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2003 - Contribution of articles and memories

Choko Mhango
Hertfordshire UK
12 Dec 2003

Quit Ye Like Men. So good to know there are members of the greatest tribe to ever walk the face of the earth out there. Joined Milton in 1980. They used to call me half-pint in form 1 coz I was so short. ANyone heard from Brendan Dawson, Dion Pretorius, Mathew Pilbeam, Tony Armstrong, Sebastian (Zuga) Kruger, Donovan Wallet (his mom was matron at Evelyn Girls), Douglas Veremu, Dinks Mabena, Hannibal Nguruve... It was so long ago, I dont remember everyone. Next time I see my mom will try and dig up some old photos for the site. Well done Mick. Remeber oaks, Quit Ye Like Men...

Mick Higgins
07 Dec 2003

Wishing all OM's everywhere a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Haven't done much on the site over the past few months, but hope to add some more pictures soon...

Bryan Parsons
East Yorkshire, England
04 Dec 2003

Attended Milton High School from 1964 to 1969. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me from that era.
john andrews

John Aandrews
grantham, england
20 Nov 2003

Top web site - thanks for setting it up. i was at milton 66-72. i was one of those guys who just kept his head down, but many will remember my best mate, alan mawdsley. sadly alan died at the end of october 03 just after his 50th birthday - the fags got him in the end

John Smith
Stafford UK
18 Oct 2003

Thanks to whomever for the 1964 pics, it is good to see everyone. To those of you still out there who, all look a little older, I hope life has treated you well. For those no longer with us we remember you .

Noel Adams
South Africa
12 Oct 2003

I am looking for Michael Harrison if anyone has any idea where he is please contact me...

Kevin Heuer
South Africa
12 Oct 2003

Once a Miltonian always a Miltonian...

João Henrique Machado
Santos, Brazil
06 Oct 2003

Funny thing...last night I was watching National Geographic Channel and there was this documentary on the British Empire and its downfall in the 50´s and 60´s. Among the images were scenes filmed by the Rhodesia Army in contacts with terrs. What was most striking was the youth of our think that we were all one day so young and thrown into that mess at that age! Those guys were 18, 19 years old !!! I could certainly never allow that my 18 year old son face such an ordeal and probably would do anything in my power to prevent him from such a shambles...which partially explains the response my parents had in those days to get us out...War, like the song says, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing... Killing and dying did not alter the situation and now it´s even worse than it ever was.. I am sorry for those that stayed behind and believed in politician´s promises. Have a good day to you all, wherever you may be, scattered all over the world, safe and sound and breathing.

Derrick Nyathi
19 Aug 2003

Once a miltonian ALWAYS a miltonian

Stuart Warner
Port Elizabeth
03 Jul 2003

Baines till 80, Milton from 81-83, the year all my classmates fell off the planet, Are they still in space?? or has someone made it back? NOW would be a good time to make contact with Houston!!!..

Keith Lawler
London, UK
01 Jul 2003

I am really keen to meet up with old mates - Milton High School (1971-1975), Deloittes (1975-1976) and Harry Allen Golf Club. Also 2-Brigade based in Bindura - 1975. Address: 6 Grand Avenue Worthing BN11 5AN UK tel +44 1903 240986 (home) or +44 207 2133346 (work) Best wishes

Greg Bailey
East London, South Africa
07 Jun 2003

Hi all Old Miltonians. I'm trying to locate Richard Ferneyhough,a old school friend from Milton(1976 - 1980). He stayed in Hillside and his father did silk screening on T-shirts etc. Please contact me with any info if you can help

Rob Scott
Atlanta Georgia USA
06 Jun 2003

Great website - love all the old class lists. Would be interested in hearing what happened to old classmates etc. I was there from 1966 to 1972. Some biography can be found at

Richard Nash
Vancouver, Canada
09 May 2003

I believe that tragedy has overtaken Daniel Ruetsche (class of '83). In another senseless act, he has been car-jacked in Bulawayo recently, shot in the stomach and badly injured. The last I heard, he was in Jo'burg but the prognosis was bleak as several vertebra were shattered. My thoughts go out to Daniel, his girlfriend Janine and the rest of the Miltonians still in Bullies. Thanks to Nicky McNab and Gill Pattison for letting us know.

Pete Chadwick
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
08 May 2003

For those who may not have heard, Russel "Sparky" Everett passed away on 1 May (I think), after a short illness. Condolence messages can be sent to his wife Gill at

13 Apr 2003

I have been teaching at Millton High School from 1983 to 1987, and I have been the duty master at Pioneer House and Charter House. I would like to get in contact with the colleagues and the ex-pupils. Hope to hear from you soon.

Richard Rodd
Durban, South Africa
11 Apr 2003

Just found this site - good to know others also remember the old school. I was there from 56-61. Graduated at Rhodes before returming to Rhodesia to teach (Gifford and Northlea). Then moved to RSA and taught for a while. Changed career and now Computer Infrastructure Strategist for a large oil refinery in Durbs Like to hear from anyone of that period.

Les Machazire
Birmingham. AL
10 Apr 2003

Pretty good.. Like stuff like this man.

Sengamo Ndlovu
05 Apr 2003

Student from 1998 to 1993 and I spent all those years under the guidance, first of Mr Hawker (enjoyable days) in Pioneer. I then crossed over to Charter under the command of Mr Kemp...a pricipled man if I may say so. It is a pleasure to see that this page has been going on for a while and will pass the message around. I played cricket for the school team and represented Matebeleland schools Rugby in 1993. keep up the great work webmaster

Richard Lambert-Porter
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
23 Mar 2003

Hi all... I came across this web site quite by accident. I was at Milton Junior from 1962 to 1965, then Milton High from 1966 to 1972 (Pioneer House). It would be great to hear from anyone who remembers me.

David Rachman
Vancouver, Canada
15 Mar 2003

Hi all, Just found this site. Great to see that it exists. I was at Milton from 1974 to 1978, then back again in 1980 - spent 1979 as a Rotary Exchange Student in the US. I've seen a few familiar names looking back through the archives. Since then I studied electronics at UCT. Worked in that field in Pretoria and Cape Town for too many years. Have been working as a systems engineer in Vancouver, Canada since April 2000. Married with two boys of 4 and almost 2 (started late). I would like to contact John Glassbrook who was in my class. Anyone know anything about his whereabouts?

jessica banda
23 Feb 2003

I am looking for Mr Paul Manda, who was boarding master and also a senior member of staf in 1999-2000.I am now rsident in Blantyre and would urgently like to get in touch with him and Somnxie, and Zoe.

Garyth Hart
Cape Town R.S,A
23 Jan 2003

Hi All, Magic site!! Trying to contact Grant Rupping and Keith Atkinson ("A" Levels 1974) Anyone know where they are??

Brian Henry
Chattanooga Tennessee
23 Jan 2003

Well I dont claim to be an expert,but I have played the game of cricket in my younger fact I could bowl Maidens over before I even got to the sure is a confusing game..and seems to me that it is comprised by unfortunate people with severe problems...none of which should be laughed at......there is a man with a square leg, a silly mid-off.....a man with a long leg.......a rather worrying guy in to keep an eye on him!.....then there is a "Silly Mid Off!" idea what he gets up to? Then there is this poor Devil who is trying to defend himself with a lump of wood while they are trying to stone him to death with a red rock....all they want to do is knock his Balls off............Oh ......I mean his bails off the stumps........then he is out so he has to come in !!!!!! Oh Yeh! the unbelievers......I did play Cricket when I was younger.......back yard stuff....I think my best was bowling out 6 in one match.....I am thinking of tabbing out my moves and making a video or an audio tape on how it was done Should you wish an audio tape of my finest bowling techniques......please send a lot of money to me and just wait! :-)

Brian Henry
Chattanooga Tennessee
23 Jan 2003

Since I lived close to Milton (5 miles) I was destined always to be a day boy. Often I envied the fun that the borders had and the camaraderie they enjoyed. Do any of you remember those dreadful inspections we had on Friday afternoons when we played soldiers? (1958-1962) I do and I remember clearly how before the parade some friends (John Osterloh and Royston Knowles) would place our bikes over the fence at the back of the school in the Bulawayo Turf Club property ready for a fast getaway. Then we would get in our platoon and endure an inspection. It was especially nasty when those horrible little men from Brady Barracks would "help out" and assist our own Dad's army teachers, with the inspection. After the inspection and parade in the quadrangle we were dismissed to either map reading, weapon training or firing range. At that point with our names safely marked as "present" we repeatedly, Friday after Friday headed for our bikes and split. We always had our civies to change into, and for the rest of the afternoon, we were far away from military matters and able to amuse ourselves. We did this for years and never once got caught. One of the many good things about Milton was that one was given the opportunity to beat the system. While I loved cricket, I couldn't stand rugger. My friends and I had a similar plan for compulsory Saturday afternoon attendance at rugby games. After we had our names ticked off by the prefects, we had a similar escape route which let us spend our saturday free time as we wanted. These activities gave us good practice especially when we had to leave Rhodesia, and become illegal aliens in other countries such as the USA until we could get the correct papers. Yes, fellow Miltonians we have much to be grateful for. Milton did prepare us for what was at that time the unforseen. Do any of you former borders have some stories to share.

John Fynaut
London, UK
22 Jan 2003

I thought I'd mention as another site to view old names from Milton. I am listed for Baines, Northlea and Milton. It's another useful place to contact old friends.

John Fynaut
22 Jan 2003

I would like to hear news from Roy Slater if possible, although names like Yates and Allsopp are familiar. It would be great if people still surviving in Bulawayo could do mini newsletters about what's happening. N.B. I am no longer

Derek Allsopp
Cardiff, Wales, UK
21 Jan 2003

Great to find this site! I was a pupil at Milton from 72 to 75. Fond memories even though I was never a model student. Drippies cane met my backside on more than one occasion as did Mr Forbes' large board compass! Havn't got a great memory for names, been too many places since the good ol' days, but anyone who might remember me, my older brother Stephen or my younger brother Graham, who also attended Milton and both now live in Wales, please drop me a line.

Gus Lawson
Perth, Western Australia
20 Jan 2003

Please note correction to e-mail address

Brian Henry
Chattanooga Tennessee
20 Jan 2003

Recently I overheard a dear British gentleman trying to explain the game of cricket to a baseball fan. It went something like this!! Cricket ia a game where you have 2 sides - one out in the field and the other in, off the field . Each man in the side that is in, goes out, and when he is out, comes in, and the next man goes out until he is out, then he comes in. When the side that is in, goes out, they go in to get the others which are in , out. Sometimes you get men still in, but not out, but they are out. They go in when the side goes out, to be put in, but not out. When both sides have been in and out, even those that are not out, but also not in, that is the end of the game. :-)

Gus Lawson
Perth, Australia
17 Jan 2003

I am trying to find out the where abouts of Peter Hill 67- 72. Lived in Wankie and boarded at Charter House. Went South I think. Can anyone help

Joe Martins
Rugby/ England
09 Jan 2003

Hi Dennis Bartlett I was looking through last year's postings and read yours asking for the whereabouts of Per Karlsen. I assume this is Per Otto Kalsen, there can only be one that went to Milton, I guess. He lives in in Cape Town. Saw him recently when I was there on holiday. He owns his own electronic business, called Peralex. No prizes for guessing where part of the name comes from.

Mick Higgins
07 Jan 2003

A Happy New Year to you all  ....