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Bulawayo lunch reunions

"If you are in or around Bulawayo wanted to let you know there are often informal lunch gatherings of oldmiltonians (Milton Old Boys and Girls) wanted to suggest that if you contact Ioakeem Kehayias at his email he can let you know when and where they will be meeting next, would be great for any old miltonians to stop by and catch up"

Ioakeem Kehayias <>

Susan Hubert. 28 September 2017

Jane Edington Cutler, a former colleague at Milton Hogh donated 4 Facts for Maths books to Milton School. I (Susan Hubert) handed them over to the Head of Matematics, Mr Tangawamira (left) and the Headmaster, Mr Ncube on her behalf. These books will be given to the second set to prepare for their exams.

Thank you Jane for this very generous gesture. Mr Tangawamira and Mr Ncube were overjoyed to receive the books, as will the boys who will be using the, I have no doubt.


 2017 postings from Facebook Photgraphic Society

 Rugby notice and art department

 Some old documents found on web, 1945 letter re vacinations, a postage stamp issed n Rhodesia and old postcards from 1911


John Pugh
Mon, Apr 24, 2017 1:39 am

Here are the photos you are looking for. The one on the right is of me rehearsing to be parade commander at Inkomo Training Centre for the Ceremonial March Past where the salute was taken by Lord Malvern (rather nerve wracking because the troops were behind me and I could not see what they were doing!). A consequence of winning the sword was being offered a place at Sandhurst Military College - but instead I decided to take a Commerce degree at UCT and become an accountant - I must have been nuts!

The following is a quote from the 1956 Miltonian magazine; “Cadet 2/Lt J.S. Pugh is to be congratulated onon winning the Sword of Honour, the highest honour to be awarded to a cadet”.

Best wishes

 1956_cadets_john_pugh_rehearsingfile:///C:/Users/AdrianMM/Documents/My Web Sites/oldmiltonians/commonroom_images/1956_cadets_sword_of_honour_john_pugh
Article received from Colin Newton - Chronicle 1952 Cambridge Exams:
Derek French, Peter Hartley, Jackie Kerr, Colin Newton and Reg Furber

Harriet Freel
Hugh Constable
Mon, Mar 13, 2017

I was delighted to find back copies of the Miltonian on your website. Thanks very much - this brought back lots of old memories. I am writing to let you know that the link to 1970 Jubilee issue does not work. I would have tried to report this via the “Contacts” link - but that doesn’t work either!

Hoping you can get these fixed


Hugh Constable ( MHS 1968 and 1969)

Ron Exelby
Mon, Feb 27, 2017 4:18 am

Austin Ratcliffe (RIP)

Hello Fellow Miltonians

Sadly, I came across the news today that Austin Ratcliffe passed away last night (24/5 February 2017). Many of our friends will remember him from our Milton Days of 1958-1963. He spent much of his working life with Rhodesia Railways, was an Admins Member of the 'Staff and Family of Rhodesia Railways' Facebook page ( and was living in Dorchester, Dorset. He is deeply mourned by his family and many friends.

Kind regards
Ron Exelby

Harriet Freel
19th January, 2017

I wrote on your website asking for people who knew my father. I have had a lot of responses and have spoken with a lot of people. 

I am very grateful to your site for its help. I very much appreciate your help



The National Archives in Harare has most if not all the annual miltonian_image magazines dating back to June 1912. The previous limitation on copying limits have been lifted and we can now copy complete magazines.
Appealing for contributions to support the research and copying of as many of the missing ± 45 annual
miltonian_imagemagazines as possible to establish the most complete and comprehensive public record of our school history.

Records reveal the magazine appeared on an irregular basis until 1931, and annually thereafter. The digitizing National Archives fee for documents will be approximately $500 and we are seeking donations to achieve this and appeal to all Old Miltonians’ young and old to help on this project. Graham Andrews has generously offered to assist with visiting the Archives in Harare while he is on holiday from the UK so keeping cost to a minimum. A Paypal account could be set up for contributions, please send your names if willing to contribute towards this project.

The goal is to get as much copied to try and have a complete record available to everyone.


Looking for old school magazines and photos please contact