwe’s unique earth, breathed its distinctive air, and had ultimately little option but to emigrate. For him, the once grand notions of extending empire, bringing light to a dark continent and spreading the kingdom of God are no longer applicable. The sad reality is how often aid to the developing world has as much alienated as alleviated. Readers are invited to walk the meandering footpaths of Africa, to glean novel and rich insights and to find former notions of how best to build sound relationships strongly challenged.

Footpaths of Africa

Footpaths of Africa Never Run Straight


Milton Address scheduled for 24 July 2015 @ Milton High School.

This year our great school celebrates its 105
th birthday

13:45 - Visitors & Guests all seated.
13:55 - National Anthem
14:05 - School Hymn
14:07 - Welcome: Headmaster
14:22 - Head boy's speech
14:32 - Milton Old Boys speech: Mlondolozi Ndlovu
14:43 - SDC Speech
14:55 - Headmasters speech: Mr W Ncube
15:23 - Guest of Honour: Mr. Zwelibanzi Ndlovu
15:38 - Toast & cake cutting
15:40 - Vote of Thanks: Mrs Nyangari
16:10 - Teas on the Green


Graham Andrews
2nd June 2015

I was unsure as to how to send a blog to the common room website from the OM's web page so here it is.

I was aware of the passing on of Alan Woldemar in December 2014 but just wanted to add a few more snippets if I may. Sam, as we all called him, was captain of the highly successful Milton 1st XV rugby teams of 1962 and 1963. I was a member of the 1962 team when we took great pleasure of beating PE on their own Jubilee ground for the first time since the early 50's. We were in the lead 18 - 8 at one stage but the PE boys staged a come back to 18 - 17 after they had just missed the conversion of a try. Boy were we relieved. Sam, as captain and fly half, would not allow the deterioration any longer and broke from about the 25 yard line to score far out. That was the end of the game, 21 - 17. I attach a signed copy of the programme of the day.

A number of us went on to Natal University, Durban and there played U20 rugby and 1st team rugby. In 1965 the Natal 'Varsity 1st team included five Old Miltonians Sam Woldemar, Basil Steyn, John Anderson, Lou Corbi and Graham Andrews.

Rest in peace old buddy.

Graham Andrews
Maidenhead UK


Thomas Bushby
11th February, 2015

I was at Milton 1947-51. Fond memories but everybody I knew has passed on. My turn soon


Harriet Freel

th February, 2014


Milton High School Form 5B2

I was wondering if you might be able to help me – I did not attend Milton High however my father did David Freel (1976) – Sadly he passed away when I was 6 which is over 20 years now. I don't have the fortune of asking my grandparents either as sadly they also passed a long time ago, (I don't want to make this a sad email) so I thought maybe it would be a good idea to search around on the internet for old photos etc and I came across the High School it’s amazing to think some 30 years on there are still pictures that can be found. Anyway my email was more to see if anyone could tell me what he was like at School – I can see he did some sport – Was he good etc.
I just hope someone might be able to tell me. Thank you for taking the time to read my email.

Kindest Regards,
Harriet Freel

Richard Randall

Cape Town, South Africa
27th January, 2015

I was only at Milton for 2 terms in 1969, border in Charter House. Wrote ‘O’ &’M’ level in the same year, fairly tough!

Thanks and best regards,
Richard Randall.

20th January 2015

Does anyone know when the "morgan" sign was put on the arch of the boarders dining hall?


th January 2015

I'm sad to advise that Mrs. Vivian Bodmer - well-respected and dedicated history teacher for many years at Townsend, Milton and TTC died aged 96 on Christmas morning in Wymondham, near Norwich. There will doubtless be many readers who knew or were taught by her. Sincere condolences to her children Barbara, Eve, Penny and Harold. She was a generous, sincere and kind lady and courageous to the end.


Death Notice/Condolences

It is with such a sorrow to announce the very sudden and unexpected death of Alan on 9th December 2014 in Perth, Western Australia.

Frances and Joe Krige

Frome, UK
3rd January 2015

Greetings to all OMs. I was really sad to learn of the passing of Brian Barbour. I saw him make 100 runs before lunch on the first day of a Currie cup game against Natal 1972/3 with Big Vince Van Der Bijl bowling at him. He fielded brilliantly on the boundary in the same match. I remember his 48.3 second 400m at Callies at the Inter Schools. To go under 50 seconds as a part time athlete was rear. Like us, he lived on Chelmsford road. I used to ride to Hillside school in 1970 and 71. He would be heading off to Milton on his Honda 50 cc motor bike at about 7:15. I saw him as a sporting role model as a 12 year old….. The photo of him with ball in hand was the
1969 side captained by Malcolm Shannon. Well done for sending that in Rick Bull… such a great photo for the archives. it builds up this fantastic website.

To the rest of our deceased brothers, especially Adrian Suskin who was a friend of my brother Simon, please accept our sincere condolences.

Simon Eugene, Joe and Neil


Maq Manzini
2nd January 2015

Old Magazines
I am an Old Miltonian having been there 1990 - 1995 and I have been looking for magazines or pics from this period. I would really appreciate particularly 1993 - 95. Thanks.

Maq Manzini


1st January 2015

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, peaceful and safe festive season and a great 2015. Come on all “old miltonians”, how about some news, now in our 115th year. We miss your e-mails.

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