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OM's Association (OM's Sports Club)

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Drawing of OM's clubhouse in planning stage

News: 1922 Inaugural meeting, 1932, 1933, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1939, 1940, 1944; 1945; 1947; 1952; 1953; 1954; 1955; 1957; 1959; 1962; 1964; 1965; 1968; 1969; 1970; 1971; 1972; 1973; 1978;

an attempt was made to form an Old Boys' Club, but unfortunately the scheme fell through.

In January, 1922, a small meeting was held consisting of Messrs. I. MacGillivray, A. Brewer and E. Raubenheimer.
The result of this meeting was that circulars were sent to all Old Boys possible, calling a meeting to be held
 down at the School on the 23rd February.


The inaugural meeting of this society was held on February 23rd, 1922. A Committee was elected.

President: Mr. E. B. de Beer
Secretary: Mr. E. Raubenheimer
Treasurer: Mr. A. R. Williams
Committee: Messrs. T. Lewis, W. Melville, L. Playford

The subscription was to be one guinea a year.

At the first committee meeting held in March, 1922, it was decided that the colours of the Association should be the same as those of the school. The magazine of June, 1922, describes the blazer: "The form of the blazer was decided as follows: one inch plumbago and one and a half inch navy stripes running perpendicularly, with two silver buttons and no vent."

The FIRST meeting of Old Boys was held on Thursday night, 23rd February at 8.15 p.m. in Std. V Classroom;
Mr. E. B. de Beer (Headmaster) was in the chair and there were 42 Old Boys present. The following Officers were elected:

President: The Headmaster, E. B. de Beer, Esq.
Secretary: Mr. E. Raubenheimer
Treasurer: Mr. A. R. Williams
Executive Committee: The President, Secretary, Treasurer and Messrs. T. Lewis, W. Melville, L. Playford.

The COLOURS, blazer, cap, badge was decided by the Executive Committee. The Association's colours were to remain the same as the School's colours. The form of the blazer was decided as follows: one inch plumbago and one and a half inches navy, the stripes running perpendicularly with two silver buttons and no vent.

The cap was to be made out of the same material, the widths being the same as on the blazer, but with the stripes running in circles. The shape of the badge was to be the same as the School's 1st XV badge and a border of plumbago, with monogram O.M.A. in silver in the centre of the shield.

It was agreed at a Committee Meeting held on the 23rd March, that the Association should erect a Memorial to all Old Boys who fell in the Great War. The Chairman informed the meeting that the new School Hall would soon be
commenced and that this would be an ideal place to erect the memorial (1922).

NOVEMBER, 1922. It was hoped to hold a Statutory Meeting in November, in order to make arrangements for the FIRST Old Boys' Re-Union Dinner which took place in the first week in December. While the Association's funds were so low, it was hoped therefore, that all Old Boys would pay their subscriptions without delay. (The Subscription was £1 1s. 0d. although Mr. L. Playford had asked that the Subs. should be £5 5s. 0d.).

NOVEMBER, 1923. The Re-Union Dinner of the Association was held at the Palace Hotel on the 31st August with 40 members present. At a General Meeting held on 5th November, it was decided to place a bronze tablet in the Beit Hall in memory of Fallen Comrades.

MARCH, 1926. The Association continued to forge ahead and it was pleasant to see that new members displayed an active part in the working of the Association.

President: The Headmaster, Col. J. B. Brady.
Secretary/Treasurer: Mr. F. Barbour.
Committee: Messrs. A. B. Campbell, A. Ross, E. Barbour, B. Carnegie.

At the FOURTH Annual Dinner there were over 70 members present. The Guests of the evening were Mr. Alan Cobham, The Mayor (Cir. H. R. Barbour), Mr. A. R. Welsh, Major Gordon, Mr. C. Perry and Mr. K. Edmonstone.

The Old Miltonians' Association, after the 1939-45 War, considered it necessary to establish their own Sports Grounds and Club House. Originally the ground west of the Parkview Sports Club was bought and levelled but it was decided to accept the offer of the Bulawayo Agricultural Society and use their arena for practices and the old Kennel Club as Headquarters until the present Showground's Club House was completed.


President: Mr. H. G. LIVINGSTON.
Vice-Presidents: Col. J. B. Brady, D.S.O., Messrs. Ian MacGillivray, C. J. Edgecombe, D. Macdonald.
Chairman: Mr. A. D. Campbell.
Vice-Chairman: Mr. F. Barbour.
Secretary: Mr. D. S. Dickman.
Assistant Secretary: Mr. Bryan Burgess.
Treasurer: Mr. E. Scott-Russell.
Members of Committee: Messrs. B. Geldenhuys, B. Baron, K. O. Goldhawk, A. M. Ferry.
Hon. Auditor: Mr. G. S. MacKenzie.

Chairman: Mr. J. W. G. Baggott.
Vice-Chairman: Mr. A. R W. Stumbles.
Secretary: Mr. L. Skok.
Treasurer: Mr. W. J. Philpott-Craven.
Committee Members: Messrs. Clark, Penman, Buckley, Anton, and Edwards.

Looking back over the past year, it cannot be felt that the Association's progress, if slow, has been none the less sure. Our numbers have swelled, our rugby teams have had a successful season, and our swimming club has come into being, the Salisbury Branch is thriving, and individual Old Boys have brought honour to the School in many walks of life. But though much has been accomplished an enormous amount remains to be done.

The School has celebrated its coming-of-age: as the Chairman remarked at the Annual Dinner, "now we have come to man's estate we should look for a job." There are many jobs waiting for the Association. The Mayor at the Annual Dinner gave a pointer to only one sphere of public usefulness open to Old Boys. There are others. Among the objects of the Association is the one of helping fellow Old Boys, the Scholars, and the School.

The time is anticipated when there wilt exist an Old Boys organisation to assist fellow O.M.'s and Scholars leaving school to find employment. That time should not be far distant. Even supposing that the projected organisation is not an immediate possibility the other aims of the Association are always awaiting development if not fulfilment. "To help the scholars and the school" : the staff are always glad to see Old Boys at the school; and a personal contact with present Miltonians can do a lot of good for both the boys and the Old Boys. By the Old Boys the School shines or fades. This fact has received recognition by our legislators in that …………………………………………..


President: Mr. H. G. LIVINGSTON.
Vice-Presidents: Col. J. B. Brady, D.S.O. Messrs. Ian MacGillivray, C. J. Edgecombe, J. A. Robinson.
Chairman: Mr. D. S. Dickman.
Secretary: Mr. B. R. Burgess.
Treasurer: Mr. G. S. MacKenzie.
Members of Committee: Messrs. C. W. Perry, A. M. Perry, D. M. Ross, B. Goldstein.
Hon, Auditor: Mr. E. Scott-Russell.

Chairman: Mr. J. W. G. Baggott.
Vice-Chairman: Mr. H. H. Penman.
Hon. Secretary: Mr. R. C. Anton.
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. W. J. Craven.
Members of Committee: Mr. A. H. W. Stumbles, J. Ogilvie, H. L. Edwards, H. A. Clark and L. Skok.

The last year has been a critical one for the world and though the prophets sung of a dawning of prosperity, we are not yet out of the darkness. It would be no less than fair to say that the Old Boys Association has during the year experienced much of the gloom which has hung over most efforts and institution. It has suffered, perhaps, in its, vitality, for it has still at its first steps and has no long years of tradition lo carry it over by force of its momentum into better things.

It has suffered, but it has not gone under. W e can express nothing but admiration for those of the Old Boys' Executive who have carried on in spite of the facts of a depleted revenue and other obstacles to win new laurels for the Association; in the worlds of sport and social functions which it serves. No less can we admire that small band who strove to preserve during the greater part of the year the flicker of life they had created in the “Interest Circle.'' It has been held against them that they were too ambitious: or with the words heard, alas, only too often at our meetings, that “the time" was not yet ripe for such a venture. “We think however, that in this, as in all things, there is pioneering to be done, and that a useful purpose has been served if they have orientated even a few to think sometimes of serious things. We bid them remember that the seeds of things are small enough. Often …….


President: Mr. H. G. LIVINGSTON
Vice-Presidents: Colonel J. B. Brady, D.S.O., M. A.; Messrs. C. J. Edgecombe, D. Campbell, H. H. Penman
Chairman: Mr. Ben Baron
Secretary: Mr. W. E. C. Atherstone
Treasurer: Mr. G. S. McKenzie
Committee: Messrs. N. Campbell, H. P. de Bene, A. M. Perry, C. W. Perry, and P. B. Fletcher
Hon. Auditor: Mr. E. R. Scott-Russell
Representative on the School Council: Mr. N. M. Campbell

Chairman: A. R W. Stumbles
Vice-Chairman: Mr. J. G. W. Baggott
Secretary and Treasurer: Mr. R. W. Petheram.
Assistant Secretary: Mr. W. J. Craven
Committee: Messrs. H. H. Penman, F. C. Wisdom, H. L. Edwards. B. Clarke. C. Dennison and J. Beaton
Representative on the Central Committee: Mr. A. Schattil

Chairman: Mr. J. Margolis
Vice-Chairman: Mr. V. Hepker
Secretary and Treasurer: Mr. T. H. N. Sheffield
Committee: Messrs. C. A. Rutherford, E. Baron, M. J. Barnes, A. Meadows and S. Gruber

Annual General Meeting
The Fourteenth Annual General Meeting was held at the Palace Hotel on 11th February, 1935, and was well attended. Mr. Livingston took the chair.

The secretary, in his report, drew attention to the considerable increase in membership during the past year from 34 at the end of 1933 to the remarkable figure of 95 at the close of 1934.

Although he considered this increase had been largely influenced by the reduction in the annual subscription at the beginning of 1934,
he felt that Old Boys generally were taking a greater interest in the activities of the Association, and that there was every prospect that these numbers would be still further augmented in the coming year.


President: Mr. H. G. LIVINGSTON.
Vice-President: Colonel J. B. Brady, D.S.O., M. A.; Messrs. C. J. Edgecombe, D. Campbell, A. R. W. Stumbles
Chairman: Mr. Ben Baron
Vice- Chairman: Mr. B. Fletcher
Secretary: Mr. W. E. C. Atherstone
Treasurer: Mr. C. L. Dickinson
Committee: Messrs. N. M. Campbell, H. P. de Bene, C. W. Perry and A. Underwood.
Representative on the School Council: Messrs. N. M. Campbell
Hon. Auditor: Mr. E. R. Scott-Russell

Chairman: Mr. J. G. W. Baggott
Vice-Chairman: B. Clarke
Secretary and Treasurer: Mr. F. G. Davies.
Committee: Messrs. F. C. Wisdom, R. W. Petheram, H. L. Edwards, W. J. Craven, H. H. Penman, A. R W. Stumbles and C. Dennison.
Representative on the Central Committee: Mr. A. Schattil.

Chairman: M. J. Margolis
Vice-Chairman: Mr. L. Hochstein.
Secretary and Treasurer: Mr. T. Sheffield.
Assistant Secretary: Mr. A. Gruber
Committee: Messrs. C. A. Rutherford, M. J. Barnes, R. A. G. Stupart and H. Wolfe.

Annual General Meeting

The Fifteenth Annual General Meeting was held at the Palace Hotel on 18th February, 1936, in the presence of some twenty members. Mr. Livingston was in the chair.

An important matter brought up for discussion was a proposal put forward by Mr. G. A. McKenzie. The past treasurer, that the annual subscription of country members be increased from 2s, 6d. to 5s.. He pointed out that the country member, were supplied with a magazine, which costs 2s. and postage was paid thereon 2d. This left a margin of 4d. per country member to conduct the business of the association which he thought inadequate. The meeting …………….


President: Mr. H. G. LIVINGSTON.
Vice-President: Colonel J. B. Brady, D.S.O., M. A.; Messrs. C. J. Edgecombe, D. Campbell, Mr. Clarke (Chairman of Salisbury Branch)
Chairman: Mr. C. W. Perry.
Vice- Chairman: H. P. de Bene
Secretary: Mr. G. E. H. Green
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. C. L. Dickinson
Committee: Messrs. N. M. Campbell
Representative on the School Council: Messrs. N. M. Campbell
Hon. Auditor: Mr. E. R. Scott-Russell

Chairman: Mr. Clarke
Vice-Chairman: Mr. Craven
Secretary and Treasurer: Mr. F. G. Davies.
Committee: Messrs. Fenman, Stumbles, Petheram, Edwards, Pichanick and Grimmer.
Representative on the Central Committee: Mr. A. Schattil.

Chairman: J. Margolis
Vice-Chairman: V. Hepker
Secretary and Treasurer: T. N. Sheffield.
Assistant Secretary: A. Ruda.
Committee: Messrs. H. Wolfe, M. Barnes, R. A. G. Stupart

"So much to do. So little done” were the last words uttered by Cecil Rhodes, the founder of Rhodesia, and I think it was with these words in mind that the Committee set about their duties this last year.

The new Committee were full of hopes and very optimistic about increasing our membership and also about bringing together a large crowd of Old Boys at the I functions held during the year.

The Old Boys have responded very well indeed to our plea for subscriptions, and I think we can safely say it has been a record year.
We look to take all Old Miltonians to take an active share in the activities of the Association, and we hope that all Old Boys who are not already ……


President: Mr. H. G. Livingston.
Vice-President: Colonel J. B. Brady, D.S.O., M.P; Messrs. C. J. Edgecombe, Mr. A. D. Campbell, Mr. C. W. Perry, The Chairman of Salisbury Branch, The Chairman of Johannesburg Branch.
Chairman: Mr. J. de L. Thompson.
Vice- Chairman: Mr. A. L. Reynolds.
Hon Secretary: Mr. G. E. H. Green
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. John H. Brown
Committee: Messrs. N. M. Campbell, H. P. de Bene, Ben Baron, Dr. Phil Baron, B. Bawden.
Hon. Auditor: Mr. E. R. Scott-Russell, C.A.

ONCE again the Old Miltonian committee have taken great pains to build up a strong Old Boys' Association, but, unfortunately, before their work was done our Empire was at war with Germany and a number of our committee members were called up to go on active service. The committee this year was a good one and had it not been disturbed we were sure to have seen good results and an improvement in the Association.

In past years we were not able to make progress due mainly to the lack of interest shown by a big majority of our members and although we are proud to boast some 400 members on our books a disappointing feature has been the very small number of subscriptions which have been paid. We cannot hope to take our rightful place in the affairs of our country unless we get the support of all Old Boys.

The subscriptions were reduced a few years ago with a view to increasing our membership and we appeal to all Old Boys to give their whole-hearted support to the committee, and thus enable their Association to flourish and maintain the fine traditions of Milton School, which we should all be proud to have attended.

Most of the lads who le.ave school to-day do not come forward and interest themselves in the Association and unless they offer their assistance and give some support the Association cannot hope to flourish and maintain its good traditions, and we therefore ask all you Miltonians when you leave school to ask the Headmaster where you can communicate with the Secretary of the Old Miltonians' Association and he will be able to give you the address, and you will then be welcomed as a member of the Association.



President: Mr. H. G. Livingston.
Vice-President: Colonel J. B. Brady, D.S.O., M.P; Mr. C. J. Edgecombe, Mr. A. D. Campbell, Mr. C. W. Perry, The Chairman of Salisbury Branch, The Chairman of Johannesburg Branch.
Chairman: Mr. J. de L. Thompson.
Vice- Chairman: Mr. A. L. Reynolds.
Hon Secretary: Mr. G. E. H. Green, 80a, Borrow Street.
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. John H. Brown
Committee: Messrs. Noel Longhurst, H. P. de Bene, Ben Baron, Dr. Phil Baron, B. Bawden.
Hon. Auditor: Mr. E. R. Scott-Russell, C.A.

The news of Old Miltonians this year is to be gathered from the long list of those serving in His Majesty's Forces. We know of over 400, but there must be many more, especially from neighbouring countries, of whom we should like to hear. Please send in any missing names you notice.

We have had no annual general meeting, no dinner, no dance, this year, but the organization of the Association is being maintained, ready for after the war, by Messrs. H. P. de Bene, Ben Baron and G. E. H. Green. Our interest in the School has certainly not diminished, as can be seen from the pavilion and squash court opened there last April. About two-thirds of the cost was borne by the Old Boys' Association.

The war has certainly brought many old boys through Bulawayo, and we are glad to know that many of them have visited the School.
They are now scattered over every theatre of the war and we hope this Miltonian will trace them, and convey our warmest wishes for their welfare and success.

Since 1952 the O.M.s have used their premises as their Headquarters where rugby, cricket, hockey and tennis are played. The Club House has two billiard tables, a bar, a magnificent lounge and many other amenities.

The present Officials are as follows:
President: The Headmaster, R. A. Messiter-Tooze, Esq.
Vice-Presidents: The Mayor, Col. J. de L. Thompson, Messrs. P. Baron, R. L. Foster, L. H. Playford, J. H. Downing, I. K. MacLean, M.P.
Chairman: Mr. E. J. Painting.
Vice-Chairman: Mr. F. G. Jackson.
Secretary/ Treasurer: Mr. J. A. Robson.
Executive Committee: Messrs. R. Lange, C. R. Woods, R. Ove, A. Flowerday, M. Rosenfield, M. Davis, R. A. Suttle, W. Sprague, D. Payne, G. Walsh.
Trustees:Messrs. B. Baron, and F. G. Jackson.
Auditors: Mr. E. H. Sims.
School Council Representative: Mr. A. Flowerday.
Hon. Legal Advisor: Mr. B. Baron.


Old Miltonians Association

THE title of this section has become very inaccurate. Last year we expressed the hope that the Association would be operating again by now, in times of peace. Actually far more Miltonians are away than ever, as can be seen from the accompanying lists of over 800, so there seems little chance of the Association being revived for some time. The Mashonaland Branch has kept alive to the extent of still having a chairman and honorary secretary. They are C. Dennison, Government Metallurgical Laboratory, Union Avenue, and A, S. Davies, Accounts Branch, Education Department, who would be pleased to hear from any Old Boys living or visiting in the Salisbury district.

Meanwhile we depend largely on the local Press for our news of O.M.s. Much of it unfortunately is found in the casualty lists, to which we have had to add this year the names of twenty more who have lost their lives and of nine more who are missing.

Among these is Wing-Commander Ashley Jackson, who was killed over Stettin in January and is buried in the military cemetery there. Ashley Jackson will be remembered by many Old Boys as one of the finest head prefects the School has had. He went to Cranborne about 1933, and made the R.A.F. his career. He visited the School not very long before the war, while on leave in Rhodesia. No more fitting testimony to his character could be given than is shown in his own testimony to the greatness of others — not in his own Service. In one of his letters he said :— “The merchant seaman characterises the highest virtue in the British race — dauntless courage, devotion, singleness of purpose, humbleness. For them there is no glory, no military uniform, no proud beribboned chest to display — just old simple civilian clothes with democracy written broadly over their make-up. The British Empire owes its greatness to those simple sailormen who have learnt to master that relentless, pitiless enemy, the sea.

“A year ago I spent a few days on a destroyer which was on convoy escort duties, and I then learned to admire these magnificent merchant seamen who had to face the stormy seas the mine, the submarine and the airctaft, sometimes all at once.

"I realized then why we would never be beaten by a Continental Power, however mighty. Last year I met many who had had their ships sunk under them for the fourth time. They had no medals to prove their manliness and courage to the outside world, and were waiting for their terrible burns to heal so as to get back to sea again.”

Perhaps this determined heroism of the Merchant Navy may be matched by a story from “The Bulawayo Chronicle” of the exploits of Trevor Booth, whose brother ‘Tony’ was killed earlier in the war:— “A story which has as its highlight the great courage and endurance of an individual, but which also shows grim, close-range conditions in which fighting occurs on the Italian front and the dirty methods of the Germans, concerns a young Rhodesian with a Pretoria tank regiment of the South African Forces.

“The Rhodesian is Corporal Trevor Booth, of Selukwe, whose name recently appared in the Colony’s roll of honour as having been wounded in action in Italy. There is a Rhodesian squadron under Major F. H. Wade, of Bulawayo, with this regiment, as there is with each of other South African armoured regiments.

“Booth’s troop, in which he was a crew commander, were detailed to do a difficult job when, with the infantry of a Brigade of Guards, the Rhodesian squadron were driving against the town of Torita. The main road, being heavily mined, troops were sent off to do a flanking attack on the town to take the enemy by surprise. Booth, in the leading tank, found the route extremely rough and through difficult country, and was within 200 yards of the objective when he was forced to make a detour at a demolition.

"Booth descended from his tank to guide it, but while he was doing this the tank was damaged by an explosion right beneath it. He surmised that a charge had been set off by means of a wire by a Party of enemy nearby. The blast of the explosion broke one of Booth’s legs and badly dazed him. The clothes of one of his crew were alight as he baled out of the tank, and Booth, with amazing fortitude, stumbled to his assistance and tore off his clothes.
"A supporting tank sent a first-aid party to their assistance, but by this time the enemy, who had been covering the demolition, had rushed up to the scene, and from point—blank range opened fire on both wounded and would—be rescuers, who had just got the first—aid box opened.

"Once again Booth, equal to the occasion, pulled out his pistol and went in to action till he lapsed into semi—consciousness. From the moment when his tank was damaged and he himself injured it was forty minutes before the supporting tanks cleared out the enemy and could rescue the wounded".

Of the seven Old Miltonians whose names have been added this year to the list of those decorated, we have the official citations of only two. Of F/O. E. Williams, D.F.C, it stated that “this officer is a courageous, determined fighter, whose keenness to inflict loss on the enemy has always been evident. He has completed a large number of sorties during which he has attacked airfields and a variety of other targets, including rail and road transport, with good results. Among his other successes F/O. Williams has destroyed five enemy aircraft at night. His example has been worthy of the highest praise.”

And of P/O. A. C. Smythe it said that “during recent operations P/O. Smythe has attacked Berlin on three occasions and Hamburg on four. His work as captain of an aircraft has been marked by efficiency and keenness. In August, 1943, while returning from Berlin, his aircraft was driven off its course by two fighter attacks. It was forced to descend to 8,000 feet where it was engaged by searchlights and seriously damaged by anti—aircraft fire. Both gunners had been seriously wounded, but the aircraft was flown safely to its base. This officer has invariably displayed a high degree of courage and devotion to duty."

Very popular decoration among Rhodesians who have been in the British Isles on war service is the award of the M.B.E. to J. W. G. (Tickey) Baggott, who as a member of the staff of Rhodesia House has done splendid work in helping and entertaining Rhodesians in London.

Among those who have been wounded in the past year are H. A. Macdonald, Lionel Michell, R. G. Simpson, M. Herbst, and Haydyn Roberts. The latter was wounded while serving with the paratroops in the invasion of Normandy. One O.M. has been unlucky enough to get wounded in Rhodesia that is Ben Baron, for many years a member of our committee, who was shot in the heel accidentally while serving with the local territorials.

None of us thought of K. B. Hanssen as a poet when he was at School, but while serving with the P.B.L. in the Italian campaign he was inspired to compose some verses entitled "Infantry, 1914." Here they are:—

When the weather’s too inclement for the aeroplane to fly,
When the groun’s a bit too soggy for the tank to have a try,
When everything’s too filthy for everyone but me,
They write a little paragraph about the infantry.

lf only I were jet-propelled or radio-controlled
In blazing banner headlines my story would be told,
But, as it’s only brains and guts that take me where I go
My glamour co-efficient is exceptionally low.

Now disgracefully in Norway I let the foe advance.
In Burma, too, and Africa and Crete, and Greece and France,
While others were preparing I—incompetently—dared
To venture into battle, alone and unprepared.

Before the flower of victory sprouts out of a machine
And fills the public’s nostrils with the scent of gasoline,
I hope some backroom boy will find a substitute for me,
Pre-fabricated, bipod-type, mark something, infantry.

John Harrod passed through Bulawavo recently after an adventurous career. He was taken prisoner in the Libyan campaign and is said to have made nine escapes from camp only to be recaptured each time. Later he got away during the invasion of Italy. His brother Cedric is now in command of an important seaplane base somewhere in the East. Unfortunately Barry, the third brother, was killed in action near Cassino in June of this year.

Lieut.-Colonel J. de L. Thompson, our last chairman, is probably in Greece now. For sometime he has been a British Liaison Officer to the Greek Government in Egypt. Major H. B. Dugmore has been in and out of the Balkans. He was dropped by parachute among Tito’s supporters in Yugoslavia, and came to Bulawayo on leave at the end of his mission there.

Lieut.-Colonel J. B. Brady, D.S.O., M.P., still keeps in touch with many O.M.s and is very good about letting the School know of them. He hopes to be on his way to England when this is published. Mr. H. G. Livingston has also kindly sent on information he has received of various Old Boys.

The Royal Navy has attracted a lot of Rhodesians in the last two years, and there are many Miltonians among them who visit the School when they get leave. Within this year we have seen Baker, Baird, K. Fisher, Webster, Futter, W. Ford and J. Hill, and they have reported seeing many others on their journeyings.

We hear regular news from India of Ralph Miller and Michael Croeser. The latter is now a Major and still with the Gurkhas. Quihampton wrote from Italy recently and mentioned seeing Keith Sturgess, Van Rooyen, Bruce Mayger, Golden, Brenner, Griffiths, Dennis Wood, Nesbit Robinson, Mike Hill and Roy Dando, Eric Sturgess and Archie Wilson have recently visited the School.

We much regret the death of Trevor Knoesen, who left the School recently because of bad health and who bore a long illness with patience and fortitude. Our sympathies are with his Parents and brothers.


Old Miltonians' Association
THE annual general meeting of the Association was held in the Beit Hall at the Milton Junior School on the 16th May, 1947. There was a good turn-out of members and the following were elected to the committee:

President: Mr. A. Ball.
Chairman: Mr. C. W. Perry.
Hon. Secretary: Mr. Fairlamb.
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. A. Smith.
Asst. Hon. Treas.: Mr. A. Bernic.
Members of the Committee: Mr. J. de L. Thompson, Mr. J. C. Tones, Mr. J. H. Downing, Mr. F. G. Jackson, Mr. P. Baron.

A welcome was extended to Mr. Ball, the new head of the School, who succeeded Mr. Gebbie at the beginning of the year. The question of the amendment of the constitution to enable the yearly subscription to be done away with and a life membership fee of £2.2s. substituted was accepted and later confirmed at a special general meeting.

The subject of the War Memorial was fully discussed and it was decided that two bronze plaques be erected to flank the existing memorial in the Beit Hall; also a framed photograph of the late Captain A. D. Campbell be hung in the Beit Hall, and an annual prize of £2.2s., to be known as the "A. D. Campbell Memorial Prize," be awarded to the boy who obtained the highest number of marks in English Literature in the Senior Cambridge Examination. Messrs. Issels and Son, Ltd., have been commissioned to execute the plaques and it is anticipated that they will be ready early in the New Year.

The Association owe a lot to a special committee consisting of Mr. F. G. Jackson, Mr. P. Baron and Mr. A. Smith, who have been negotiating with the Town Council for the lease of a portion of Parkvue Estate for a sports ground. An estimate has been submitted to the Council for the preparation of the ground and erection of a Club-house. As soon as the conditions of the lease have been finalised it is hoped to commence work immediately on the ground. The need for a club-house is essential to cater for the growing activities of the various sports sections of the Old Miltonians, but to enable this to be provided it will be necessary for every available old boy to join the Association and give it their full support. A personal drive by the committee has resulted in over £800 being collected, but this is far short of the target aimed at.

The past season proved a most successful one for the rugby section. The 1st League Team, ably led by Richard Foster and coached by Mr. Edgar Shaw, won the 1st League. The second team commenced the season in good style, but unfortunately did not maintain their form throughout the season. It is anticipated that when the Association has their own ground the tendency of players to slack off towards the end of the season will cease.

The following players were successful in gaining representative honours in the Inter-Town and Inter Provincial games: K. Curran, R. Foster, D. Wood, H. Taylor, E. Painting, R. Sagar, D. Bourne, C. Salomon, D. Houston and I. Baker.

In the Under 19 matches, S. Stack and M. Knight played for Matabeleland. K. Curran also gained his game for Rhodesia and toured the Union with the Currie Cup team. H. Taylor, who unfortunately was transferred to East London in July, was picked to represent Border and played for them against Rhodesia in the Currie Cup fixture.

In retrospect the 1945-46 season has been a very good one. Old Boys have been prominent in all branches of the sport. We ran out winners, once again, of the Payne Water Polo Shield, adding another year to the long period it has been in our possession. Congratulations are extended to Messrs. R. L. Foster, E. J. Painting, C. R. Davison, S. Stack (water polo), I. Frank (200 yards breast-stroke) and B. Greenshields (100 yards free style), who represented the Colony at the S.A. National Swimming Championship at Port Elizabeth. Due to an unfortunate Illness, Peter Foster was out of the water most of the season. His absence in the Rhodesian side was keenly felt. However, he is back again and will be with us in the coming season.

There is the usual cry for more members, and this opportunity is taken to urge all Old Boys and potential Old Boys to contact the Swimming Club Secretary, Mr. Spurr at the Customs Department.

The general activities of the past year go to show that the Association is getting on its feet again after the period of enforced inactivity during the war. If we continue to progress and are backed by the Interest and enthusiasm of all Old Miltonians we should be able to go ahead and build up a fine sports club that will provide all facilities for members.

For the first time the Old Miltonians entered a baseball side in the local League. W. J. A. Wilson was the prime mover in this new sphere of activities. With a membership of 14, the team, under the captaincy of "Yank" Thoroughgood, who, though not an Old Miltonian, had a big hand in the success of the team, ended the season by being runners-up in the League Championship. The new season commences with D. Houston leading the side, and it Is hoped that, with increased membership, and interest, the team will have a successful season. A silver cup has been presented by one of the Association's oldest members, but it has not yet been decided how this will be competed for.


President: Mr. J. H. Downing.
Vice-Presidents: Mr. F. G. Jackson, Mr. P. Baron, Colonel J. B. Brady and Mr. B. Baron. Chairman: Mr. G. Mackenzie.
Honorary Treasurer: Mr. F. Barbour.
Honorary Secretary: Mr. M. L. Rosenfield, Box 1114, Bulawayo.
Committee Members: Messrs. Perry, Bernie, Sturgess, Sager, Fisher, Hogan, Newton, Tipler, Love, Gordon, Foster, Painting.

Another year has passed and still the Association has no recognised home, but early in the new-year this position will be rectified when the Association begins its lease with the Bulawayo Agricultural Society with regard to the Showgrounds. At present the ground is in the process of being levelled and four fields will be ready by next year. Although at present we are unable to obtain a building permit to erect a pavilion, the Agricultural Society have kindly consented to our using one of the halls already standing in the grounds.

A considerable amount of work has been done this year by the committee and finally it seems that it will pay off handsome dividends. Various sub-committees have been formed and all members of the committee have been very keen and have given their full co-operation and support.

A problem which we hope will be overcome when we move to the show grounds is that all boys on leaving school will join the Association. For the club to function as such it is essential and a duty of Old Miltonians to join their club, otherwise with­out support we cannot hope to continue as a club. We need the support of all Old Boys more urgently now, especially as we are embarking on what must be our most ambitious scheme to date. Therefore we appeal to all members and non-members to give us their most earnest co-operation and support.

In May a very successful dinner was held at the Grand Hotel. This function was fairly well attended, 84 members being present. The evening went off extremely well and many old acquaintances were renewed. The toast to the School was proposed by Mr. T. H. W. Beadle, who, himself an Old Boy, was the guest speaker. Colonel J. de L. Thompson, in replying to Mr. J. H. Butcher's toast to the Association, stressed the fact that the Old Boys must stick together and called for closer co-operation from all members. . He then told all those present about the Association's new venture in leasing the show grounds. He mentioned that this would be a memorial to all Old Boys who lost their lives during the two wars and concluded by asking everyone present to help the new scheme by donating towards it.

As usual Old Miltonians played an active part in sport throughout the country .and this year two of our numbers were honoured by being picked to represent the .Springboks, namely, Percy Mansell and Alf Sager, and to both of them we say "well done."

Although we won no trophies and only did moderately well in the league, the two teams showed great enthusiasm and played some good attractive rugger.

Once again the 1st XV was under the able leadership of Richard Foster, who this year, as in past seasons, has contributed a great deal towards Old Boys' rugby. Under difficult training conditions the players must be congratulated on their per­formances and it is hoped that the ground position will be improved by next season.

Our thanks and appreciation are extended to Mr. "Pop" Coulson, who did a good job, under difficult conditions, in coaching the teams.

The following must be congratulated on being chosen to represent Rhodesia: Curran, Van Jaarsveldt, Bean and Painting. The two former also participated and acquitted themselves extremely well in the Springbok trials held at Newlands. Congratulations must also go to Sprague and Stack for representing Matabeleland, and to the following for representing the Matabeleland Under 19: Grill, Stinton, Hughes, Weston and Bebington.

Although having no official team, Old Miltonians played a leading part in the Colony's cricket. Our heartiest congratulations go to Percy Mansell on being chosen to represent the Springboks in England and also on being elected captain of the Rhodesian eleven. Locally, C. Harris and J. Grimmer represented Rhodesia and the following represented their province, Sprague, Curran, Moll and Madgin.

Once again we won the water polo league we have not been beaten since 1932. Under the able leadership of Stack and with such old stalwarts as Foster and Painting to support him; it came as no surprise when we won the league again. The above mentioned players all played for Rhodesia and Matabeleland, while Haikney and Allen were chosen for Matabeleland. The rest of the team was made of younger players who all acquitted themselves well, and special mention must be made of Hughes, who kept goal extremely well. We are sorry to hear that Stott, who did very well in the Currie Cup, has left Rhodesia to settle in Australia. We should hear more of this promising swimmer in the future.

Congratulations to Sager on being chosen to represent the Springboks in all four hockey Tests against the visiting British Isles team; to Houston on representing·· the Colony at baseball; to Gersohn for representing the Colony at athletics; and to, Katz for representing the Colony at tennis.

This year we saw the beginning of an Old Boys' squash and basketball club;· both teams acquitted themselves well in their respective leagues.

Amongst the volunteers who went to Malaya there were two Old Boys, namely, Lt. Morrison and R-fm. Macdonald. We wish them both a speedy and safe return.

Before concluding I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the, committee, to wish all Old Boys and their families, Miltonians and members of the, staff a very happy Xmas and a prosperous New Year.



President: Mr. J. H. Downing.
Vice-Presidents: Mr. F. G. Jackson, Mr. P. Baron and Mr. B. Baron.
Chairman: Mr. G. Mackenzie.
Honorary Assistant Secretary: Mr. M. L. Rosenfield, Box 114, Bulawayo.
Secretary-Treasurer: Mr. F. Barbour, 9 Taramal House, Bulawayo.
Committee Members: Messrs. Cowley, Gordon, Love, Foster, Painting, Harvey, Dickson, Green, Flowerday, Fairlamb, Smith and Newton.

The year 1952 will long be remembered as an outstanding year as far as Old Boys are concerned because in May of this year we acquired the use of the Show grounds, including the members' pavilion, which is now the Association's club house. A considerable amount of work has been done this year by the committee and various other Old Boys, and finally it seems that it will pay off handsome dividends. Those deserving special mention with regard to the Association finally acquiring a home are Mr. Ben Baron, Mr. Philip Baron, Mr. Frank Barbour and Mr. Jeff Mackenzie, without whose efforts a club house would not have eventuated.

We now issue a plea to all Old Boys who are not members of the Association to join immediately, as for the club to function smoothly it is essential that we increase our membership, because without support the club cannot hope to thrive and be a success. Old Boys should realise that it is an Old Miltonians' Club and con­sequently only Old Miltonians are able to join, except in the case of social membership where admission is open to all Old Boys of Rhodesian schools.

In the sporting sections you cannot expect our teams to do well if you, as an Old Boy of Milton School, Junior or Senior, do not join and give your full support and co-operation to the Association. It is a definite duty of Old Boys to be loyal to their own club first, especially if the club has just opened and is struggling to find its feet. Thus once again the committee appeals to all Old Boys to be loyal and join the Association immediately.

The club house was officially opened by Mrs. P. Baron at a buffet supper and dance held in June. Many Old Boys and friends attended and helped to make it a notable and memorable occasion. Mr. F. G. Jackson in a short speech welcomed all the Old Boys, their wives and guests and gave a brief outline of past activities of the Association. He concluded by asking Mrs. P. Baron to unveil the war memorial and thus declare the club open.

The Annual Dinner was held on the 1st August in the club house and was a great success. Between 100-110 Old Miltonians attended and as can be expected at such an event many old acquaintances were renewed. The Toast to the School was proposed by Mr. C. J. Edgecombe, who is a past headmaster of the Junior School, and thus well remembered by many Old Boys. Mr. J. H. Downing, Headmaster of the School, replied to the toast, and in the course of his speech pointed out that Milton had a record to be proud of, especially as many Old Boys had gained public recognition for their services to the country. Brigadier J. G. Deedes, who is a member of the Bulawayo Agricultural Society, proposed the toast to the Association, which was suitably replied to by Mr. G. Mackenzie, who proved himself to be an apt after dinner speaker. Amongst the guests were i:Mr. J. A. Clark, who as secretary of the Bulawayo Agricultural Society, has come into contact a great deal with our com­mittee and without his assistance we would not have been able to reach our final goal, namely, that of obtaining a home for Old Miltonians. Lt.-Col. J. R. Webb, who is well known as a member of the School Council, and representatives from various other Old Boys' Associations also attended.

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Colonel John Banks Brady, who was a former Headmaster of Milton School. The late Colonel Brady became Headmaster in 1929 and although retiring shortly afterwards to embark on a political career, he always took a great interest in the affairs of the school. With his death a great loss will be felt by both Milton School and the Old Miltonians' Association, but his influence will be felt long amongst Old Boys.

We also regret to announce the death of Bryan Leonard (Bingo) Burton, as a result of an accident. Our sincere sympathy goes to his parents and relatives in tl1eir great loss.

Once again Old Miltonians played an active part in sport throughout the country and this year two of our numbers were honoured by being picked to represent the Springboks, namely Percy Mansell, who is to tour Australia with the cricket team, and Alf Sager, who has been chosen to captain the hockey team on their tour of Kenya, and to them we offer our congratulations.

The 1952 season was a very bad season for O.M.'s rugger, because during the season the 1st XV only managed to win three matches, and the 2nd and 3rd XV's also figured in low positions in the final log. But, nevertheless, the teams showed great enthusiasm and at times played good rugby. The club was unfortunate in having so many injuries, at one stage Van Jaarsveldt, Bean, Bebington, Suttle, Lerman and Stack were unable to play through injuries. Consequently 2nd XV players were playing first league and thus weakening the other teams.

Although having a field with posts up to train on, attendances were not good and dropped very considerably towards the end of the season. To those few stalwarts who turned out regularly this must have been very disappointing and to them we say let us hope you get the support you deserve next year.

Richard Foster was once again captain of the 1st XV and as usual he put everything into his job. He was ably supported by Des van Jaarsveldt as vice-captain. Eric Johns was captain of the 2nd XV.

The following must be congratulated on representing Rhodesia: Hughes, van Jaarsveldt and Chalmers. Congratulations must also go to Sprague, Painting and Stack for representing Matabeleland; Macdonald, Northern Rhodesia; Curran, Manicaland, and Shute, Midlands. The club was also represented in the Matabeleland Under 19 team by Bebington, Hill, Packenham, Sager and Allen.

Although at present 0.M.'s rugby seems to be in the doldrums, let it be remem­bered that ours was the youngest 1st XV in the league and with a wealth of talent in the other teams, the O.M.'s could be well to the fore next season. There are a great many O.M.'s in town who are able to play rugger but who do not; to them we say please make every effort to join the club early next season, and to those too old to play, come along and give us your support at Hartsfield.

Finally, our thanks and appreciation to Mr. "Pop" Coulson who coached the teams, and to Mr. Dave Baron for giving us P.T. before the season started.

By beating Crusaders by 5 goals to 3, the water polo team won the Payne Shield for the fifteenth time since 1932 and have thus had the shield in their posses­sion since 1932, since league polo was suspended for the five war years. The team was selected en bloc to represent Matabeleland and five players gained the honour of being selected to represent Rhodesia in the Currie Cup tournament.

Congratulations to Foster, Stack, Suttle, Haikney and Hughes on representing Rhodesia and the above-mentioned players, plus Painting and van Jaarsveldt, on representing Matabeleland.
Other O.M.'s chosen for their province were Dave Wood, Midlands; Roy Killick, Northern Rhodesia; Rex Killick, Mashonaland; also Ken McFarlane chosen to repre­sent Rhodesia in the diving.

The Rhodesian team acquitted themselves well at the championship and Stack, Hughes and Killick were picked for the Olympic polo trials, but unfortunately none featured in the final team.

Baseball: Congratulations to these Old Boys on representing their provinces: A. Hutchins, Ross-Bradley, D. Houston and E. Bean; all the above also represented Rhodesia. In a local paper, Ross-Bradley was described as one of the outstanding pitchers at the tournament.

Cricket: Once again Percy Mansell proved to be our most outstanding cricketer and was rewarded for his very remarkable success with both bat and ball in the Currie Cup by being chosen to represent South Africa on their tour of Australia and New Zealand. Well done, Percy, and the best of luck for a successful tour.

Cecil Harris was once again the Rhodesian keeper and he also did well on tour and must have come very near to selection for the Australian tour. Nearer home, Curran was again chosen for Manicaland, while locally many Old Boys featured prominently in the various leagues.

It is hoped that now we have a ground that we will be able to field an Old Miltonian team in the coming season.

Tennis: Congratulations to Katz on being chosen to represent Rhodesia against the Australians, also on his fine showing in overseas tournaments, particularly on qualifying for Wimbledon proper. Ault was also picked for Matabeleland in their inter-provincial matches. A great deal should be heard about these two fine promis­ing young players in the future.

Hockey: Although not being able to field their own team, O.M.'s have done extremely well this year. It is hoped, and with a bit more encouragement and support from Old Boys, that they will be able to field a team next season. Sager (captain) and James represented Rhodesia, and Sager was elected captain of the South African team to tour Kenya, while James is a non-travelling reserve. Congratulations to these players also: Scher, Harris and Smith in representing their_ various provinces at the inter-provincial tournament.

Cycling: E. P. Branfield captained the Rhodesian team against the British team

Motor Cycle Racing: M. Armstrong did extremely well in winning the Heany 100 against very strong opposition.

Basketball: Old Miltonian teams featured very prominently in both leagues and ended the season by winning two trophies. During the year an Old .Boys' team played two matches in Salisbury, winning one and losing one. We see no reason why Old Boys should not continue to dominate the league because of the extremely good coaching received at school.

Congratulations to the following Old Boys on their marriage: Russell (Rusty) Rayne to Jane Volk. Edward (Eddie) Solomon to Florence Lobel. Bernard (Bunny) Krickler to Berenice Heyman (London). Samuel (Sonny) Fisher to Rochelle Sher. Ruth Berger to Pat Maguire. Robert (Bobby) Mash to Lucinda Callaghan. Cedric Negus to June Grenfell. Geoffrey Hemmingway to Phyllis Moran (London). Pieter Bosch to Susanna Lombard.

On their engagement: Michael Pott to Ursula Stewart; Ken Seager to Joan Thompson; Joseph Rabins to Irene Koseff; Bill Henning to Mary Holgate; Tony-Hine to Cynthia Spencer, Allan Heine to-Kathleen van der Struys; Samuel (Scoop) Herman to Becky Levy; Phillip (Pinky) Sher to Jennifer Blooman.

Also to the following O.M.'s and their wives: Mr. and Mrs. Reg Sager - son. Mr. and Mrs. Bean - son. Mr. and Mrs. van Jaarsveldt - daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Cocky Bourne - son. Mr. and Mrs. Standish Harris - son. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Thal - son. Mr. and Mrs. Tony Hemmingway - daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Melville (Dump) Birkin - daughter.

Congratulations to S.. H. Brest on passing his B.Sc. Engineering degree. J. W. Emery, B.A. degree; C. H. Cohen, B.Sc., with honours in Applied Mathematics and a University Council Scholarship to study for the M.Sc. degree.

A team of Rhodes University cricket players toured the Colony in January and included in the team were the following Old Boys: Playford, Minsker and Botton. Playford also captained the rugby team on their tour of the Colony and also had the honour of being chosen to represent an Eastern Province XV against Rhodesia.

Gersohn, a former Head Boy, represented Wits University in the inter-varsity athletics and acquitted himself well.

We would like to wish two Old Boys, namely "Gerry" Loxton and Brian Mitchell, the very best of luck in England for which they sail early in September.

Congratulations to Mr. F. G. (Putt) Jackson on being elected chairman of the Matabeleland Hockey Board. Mr. Jackson has done a lot of extremely good work in the hockey world and thoroughly deserves the honour conferred upon him. It should not be long now before the 0.M.'s have a hockey side going.

In the rugby world the Matabeleland chairman is once again Mr. Noel Longhurst, while Mr. "Porky" Goldhawk is vice-chairman. Among the vice-presidents are Mr. Frank Barbour and Mr. Phil Baron. Old Boys have always been prominent on the Board and we sincerely hope that they will continue with the good work they have done.

Before concluding, a word about the Old Boys who have come forward and helped to run the club. Special mention and thanks must be offered to Laurie Cowley, K. O. Gordon, Reg. Love, Richard Foster and Ted Painting, who have done extremely good work in the bar and in the general organisation of the club. We also offer our sincere thanks to wives of Old Boys who have come forward so willingly and helped to make all our functions go off so smoothly.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the committee to wish all Old Boys and their families, Miltonians and members of the staff a very happy Xmas and a prosperous New Year.


During the past year interest has been centred mainly on the new liub House, grass field, tennis courts, etc. We have only been in the new premises for some two months but things are getting into shape and eventually this area should be the show sports area of Bulawayo.

The two tennis courts are nearing completion and members are eagerly looking forward to the opening. It has been suggested that this takes the form of a tournament.

We are still without billiard tables but it is hoped to install two this year. We have some excellent players amongst the "old timers" and such names as Johnny Wightman and Gerry Povall come to mind. 1 he billiard room is beautifully fitted out and should be a very popular spot.

It is hoped that bowling greens will be commenced shortly. This is a costly business so all contributions will be gratefully received.

The suggestion of a swimming bath has been shelved for the time being. We approached the State Lottery Trustees without success. We then approached the City Council who have been voted £10,000 by the Trustees. The Council advise that they will eventually (?) (not on estimates yet) utilise this money for a bath at North End.

The fete was a success but it was a pity that so many other attractions were held on the same day. Thanks are to all the helpers, particularly the ladies. It is a little early to predict, but it is hoped that we will clear £600

Thanks to hard work by Ginger MacKenzie and Mr. Ben Baron the Constitution is now being dealt with by the Committee. This has had to be redrafted to suit the new set-up and we shall all be glad to see it adopted at a Special Meeting of members.

We were pleased to see that Ronnie Bragge has been transferred from Beira and he has already done some useful work. He has presented a very handsome notice board.

I would like··to pay a special tribute to our "Social" or Club members. They have done excellent work whenever called upon and they are an asset to the club. I mention such functions as the Xmas Tree Party, Fete, Dances, etc.

I hear that Bill Baggott, who has been (British) Vice-Consul at Beira has been transferred to Lourenco Marques.



President, The Headmaster, Milton School, J. H. Downing, Esq.
Vice-Presidents: F. G. Jackson, Esq., B. Baron, Esq., J. de L. Thompson. Chairman, P. Baron, Esq.
Vice-Chairman, F. G. Jackson Esq.
Members of the Executive Committee: K. G. Harvey, S. Stack, E. Mutch, L. Cowley, K. Gordon, R. Love, E. A. Painting, R. L. Foster, D. H. Blackman, D. Houston, N. Longhurst
HOUSE COMMITTEE: Chairman, L. Cowley, Esq.; Messrs. K. Gordon, R. L. Foster, E. Mutch.
TENNIS COMMITTEE: Messrs. F. G. Jackson, E. A. Painting, D. Houston, F. Boyer, E. Mutch.
GROUNDS COMMITTEE: Messrs. R. L. Foster, D. H. Blackman.
Hon. Legal Adviser, B. Baron, Esq. Trustees, B. Baron, Esq., F. G. Jackson, Esq. Auditor H. Sheffield, Esq. c.A.(S.A.). Secretary and Treasurer, F. Barbour, Esq.

The Eveline Old Girls' Association and the Old Miltonians' Association recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of their associations at a banquet held in the banqueting hall of the Centenary Exhibition.

This was the first time in the history of the schools that a joint dinner had been held and the attendance, 200, showed that it was a great success. After dinner dancing went on to midnight.

An interesting and unusual feature of the dinner was the menu, which named the courses after well-known members of the Schools:

1910 Hors d'Oeuvres de Beer-Langdon
Creme au Choux fleur Brady
Supreme of Sok" Dear Little Buttercup "
Poulet Evelina
Pomrnes-de-Terres Miltones
Legumes Mitchell-Fuller
Coupe Penelope
Salades au Fruits a la Downing
Cheese Upright and Biscuits True Cafe Centenary

After Mrs. J. Wightman had proposed" The Queen," Mr. P. B. Fletcher, Minister of Native Affairs, proposed "The Schools " and in a reminiscent and happy speech, spoke about the early days of the schools.

As an Old Boy, he was able to speak with some authority on those days. Before 1910, when the two schools were opened by Sir William and Lady Eveline Milton, the boys and girls of Bulawayo attended jointly a school where St. Gabriel's Horne now stands and was called St. John's School.
The Minister thought it would have been a happy thought to have continued the name of St. John's, at least as far as Milton School was concerned.

He considered that the establishment of a school for the children of Bulawayo in 1897 might justifiably be taken as the real date of the foundation of the schools.

It was primarily due to the efforts of his father, that Cecil Rhodes was prevailed upon to consider establishing a school under the B.S.A. Company. Unfortunately, with his death in 1902, the scheme was not finally formulated until 1910, when the two schools were opened in Borrow Street by the then Administrator of the Colony, Sir William Milton, and his wife.

Miss P. Gordon and Mr. J. H. Downing, the present heads of the schools, replied to Mr. Fletcher and spoke of the friendliness of the two schools. Both realised that times were different and conditions improved so much, and the standard of education raised, that it was no longer usual to have boys and girls from the" bundu" in Standard II at the age of 16-20!

Both speakers considered that the Government had seen the value of education and expanded the early simple system into the well integrated and varied forms of today. Even so, there were great difficulties due to the rapid growth of the country and there was still need for considerable expenditure to relieve the congestion in the high schools.

It was mentioned that Mr. Downing and Mr. Jackson were the only members of the Milton staff still at Milton who had served under Mr. E. B. de Beer, the first headmaster.

Mr. H. G. Livingston, Headmaster of Milton from 1931 to 1941, proposed the toast of the Associations and said that they were vital links between the school and the older members. Each had much to offer but he considered that the associations should take a keener interest in the schools' for it was from the schools that they obtained their membership.

He was proud of the "Old School Tie" tradition which was the basis of unifying the associations and the schools, and helped to foster a tradition which was vital to both.

In reply, Miss Harvie of the Eveline School recalled the value of former staff and spoke of Miss Mitchell, who was present, as the oldest Eveline teacher (now retired), who was both loved and respected by all the Old Girls.

Mr. P. Baron for the Old Boys, outlined the development of the association after the war and gave details of the new Club House at the Agricultural Show Grounds, which he hoped would increase the membership of the Old Boys' Association.

The committee responsible for the organisation of this successful dinner was Mrs. F. Barbour·, Miss Harvie, Mr. F. Barbour and Mrs. R. Hart.


Rugby Section

Chairman: P. Baron.
Secretary: E. J. Painting. Coach: R. L. Foster.
Captain: E. J. Painting.
Vice-captain: D. O'Connell Jones.

The first team had a fairly successful season, retaining the McGregor Shield knock-out trophy and finishing second in the League competition. They also won the local final of the Globe and Phoenix Shield, but lost the final to Salisbury Club at Que Que in a closely contested game. Ted Painting and Des van Jaarsveldt were once again selected for Rhodesia, the latter in his new position at loose forward. Billy Hunt, of Salisbury, was another Old Boy to be capped for Rhodesia this year. The following played for Matabeleland during the season: Lerman, Stobbs, Kirstein, Bean, O'Connell Jones, Teasdale, Painting, Hill, Chalmers, McNeillie, Friend, Sprague, Van Jaarsveldt, Suttle.

Under 19: Stobbs, Forrest, French, Bushby, Ordman, Beirowski.

The second and third teams did not have a very successful season, but with youth on their side they have great possibilities during the next few years.

Cricket Section
It was in the 1953-54 season that the cricket section of the Old Miltonians' Club came into being. Only friendly games were played during the season, but as such keenness was shown it was agreed to enter one or two teams in the League competitions in 1954-55.

Membership, for the time being, is not restricted to actual Old Miltonians and as a result, one Reserve League and two Second League teams have been entered in the competitions. With the talent available all teams should make a good showing.

For the future the club is hoping to recruit those boys leaving Milton, and to be accepted into First League in the 1955-56 season.

Swimming Club
Chairman: R. L. Foster.
Secretary: S. Stack.
Captain: E. J. Painting.
Vice-captain: P. Hughes.
Committee member: D. Haikney.

The Water Polo team was once again successful in winning the Payne Shield for the League competition, losing only one match. The Old Boys have won this shield continuously since 1932, a record to be proud of.

The team consisted of: E. J. Painting, P. Hughes, S. Stack, R. L. Foster, R. Suttle, D. Haikney, D. van Jaarsveldt,J. Allen; R. Landau. Of these Stack (captain), Hughes, Haikney and Foster represented Matabeleland during the season, and Foster ( captain) and Allen represented Rhodesia at the Currie Cup Tournament in Port Elizabeth (Stack, Hughes, Painting and Haikney were not available).

Old Miltonians from other clubs also gained representative honours: Hill, Walker, Davis and Markram (Matabeleland, Water Polo); Mash (Matabeleland and Rhodesia, swimming); Wood (Midlands and Rhodesia (Water Polo); Killick (Mashonaland, Water Polo, and N. Rhodesia, Water Polo); MacDonald (N. Rhodesia, Water Polo); Pike (Matabeleland, swimming).


President: J. H. Downing, Esq. Chairman: P. Baron, Esq.
Deputy Chairman: F. G. Jackson, Esq. Secretary: F: Barbour, Esq.
School Council: F. Barbour, Esq.
Trustees: B. Baron, Esq., M.P., F. G. Jackson, Esq.

During the year the South African Women's Hockey Tournament and the South African Softball Tournament were held on the club's grounds.

A week was devoted to cricket coaching at the club and was very much appreciated by all the participants.

The Annual Dinner was a great success. The Minister of Finance, the Hon. D. Macintyre, was the chief speaker, and everybody enjoyed light-hearted speech. His Worship the Mayor, Councillor J. W. Phillips, spoke on the Old Miltonians' Association, to which Mr. F. G. Jackson replied. I'he Chief Inspector of Schools, Mr. 1.V. Mollatt, replied to the toast of "Our Guests" made by Mr. P. Baron. M1.ny representatives of other Old Boys' as­sociations were present.

The usual Christmas Tree is being held this year and well over 100 children are expected. This year the arrangements are in the hands of the ladies.

Cricket is now in full swing, and the O.M.s are in the First League for the first time.

Gerry Povall and Ben Taylor are playing in the Billiards League next year and will represent the club when the club will enter the First League.

Members are requested to note that the rental of the club has been in­creased from £100 per month to £150 per month. It is hoped, therefore, that all boys leaving the School will support the Association and join the Club.

Cricket Section
Chairman: R. A. Grimmer.
Hon. Secretary: D. H. Blackman.
Club Captain and Coach: C. Brockway.
1st XI Captain: T. Grundy.

In its first season of league cricket the Club was successful in winning both the Reserve and Second Leagues. It was unfortunate, however, that we had to rely to a certain extent on Club members other than actual Old Mil­tonians to make up the teams.

It is hoped that in future years we shall see all our teams made up only of men who went to Milton School.

For this reason it was decided to apply to enter first league cricket in the 1955-56 season. This is a step in the right direction and it is hoped we shall soon be welcoming young cricketers when they leave school.

When they are still at school they are welcome to attend the Club for practices and games when not required by the School.

Too much cannot be expected of the 1st XI during its first year in senior cricket, but it is hoped that experience gained will assist in future seasons and that we shall soon see Old Miltonians at the top of league cricket in Mata­beleland.


Election of Officers: The following were elected:-
Vice-Presidents: Messrs. J. Gordon, B. Baron, M.P., F. G. Jackson, The Mayor.
Chairman: Mr. E. J. Painting.
Vice-Chairman: Mr. F. G. Jackson.
Executive Committee: Messrs. R. A. Suttle, R. L. Foster, T. H. Sheffield, D. C. Harrison, N. Thal, I. McNeillie, R. D. Love.
Secretary/Treasurer: Mr. J. A. Robson.
Auditor: Mr. E. H. Sims.
Hon. Legal Advisor: Mr. B. Baron, M.P.
Trustees: Messrs. B. Baron, M.P., and F. G. Jackson.
School Council: A. Flowerday.

Once again the Rugby Section has proved itself to be the strongest sporting section of the Old Miltonians Association.

The First Team ended a good season as winners of the First League, and a fair number of members gained Provincial honours.

Many familiar names will be found amongst the following 1957 representative players:-
Rhodesia: R. Hill and J. Stobbs.
S. Rhodesia: D. Playford (Capt.), R. Hill, J. Stobbs.
Matabeleland: D. Playford (Capt.), W. Sprague, R. Hill, J. St_inton, I. Mc­Neillie, C. Loxton, R. Yudelman, J. Staats, F. Slaven, R. Suttle, B. Meyer, V. Bushby and R. Rosselli.
Matabeleland (2nd League) : H. Nagle
Matabeleland and S. Rhodesia U .19: H. Davis
The season opened with a very suc­cessful tour of Natal, during which Old Miltonians played three matches, defeating Old Jeds from Johannesburg and Pinetown, but losing to Durban High School Old Boys in the final. It is hoped to include an Under 19 team in next year's tour to Johannesburg, where Old Miltonians will play their old rivals, Durban High and Pretoria Nor­mal College. The latter team played Old Miltonians in July and only just beat us 8-5.

During the year a number of func­tions, including a Braaivleis and a Dance were held. These were well attended and were proclaimed a great success. Thanks for all arrangements, including the tour, must go to the Cap­tain, Willoughby Sprague, and his able Secretary, Mick Davis.

Officers: R. L. Foster (Chairman), G. Stott (Secretary), E. J. Painting (Captain).
Once again Old Miltonians were suc­cessful in winning the Payne Shield Water Polo Competition to maintain their unbeaten record, which has stood since 1932.

The following Old Miltonians repre­sented Matabeleland in the Rhodesian Championships at Gwelo in February:- R.L. Foster (Capt.), I. Markram, J. Allen, R. Hill, D. Elkington and J. Christie. The last named played for Army in the League Competition. Former Old Miltonians included in the other provincial teams were:-R. Killick (Midlands-Capt.), J. Pike (Mashonaland), Steve Stack (N. Rhodesia­ Capt.), D. Wood (N. Rhodesia) and P. Walker (N. Rhodesia).

Of the above players S. Stack (Captain), R. Killick (Vice-Captain) and D. Wood were members of the Rhodesian team which finished runners-up to Transvaal in the S.A. Currie Cup tournament held in Bulawayo during March.

Don Elkington also represented Rhodesia in the sprints and team race events.

The Club were most appreciative of the excellent training facilities, granted again this season, at the School Bath.



President: The Headmaster, Mr. C. R. Messiter-Tooze.
Chairman: Mr. E. J. Painting.
Vice-chairman: Mr. F. G. Jackson.
Committee: Messrs. R. Love, E. Mutch,
C. Wood, M. Davis, H. Sheffield, A. Zietzman, D. Harrison.
Representative to School Council: Mr. A. E. Flowerday.

A vast improvement has been shown in the standing of the club since last a report was printed in the magazine. Due to sterling work by the committee, which has been in office for the last two years, the club has completely erased a considerable debit balance and is now working on a small profit.

Once again the show proved a profitable venture for O.M.'s and whatever gain we show will be due to the magnificent voluntary effort of the members. The committee is perturbed by the fact that very few school leavers are joining the Association and various sporting sections, and once again appeals for support.

During the year we regretfully bade adieu to Richard and Moyra Foster, who left on transfer to Salisbury. Both the Fosters worked untiringly for the Association for many years, and to mark our respect and gratitude, a presentation of a canteen of cutlery was made to them prior to their departure. Once again " Bamba Zonke " has acquired one of Bulawayo's assets.

In conclusion the Association would like to thank all those people who have helped in any way in the past year.

Captain: W. I. Sprague. Vice-captain: R. Suttle. Coach: E. J. Painting.

In again winning the Matabeleland First League the rugby section proved that the "open-game" type of rugby pays dividends. Even on the few occasions when Old Boys were beaten, they tried to maintain an attractive standard. Thanks are due to Ted Painting, the coach, and to Willoughby Sprague, who assisted him with the teams.

For the first time in many years Old Boys were able to field an Under 19 side and this, we hope, will be continued in the future. Congratulations to Henry Davis for gaining a place in the Southern Rhodesian Under 19 side.
During the season several very jolly and successful social functions were held in the Clubhouse, and were well supported by the members.

As a final burst to the season, the O.M.s won the Seven-a-side Tournament organised by the Matabeleland Board. Congratulations to the following for gaining representative honours:

Rhodesia: R. Hill and B. Meyers
Southern Rhodesia: R. Hill and J. Stobbs.
Matabeleland: R. Hill, J. Staats, J. Stobbs, R.A.L Suttle, N. Argue, D. Playford, Des Chalmers, C. Loxton and B. Meyers.

Captain: H. Birrell.
Coach: S. Martin.

It is disappointing to relate that not until the last four or five seasons has an Old Miltonians Club cricket team been entered in Bulawayo cricket leagues. Fortunately there is now a well established cricket section able to put into the field sides capable of challenging the might of any rival club.

The boys of Milton, Bulawayo's premier school, should have no hesitation in furthering their allegiance by joining the Old Miltonians' Club, but, quite understandably, the lack of proper facilities has contributed largely to the bare trickle of young talent finding its way to the Showgrounds, where the Club has its headquarters. Despite these handicaps the 1957/8 season saw O.M.s holding their own in the first league and becoming outright winners of the Rose Shield, a fine achievement.

A very cordial invitation is extended to the boys of the School to join the Club even before leaving school, and, in fact, there are reduced subscriptions for those joining directly they leave school. To engender a closer association between School and Club it is now the practice to select at least one Milton schoolboy to represent the Club's 1st XI in its league matches. Besides introducing fresh tal.ent to the Club it affords an excellent opportunity for promising boys to appear in a higher grade of cricket, thereby accelerating their own development. A telephone call to Mr. Hamilton, the Secretary of the cricket section (62484) will give anyone interested all necessary information about membership.

Representative honours were gained by the following:
Rhodesia: H. Birrell.
Matabeleland: W. Sprague, F. Slaven and H. Birrell.

The tennis section has increased in membership considerably in the last year. Several very pleasant social functions have been held in the club house, and all day competitions on a friendly basis.

However, there is ample scope for many more members, and young fellows leaving school are particularly welcome. All enquiries should be addressed to the Secretary, 4 Caithness Road, Hillside.

Captain: F. McGregor.
Coach: R. Love.

The baseball section, which is possibly the youngest section of the Club, had a very satisfying season. Although they won no trophies, the first team was always a team to be reckoned with.

The second team won the Dimi-Bonakis Trophy in fine style by beating the powerful Queens second team in the final.

Matabeleland honours were gained by J. Barklie.


Old Miltonians’ Notes

Chairman: Mr. S. Martin.
Club Captain: W. I. Sprague.
Honorary Secretary: W. J. Hamilton.
Committee Members: F. Slaven, A. Zietsman.

The Cricket Section of the O.M.s' Club had a moderately successful season. The second team came close to winning their league, the reserves seldom lived up to their capabilities and were last, while the 1st XI repeated their performance of the previous season and won the Rose Shield, finishing just behind the point winners of the league B.A.C. and Queens.

Throughout the season the section was hampered by a shortage of active members, especially when the State of Emergency further reduced the number of players available. As a result there was no com­petition for places in the various teams and the standard of play, in the reserve team especially, suffered accordingly. This is most surprising when one considers the large number of boys leaving Milton at the end of the year. Where do they go? Certainly not into the O.M.s' cricket section.

However, it does look as if things are improving and more new players will be appearing next season. This is absolutely vital if the section is to continue to play in the First League, as most of our regular players are already thinking of making way for younger players as soon as they are capable of taking over.

In the 1st XI Willoughby Sprague (721) (captain), Frans Slaven (780), Derek Palmer (422}, Barry Martin (343) and Brian Reid (311) (vice­ captain) scored most of the runs, while chief Wicket takers were Ronnie Lobban (41 wickets av. 13.3), Brian Reid (49, av. 17.8), Barry Martin (42, av. 13.9) and in the latter part of the season Ian Hyslop (29, av. 14.6). In the reserve team, under Mervyn Lange, runs seemed hard to come by, although in one innings Peter Kingsley and A. le Fevre put on 87 runs for the last wicket out of a total of 116, Arthur's share being four, while Peter finished with 96 not out!

The 2nd XI, under the captaincy of Don Squaire, enjoyed themselves and played some good cricket as well. Several young Miltonians started their career with the club in this team, and we hope that they will continue to do so.

At the time of going to press, two members of the School 1st XI have distinguished themselves in the first match of the 1959-60 season, namely McClelland (47) and Charsley (50 not out). These two played a big part in our first-innings win over the strong B.A.C. team.

During the period covered in this review, Sprague, Palmer and Slaven have played for Matabeleland, while we feel sure that it is only due to Percy Mansell's presence on the scene that Barry Martin has not been given a place in the team.

Captain: Peter Hughes.
Old Miltonians again won the First League and Payne Shield.
In the first round of the Payne Shield Angels beat O.M.s 6-5, but in the next two rounds we reversed the position and beat them 9-4 and 17-2. Crusaders and Army don't provide much opposition and scores were high.
In November O.M.s travelled down to Pretoria to play Otters, and lost 5-8. The result could have possibly been closer, or reversed, had we been able to take our strongest side.
Club members chosen for Matabeleland were Hughes (captain), Markram, Hill, R. Cleminshaw and Allan.
Five Old Miltonians were selected to play for Rhodesia at Currie Cup. Hughes, Markram and R. Cleminshaw, from O.M.s, Walker from Angels, and Wood from N. Rhodesia.
Peter Hughes, the captain of Old Miltonians, was selected as reserve goalkeeper for South Africa for the Springboks Continental water polo tour.
Due to the State of Emergency, R. Cleminshaw was unable to travel and J. Allan was approached but had to decline owing to staff shortage at work.
Thanks are given to all members for helping to make the season a success, and to the Headmaster for granting permission to use the bath.

Captain: F. W. MacGregor.
Although the Baseball Section won no trophies, it enjoyed probably the most succesful season since its inception. The standard of ball played improved at every game and the Old Boys' side could not be taken lightly.

The game itself is increasing in popularity with every season, and more and more players are turn­ing out on the "diamond."

Provincial players: George Ferendinos played both shortstop and thirdbase for Matabeleland, and John Barklie was selected at centrefield for the Province.

Anyone interested in the game should contact the captain, F. MacGregor, at United Motors.

The Rugby Section had their finest season since their inauguration. The 1st XV completed the season having lost only one game, and in doing so captured the First League Trophy, the McGregor Knock-out Shield and the Blue Ribbon Trophy for the senior club in Southern Rhodesia the Globe and Phoenix Trophy. In beating Salisbury Sports Club they really climaxed a truly mag­nificent season. A lot of the credit is due to the untiring and often inspiring leadership of Willoughby Sprague, who also captained the successful Matabeleland team which returned with the Black and White, Russell, and Tod Suttie Trophies, all of which are now resident in the Old Boys' Club.

A most valuable asset to the side was that of the returning from the "black ' North of the "Bald Eagle "Des van Jaarsveldt. Des made his pre­sence felt and was instrumental in some very open play and convincing wins. All club members were pleased to observe that the South African selectors have recognised Des' capabilities in nominating him as captain of the South African XV to play against the senior province and then again, against the Junior Springboks.

The 1st XV's success must be put down largely to the wonderful team spirit that they displayed right through the season and their efforts to open up the game and provide brighter rugby.

The second, third and under 19 sides also acquitted themselves well and are to be congratulated. The 2nd XV, after an excellent start, faded somewhat, but in all fairness this was largely due to their losing, a large number of players to the first side in the way of replacements. However, although not capturing any trophies, they finished in the top half of the log.

The 3rd XV, if not for their trophies, were most certainly recognised for their team spirit. Dick Collen and his band of 'Druids" turned in some astounding performances, and on more than one occasion shocked the critics.

The success of the under 19 side was most grati­fying. They finished very strongly indeed it is only to be regretted that there are not more under 19 sides in the league.

Several players gained provincial honours, and Norman Yateman was selected for Southern Rhodesia. "Spud" van der Merwe is to be congratulated for the manner in which he captained the side; also on his selection for Matabeleland.

The under 19 finished up their season with what proved to be a most enjoyable visit to Wankie, when they played a curtain-raiser to a game between Transvaal and Zambesia.

If our 1959 under 19 side is any indication of our strength for future years, the Old Miltonians should be in the position to field a really first-class side for many a year to come.

The club had the privilege of acting as hosts to the D.H.S. Old Boys, Old Jeds and Old Hararians over the Easter week-end, when we staged the "Old Boys' Rugby Festival" on our home grounds. A wonderful time was had by all and a very high standard of rugby was maintained. Being unde­feated in the tournament, to us went the honour of being the first club to win the Old Boys' Festival Trophy.

However, it was not over yet. The club climaxed a truly magnificent season by winning the Seven-a­side Tournament and earning the Battle of Britain Trophy.

Full credit must be given to our coach, Ted Painting, for the astounding results achieved; also to Dennis Thysse, who assisted him so ably and came to our assistance to fill the gap when hit by a spate of injuries in key positions. His come-back proved so convincing that he remained to become a permanent member of the 1st XV, and earned himself a position in the Matabeleland team.

Provincial Honours
Rhodesia: Des van Jaarsveldt (captain), R. Hill. Southern Rhodesia: Des van Jaarsveldt (captain) R. Hill, J. Stobbs, S. Watson.
Matabeleland: Sprague (captain), van Jaarsveldt, Hill, Watson, Loxton, Playford, Harrison, Ferendinos, Thysse, Stobbs, Hughes, Meyers.

Chairman: Mr. P. Baron.
Vice-chairman: Mr. R. D. Love.
Club Captain: Mr. M. J. L. Davis.
Honorary Secretary: Mr. N. P. D. Argue.
Coach: Mr. E. J. Painting.
Captain, 1st XV: Mr. W. I. Sprague.
Vice-captain, 1st XV: Mr. G. Ferendinos.
Honorary Treasurer: Mr. V. A. Bushby.


Old Milionian Assocation
President: C. R. Messiter-Tooze, Esq.
Chairman: R. E. Sagar, Esq.
Vice-chairman: F. G. Jackson, Esq.
Secretary/Treasurer: J. A. Robson, Esq. (phone 3400).
Executive Committee: Messrs. P. Baron, A. Bernic, D. C. Harrison, R. Lange, R. D. Love, E. Mutch, W. I. Sprague, H. J. Teasdale.

After what would seem to many to have been a period of protracted inactivity over the last few years, our somewhat prolonged negotiations with the city fathers are beginning to bear fruit and the new grounds and clubhouse on Townsend Road are no longer a dream, but by the end of this year or early 1963 should become a reality.

Priority will be given to the clubhouse which, without being over ambitious, will be most attractive to the eye, adequate to our present require­ments, but bearing in mind expansion in the near future.
Extensive ground preparations are planned and among the sports to be catered for will be rugby, soccer, cricket, tennis, hockey, baseball, bowls, basketball, squash and in the not-too-distant future, a swimming pool.

All this naturally will require a considerable sum of money, and a most active Fund-raising Committee, ably backed by a revitalised Executive, are producing fantastic schemes and results with this end in mind. Already, in a very short space of time, a considerable amount has been donated to this project a permanent home for the Old Miltonian Association.

Club Officials: President, Mr. P. Baron;
Chairman: Mr. E. J. Painting;
Hon. Secretary: Mr. R. von Klonsowski;
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. T. Liberman;
Club Captain: Mr. M. J. L. Davis.

Last season was once again most successful and our 1st XV carried off the following trophies: Old Boys' Festival Cup, F. Rosselli, First League Cup, McGregor Shield.

The seven-a-side was very close and Old Mil­tonians were indeed unfortunate to have Queens beat them to it at the last minute.

In the Globe & Phoenix competition Old Boys went down to Salisbury Sports Club in another very close game by six points to three.

This season we have again taken the First League Cup and are very well placed to pull off the McGregor Shield and the Globe & Phoenix competitions. Unfortunately the 2nd XV have not been able to play their usual brand of rugby, as the 1st XV have had to call on most of their players at one time or another because of the high percentage of injuries.

Last year the "Most Promising Junior " Cup was awarded to D. Simmonds and he has certainly shown his promise this season in the senior side. The man who had the best club spirit (not alcoholic) was R. M. Woodrow, and he also is very much in the thick of things this year.

Our season's highlight was a tour over Rhodes and Founders to Pretoria and Johannesburg. We went down to Harlequins 9-28, but the game was far more interesting than the score suggests. In Johannesburg we took on a combined Old Jeds­Jeppe and won 6-0.

Our senior players represented us in both the Matabeleland and Rhodesian games with top-watch performances.

Rhodesia: T. Lake, J. Stobbs, R. Hill
Matabeleland: J. Deysel, T. Lake, J. Stobbs, D. Simmonds, I. Palphramond, B. King, B. Peterson, W. Sprague, N. Grobler, A. Coats, R. Hill.
For Southern Rhodesia against the U.K. Com­bined Services we also had representatives in M. Bromwich, T. Lake, J. Stobbs, B. King and B. Peterson.
Well done, Old Boys!

The 1961-62 season in many ways was a very successful one for the club. The 1st XI finished in third position on the final table, an excellent showing considering the small points difference in the first three placings, and in doing so played attractive, enterprising cricket at all times. The Reserve League side had a remarkable season in winning their league. Playing attractive cricket under the captaincy and example of Jimmy Teas­dale, they walked away with all matches except one, which was washed out by rain.

However, one blot on our record was the non­appearance of the Second League XI due to the lack of members. It is the desire of the present committee to make every effort to attract more players from the School, who will be most welcome no matter what ability they may have.

During the past season several of the members of the club gained provincial honours.

Ron Wilson was a regular choice for the Rhode­sian side and also appeared for Matabeleland. France Slaven, Dave Napier and Freddie Goldstein were chosen for Matabeleland, and Allen McClelland was the regular twelfth man for Matabeleland. Several of our players also excelled themselves in the Country Districts Cricket League, with Ian Hyslop, Brian Charsly, E. van der Merwe and Ron Wilson all playing for the Matabeleland Country Districts side.

We have had a very successful past season and approach the coming season with determination to continue to play attractive cricket and to build up a strong membership of young cricketers by making every opportunity available to them.

Old Miltonians maintained their high standard of basketball during 1961-62. Although Wildcats' previous unbeaten record in the First League did not survive very long, this did not dishearten our players, and by the time the final games of the season were staged a completely rejuvenated team had re-established our position as probably the strongest side in Bulawayo. Proof of this was the 45-28 defeat of B.S.A.P. in the final of the David­son Cup Knock-out Competition. Messrs. Stephens, Tipler and Watson represented Matabeleland for various matches during the season.

Druids, the other Old Miltonian First League side, did not have the same success as did Wild­cats, but certainly did not disgrace themselves. This was particularly encouraging because the side was constantly being changed, and it is to their credit that a high standard of play and sportsmanship was kept throughout the season.

The Club's Second League side had a mixed sea­son due to injuries and the unavailability of players for all games. The standard of play improved noticeably on that of previous years, and many of the players will be challenging strongly for players in the top sides this year.

Many new aspects of the game are being intro­duced into basketball following the successful visit of Panathinaikos, the champion Greek team from Athens. These wizards certainly opened the eyes of local followers, and if we can try to follow their style of basketball it is certain the game will become more popular than ever in Bulawayo.

The 1961-62 season again confirmed this sec­tion's complete domination over the local polo scene, and continued the unbroken string of Payne Shield successes since 1932 (excluding the war years).

The standard set proved to be exceptionally high, as was evident when the Matabeleland and Rho­desian teams were chosen. In both instances O.M.s players figured prominently. Hughes, Armstrong, Cleminshaw brothers, Richie, Rowe, French and Ashby were all chosen for Matabeleland, and of these Hughes, Armstrong, R. Cleminshaw and Ashby gained Rhodesian honours.

This season will also be long remembered because of the tragic death of Dereck French. Dereck had set an exceptionally high standard both in and out of the water, and his loss will long be felt by those who were privileged to know him.

News of the many Old Miltonians at the univer­sities is always rather sketchy. However, we do hear of some and the following notes may be of interest to Old Boys.

CAPE TOWN.-Mike Botha (Head Boy in 1960) played rugby for varsity against their traditional rivals, the Maties, and Bruce Brand is captain of Badminton and on the Driekoppen House Commit­tee. Colin Herlitz was on the U.C.T. Rag Com­mittee this year, while Gerard Priest, who is studying drama, won the Diamond House Cup for Open Recital Group at the Cape Eisteddfod and was leader of the Gold Diploma winning choral verse choir.

RHODES. - Rodney Wasserson is studying law at Grahamstown, while his brother Leslie is on his way to Edinburgh University.

Already overseas, Alan Bishop, an old Rhodian as well as an Old Miltonian and Rhodes scholar, is reading English at OXFORD. He has recently been to Austria and is rowing for his college, Corpus Christi. At CAMBRIDGE we hear that Richard Harlen is preparing for his Ph.D.

Recently married in the U.S.A. was Israel (Izzy) Abramov, who is also doing research for his Ph.D.
Returning to Africa, and the Federation itself, there are a number of Old Miltonians at Salisbury, among them Vernon Hochuli and John Stephens, both reading for their B.Sc. and both teaching in the college's night school.
Below: Architect's impression of O.M.s' new Club-house.


11 April 1964: Les Playford signed the £10,000 contract to build the Old Miltonians club house

News of Some Old Miltonians

FROM NATAL UNIVERSITY news comes of Brian Frost, who is editor of "Dorne", the University newspaper. He has also played for the 1st XV and is chairman of the Commerce and Economics Society.

Other Old Miltonians at Natal are Louis Corbi, Alan Waldemar and Graham Andrews, all of whom have played for the under 20 "A" rugby side, captained by Andrews himself. Corbi was top try scorer for the season and has also played basketball for the first team.

J. Posselt is another basketball player, captaining the University and South African Universities basketball sides and serving on the residence committee.

S.R.C. members include David McQuoid-Mason, who is also secretary of the Commerce and Economics Society, business manager of "Dome" and was a participant 1n the Comrades Marathon; and Stuart Ashby, who is also captain of the water polo team and sports editor of "Dome".

G. Blyth was a member of the Natal gymnastics team and J. Davies has been playing first-team basketball.

U.C.T. Gerard Priest, who runs an internal broadcasting service at Driekoppen, has been elected to the S.R.C. He has also opened a dating bureau for students.

RHODES. Rodney Wasserson has obtained his degree and has now joined his brother Leslie at Edinburgh. Dan White has been successful in obtaining a Chare!ick Salomon Scholarship and a £50 Rhodes University Honours Scholarship.

There are four Old Miltonians on the Milton School Staff, including three ex-head prefects-Messrs. Robertson (Deputy Headmaster and Housemaster of Charter), Mr. Suttle (Housernaster of Pioneer), and Mr. McCosh. Mr. Y Strandvik has also returned to his old School and to Pioneer House as assistant housemaster.


Old Miltonian Association


Since the Old Miltonians Association moved from its Showground headquarters a few years ago, the Club has always been in danger of folding up.

This was due to the fact that the Association had no home of its own and, although the sporting sections of the Club somehow managed to stick to­gether, there was no consolidated headquarters and each section was a separate entity.

However, thanks to the untiring efforts of the chairman, Mr. D. C. Harrison, and his committee, which kept working during the years spent in recess, and with the help of the sporting sections, sufficient funds were raised to enable us to realise an ambition and build the first portion of the new clubhouse in Townsend Road at the end of 1964.

Since that day progress has been rapid, not only in the development of the Club and the grounds, but in the re-organisation of the Club to bring all the sections together under one roof, this in itself being a major task.

The rugby section had had its headquarters at Hartsfield during the lean years, as did the cricket section, which used the wicket and nets at Central Sports Ground.

With the advent of the clubhouse, and through the kindness of the School in placing its excellent facilities at our disposal for practice purposes, a concerted move was made to concentrate all activi­ties at Townsend Road. The swimming, water polo and hockey sections have returned to the Club, and a bowls section was formed.

The bowling green has been our first concern as far as ground development is concerned, but now that it has reached its final stages, attention is being given to the building of cricket and rugby fields, as well as basketball and tennis courts, the aim being to provide members of the Old Boys' Association with the same facilities they enjoyed at school.

The development to date has been done by a few in order that the many who will be leaving school at the end of this year and in future years will be able to continue to enjoy the friendships and associations made while at school, and the only reward that these few are seeking is a steady stream of Milton Old Boys to our ranks.

A brief report of the sections follows:

Once again the lst XV, ably led by Des van Jaars­veldt, won the Matabeleland First League tourna­ment and went forward to the Globe and Phoenix tournament in Que Que.

An encouraging feature of the rugby section this year has been the interest shown by the younger players, which augurs well for a healthy section in the future.

Our congratulations to all those who were selected for representative honours.

The cricket section is still "homeless", but work will shortly commence on the "O.M.s Oval". Support from the younger members is sadly lacking, but we feel sure that when we can offer nets and other practice facilities the position will improve.

This section has started with a swing and is being well supported by its members, both ladies and gentlemen. The first green is almost complete and we are all waiting for the day when our bowlers will be trundling woods on their own green.

Particular credit goes to Mike Thal for the work and time he has put into the preparation of the green.

Once again our water polo players won the Payne Shield competition. We have now held this shield, which is the first league shield in Bulawayo, consecutively for 33 years, excluding the war years, when the competition was suspended.

Well done, water polo players and congratula­tions to representative players, both Rhodesian and Matabeleland.

The basketball section has been a tower of strength in Bulawayo leagues, but as yet does not operate at the Club.

A cemented court is being laid for their use, and we hope it will not be long before we have them at Townsend Road as well.



Old Miltonians News

Another highly successful year has been enjoyed by the Association in all aspects of its development, and it is making great progress in its bid to become the foremost club in Bulawayo for both social and sporting activities. Membership has increased and work will begin in the new year on buildings to provide the additional amenities of a large lounge, bowlers' room and recreation and T.V. room, as well as providing extensions to both the ladies' and men's changing rooms, kitchen and store.

Development of the sporting amenities also continues at a great pace, and facilities are now available for rugby, cricket, hockey, tennis, bowls basketball and baseball and, in addition, through the good offices of Mr. Brett and his staff, we also have the use of the School swimming pool and squash court. A third bowling green is now under construction; additional tennis courts are planned; and we still have another eight acres available for future development.

With the exception of tennis, which is our youngest sect10n and confines its activities to social tennis only at present, we are league members for every sporting activity covered by our sporting facilities, and we have proved a powerful force in all sectors. "Young blood" is eagerly sought after by our sporting sections to swell the ranks and take the place of the "oldies" as they "retire", so that the proud name of the Old Miltonians can be kept well to the fore, and we take this opportunity of reminding all school leavers that, if you join the Club in your first year after leaving school, you will be absolved from paying an entrance fee and your first year's subscription will be free. University students become honorary members on application and are entitled to use the amenities of the Club when on vacation from university.

Hoping to see many of you with us in 1969.

Chairman, Old Miltonians' Association.


News of Old Boys



Since the Association moved into its new home in Townsend Road a short five years ago, a tremen­dous resurgence has taken place in the interest of past members, and slowly the Old Boys have been returning to the fold. While we are very happy in this we are by no means complacent and, when we consider the thousands and thousands of past pupils of Milton School who are not members of the Association, we realise that a great deal has yet to be done to attract more Old Miltonians into our happy circle.

This venture of ours is to create a congenial meeting place where old friends can relive their school days while at the same time building some­thing to hand on to those Miltonians who will one day be "old".

Under the chairmanship of Chas Harrison, with his committees, the Old Miltonians Association and Sports Club has grown from an initial dream into a far greater reality than that envisaged by the greatest optimist.

Indeed, so rapid has been the growth that the original bar, lounge and cocktail bar are far too small for our present membership and building extensions to the value of £15,000 are under way.

We are looking forward to our New Year dance in our new hall and to the fact that improved facilities for both sportsmen and women will be in use by the end of September.

Club activities
Old Miltonians have always been in the forefront of the Rhodesian sporting scene, and it appears that this happy situation is going to continue. Our sporting activities now cover rugby, swimming and water polo, bowls, basketball, tennis, cricket, hockey (men and women) and baseball, and we have plans for two squash courts in the near future.

Once again, at the time of going to press, the Old Miltonians are heading the Matabeleland Rugby League-both first and second. With Willoughby Sprague as coach and Jimmy Stobbs as chairman, the rugby section has had a happy season. Congratulations to Coleshaw, Denyer, French, Corbi and Desfountain on their provincial selections, and to those members, too numerous to mention, who attained Matabeleland Colours.

A word to those rugby players still at school: we run an Under 20 league side and we would like to see you out in the old navy and grey hoops next season.

Swimming and water polo
Although we do not have a pool, the Old Miltonian water-polo record is one that will stand for many years to come. The entire O.M.s team was selected for Matabeleland to participate in the Rhodesian Championships in Umtali, where Matabeleland emerged the premier team by winning the Foster Trophy. As a club side they again proved that they are the club champions of Rhodesia by winning the Derek French Trophy. Provincial Colours were won by Des Foster, Neser, Dempster, Horrocks, Mutch and Gower, and Arthur Gower had the distinction of being selected for the Best XI side at the South African Championships.

Our congratulations to Neville Davies, a former head boy of Milton, who was selected for the Springbok tour of Europe.

Our hockey sections, both men and women, are now well established and are making their mark in the local leagues. New members are welcome and enquiries can be made at the club house.
In the men's section Stephens and Holderness were selected for Matabeleland and several others for the Sables (Matabeleland "B"), and for the women, Jennie Thysse gained her Matabeleland Colours.

With the establishment of our own centre wicket, the cricket section gains in strength from season to season. During the season a very enjoyable match was played against the School at Milton, ending with a "braai" at the Club. We hope that the fixture will become an annual event and this year's will be held at the Club.

While we used a few Milton boys in our league fixtures during the season, we would like to see a lot more school leavers coming to us at the end of the year.

Congratulations to Loughlin for Matabeleland and Rhodesian Under 23 selection, and to MacLelland, who opened the batting for Matabeleland.

This is now a very strong section of the Club and, with our third green nearing completion, big things are planned for the future. Our bowlers, men and women, have featured very strongly in all district competitions, and Pascoe and Rastall distinguished themselves by winning the Bulawayo District pairs competition. To culminate a very good season Pascoe, Rastall and Kukard have been invited, with another Bulawayo player, to participate in a spon­sored tournament in Pietermaritzburg. ;[his tour­nament is considered to be the highlight in the South African bowling programme. With John Allman, our sole Rhodesian representative, go our congratulations and very best wishes for "good bowling".

Once again O.M.s came out on top, winning both the league and the knock-out competition, and our women's team were runners-up in their section.

For the men, the Bragge brothers, B. Christie and De Villiers played for Rhodesia and Heather Rademan gained her Rhodesian Colours. In the coming season the same players, with the exception of John Bragge, who is unable to travel, have again been selected for Rhodesia to participate in the South African Championships.

Tennis and baseball
These sections are both "newcomers" to the Club but are already showing healthy development.
With the construction of our fourth tennis court now well under way, new members for this section are welcome and the baseball section is also open for membership.

If all this appears that we are "blowing our own trumpet", WE ARE, in an effort to show that the Old Miltonians Sports Club has now become a vital part of the Rhodesian sporting scene, BUT the Club has not only been built for the purpose of providing a starting point for Springboks of the future: we sincerely hope that all true Old Miltonians will make the Club their meeting place for every occasion.

We were delighted to hear of the wonderful academic successes of two Old Boys. A. E. Redman has just succeeded in passing his second year in mining engineering at Imperial College, and for this achievement our sincere congratulations.

Our other illustrious Old Boy is Neville Robertson (Robbie), who was head boy of Milton in 1943 and Deputy Headmaster in 1965. He had already spent a year at the University of Indiana (1960-61), after which he returned to Rhodesia with an M.Sc. in Education.

He went back to Brandon University, Manitoba, in 1965, to take up a position as Associate Professor in Education. He then re-enlisted at Indiana University, where he successfully completed his Ph.D. Not to be outdone, his wife Bobby has just emulated his feat.

In addition, both of their girls (Jacquie and Lesley) are doing very well in ballet and swimming. The former is being tipped as a U.S. swimming selection for the 1972 Olympics.

Some family! And an incredible success story. To all who know them this news will not come as a surprise, and we are delighted to hear about these successes, which they so richly deserve. Who knows? with some encouragement they might even return to Milton!

We were pleased to learn in February of this year of the graduation of A. Helbergs, T. J. French, A. Segal, S. Messiter-Tooze, D. Whittaker, K. Phillips and H. Sacks from the Medical Faculty of Cape Town University. We also learn that R. G. Hender­son became the first Rhodesian to graduate with a B.Sc. from M.I.T. Another old Milton boy, Archie Wilson, has become Air Officer Command­ing the R.R.A.F.

We were also proud to hear of the election as Mayor of Bulawayo of Councillor Jurick Goldwasser, an Old Miltonian.

We were sadly distressed to learn of the death of Jerry Downing, a former Headmaster of Milton. He served the School loyally and devotedly and was forever cheerful and friendly towards Miltonians even after his retirement while he was working in the Income Tax Department. His passing is a sad loss.

The year 1969 was a sad one for Milton, as it also saw the passing of Una Etheridge, that grand old lady of Milton, who for so many years did such yeoman work in the music department here, and in many other cultural spheres. We are very much the poorer for her passing.

We would also like to pay tribute to two young Miltonians, Eric Simoncelli and Charles Sutherns, and one very recent Miltonian, Maxwell Baron, and our deepest sympathies go to their families in their tragic loss.

Milton boys and girls have participated in two plays this year with considerable success.

A number of interesting talks have been given to the Social Studies Association.

Barbara Bray, Colleen Compton, Anne Dryden, Penelope Waddington and Moya Wright won bur­saries to various universities.

The School was honoured when June Parry and Elaine Simpson won £900 and £1,000 scholarships respectively at the Young Scientists' Exhibition.



1970 has proved another great year in the development of the Old Miltonians' Association and we brought in the new-year with a highly successful function in our new hall which had just been handed over to us by the builders. In addition to the new hall, which incidentally is considered to be one of the most attractive in Bulawayo, we have added another kitchen, manager's office, bowlers' room and additional changing and toilet facilities for both male and female. Sporting amenities now include rugby and hockey grounds, a cricket oval and practice nets, basketball court, baseball diamond, three bowl­ing greens, four tennis courts with a further two under construction, and no fewer than fourteen sections making use of these amenities. In addi­tion to this, we have acquired a further eight acres of land adjacent to our existing grounds, for future development. All the foregoing developments have severely depleted our funds and, to provide additional capital for such amenities as a tarred drive and parking area, squash courts, etc., a sponsored walk is being planned for September 20th and it is hoped that by the time this issue of The Miltonian is in your hands, this will have proved a successful function. It should be pointed out here that this article was written on June 22nd.

Arrangements are also well in hand for a function to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the School with a Reunion Sundowner with the Eveline Old Girls. Guest speaker will be Mr. Ted Painting, who is well known for his active association with the Old Miltonians and is lesser known as being a past pupil of Eveline School (Kindergarten), and I am sure that his address will prove most entertaining.

Another function on the planning boards is the official opening of our new hall on August 15th. This will be attended to by the Mayor Elect of Bulawayo, Councillor Tom Doyle, and it will be called The Memorial Hall and is dedicated to all Miltonians who gave their lives for their country and in this way it embraces not only those Old Boys who laid down their lives in World Wars I and II but also incorporates the likes of the late Dr. Verwoerd and the boys in the Zambezi Valley, etc. It is hoped that Mrs. Verwoerd will be present at the opening.

Membership continues to grow in leaps and bounds and the Old Miltonians' Club is proving to be one of the most active and successful organisations both on the sporting fields and in the social spheres of the country, and we can assure all school leavers of a very happy home from home and would remind them that the entrance fee is waived if they join in the first year after leaving school. A courteous welcome will also be extended to any school boys who may wish to come along and join us in our sporting functions.

In closing we welcome Mr. R. K. Gracie to his new appointment as Headmaster of the finest school in the country and as President of our Association, and we wish him every success in his new appointment and look forward to many years of fellowship with him.




Old Miltonian News

Although the O.M's. Association was formed in 1922, their activities were only confined to an­nual reunion dinners which were always very well supported. The first sporting section (Rugby) to enter a league competition was in 1928. Among the stalwarts responsible for getting this section off the ground were the Perry brothers, Alfred and Chas Carbie Streak and Jack Charsley. This section was accepted into the second league and by 1931 they were competing in the first, second and third leagues. In 1934 the first team had a clean sweep winning the League, The McGregor Shield, The Globe and Phoenix Shield and the Award of Merit Certificate. The skipper of this side was the late Noel Longhurst -whose son was a very prominant Milton pupil a few years back. Also included in this team was Springbok trialist Simon Wolffe who still resides in Bulawayo.

Initially the Club used the facilities at Milton Senior School and in 1932 moved to the Kings Ground which they shared with Callies Football Club, and Bulawayo Harriers until 1936 when they moved to Milton Junior School. After the second world war they had numerous changes Bakersfield, Milton Junior, Kumalo Air Station and then settled on their first own ground at Parkview. This bare patch had to be levelled, so with the aid of a tractor and a hand plough and hard working members such as Arthur Smith, Jackie Fairlamb, Ted Painting, Richard Foster and the late Arthur Bernie the field was soon ploughed and levelled for practices.

In 1952 it was decided to sell the Parkview ground and lease the facilities being developed at the showground by the Bulawayo Agricultural Society. This arrangement continued for about ten years when for financial reasons we had to terminate our agreement. Negotiations were under way with the council for a piece of ground near the School but in the interim the rugby section had to hire the facilities at Hartsfield to keep going until the lease was obtained. Everything was finalised by 1964 and a Club House with a change room shot up. So the rugby section moved once again but, they had to use the school grounds while the new Club grounds were being developed.

Despite all these moves the O.M's. rugby section always had excellent Club spirit. This has been proved by the number of times they have won the first league and other competitions. Their best year in the record book was 1966 when except for the McGregor Shield they won the first, second, third and Under 20 leagues and all the other knockout trophies including the Globe and Phoenix. Incidentally this was their first year on their own home ground. O.M's. have always had their fair share of players included in the Matabeleland and Rhodesian sides and have produced Rho­desia's only Springboks Des Van Jaarsveldt, Ron­nie Hill and Andy MacDonald. Other well known 0.M's. rugger personalities are:-Richard Foster who played from 1933 - 51 and was captain for his last seven years. Ted Painting from 1946 -55 with three years as captain. "Wop" Sprague from 1950 - 62 and captain from 1956.

Current Rhodesian stars are Terry Bowes, Neil Thompson, Mike Jakobi, Buckie Buchanan and Lou Corbi.

This year we have again won the league, Mc­Gregor Shield and by the time this is in print will have played in the Globe and Phoenix finals once again.

The next section to be formed was swimming in 1932, when they competed in the Water Polo first league and won the Payne Shield which they have held ever since, a remarkable record for any sport. The founders of this section were George Addecott, Bill Howe, Chummy Acutt and Sammy Fisher who all later played for Rhodesia.

Although Water Polo was the main strength of this section it did also produce a crop of Rhodesian Swimming and diving champions. The first of these was Arthur Painting who had the distinction of representing Rhodesia in Swimming, Diving and Water Polo. The next was Peter Foster who later smashed the South African records for 500 yards and 880 yards and came fourth in the 1 500 yards at the London Empire Games in 1934. Peter Foster is perhaps the finest Sportsman Rhodesia has ever produced. Besides the above swimming feats, he also represented Rhodesia in Water Polo (Captain), Boxing (South African Champion) and Rugby. He unfortunately had the misfortune of having a leg amputated. Among others to win diving and swimming titles were ex Milton Schoolmasters Don Watt, Tony Steele (South African 1 metre champion), Brian Greenshields (South African Champion), the late Geoff Scott (later Australian record holder).

The Polo Section has been so strong that on numerous occasions and in particular during the last six years they have fielded the complete Matabeleland team and the lions share of Rho­desian Teams. Some of the most outstanding players were George Addecott, Peter and Richard Foster, Ted Painting, Steve Stack, Peter I:Jughes, Ian Markram, Ian Armstrong, Roger Clemmshaw, Neville Davies (Springbok) and the current mem­bers of the Rhodesian Team.

Richard Foster (brother to Peter) was perhaps the greatest polo player O.M's. has produced. He represented Rhodesia from 1935 - 59, played 102 games for his country and was skipper from 1938 - 55. Richards' son Des is the current Rhodesian captain.

The Baseball section first got under way in 1948 with enthusiastic "Yank" Thorogood, Reg Love, Charlie Harrison, "Cocky" Bourne, Doug Houston and Dimmy Bonakis starting the ball rolling under the title O.M's. Redsox.

Hockey sections were formed in 1952 and have steadily improved with the help of players of the calibre of Roy Stevens, Tinker Beets, Kevin van Blomestein and Anthony May.

Cricket started in 1954 and has improved by leaps and bounds. They proved that they were the strongest Club side in Rhodesia last year and besides winning the first league they won the second league and were runners up in the third league. Current stars include Brian Barbour, Terry Bowes - both Rhodesia - Errol Laughlin and Keith Olver.

Basketball is another section which has produced more than its fair share of Matabeleland and Rhodesian players. Last season they swept all before them. Prominent players are Brian Christie, John and Billy Bragge and Lou Corbie.

Billiards was also started whilst we were at the showgrounds. The prime mover here was Gerry Povall.

Most sporting sections faded when O.M's. left the showgrounds but revived as facilities were provided at our present Club and today we also cater for Bowls, Softball, Tennis and Football and with the ever increasing flow of members from Milton School O.M.'s. continue to produce out­standing sportsmen in the true tradition of "quit ye selves like men, be strong, be strong".



Over the past year there have been a few signifi­cant improvements to our club. The first was the taking up of the old cricket field and the re-laying of the new field, which we hope will measure up to the standards required for top-class cricket. Further improvements include the laying of addi­tional tennis courts, while the squash courts still on the drawing board have been temporarily delayed due to the lack of sufficient funds.

However, the most significant event of all was the first Old Boys' Reunion with the school. Here we must congratulate the school staff, especially Mr. Todd, for organising what we hope will even­tually develop into one of the school events in the Bulawayo calendar. The reunion started with social hockey and tennis, followed by a sun­downer and ended with an extremely well prepared and delightful dinner in the school dining hall. I sincerely hope that next year we will see far more "old" old boys attending,

Just for the record, the "young", inexperienced old boys drew one-all with the strongest of schoolboy sides, while the O.M.s over 30s side gave the schoolmasters a hockey lesson to the tune of 3-nil. The masters, I'm sure, imported several international players for this vital clash, but they just could not match the fineness and superior stickwork of the old boys.

Unfortunately the above successes were among the very few that came our way during 1973.

Rugby. There were a number of valid reasons for this year's poor record, the main one being the severe army call-up that seemed to affect only the O.M.s. However, I feel the main reasons for our poor season were the complete lack of dedication and the will to win. Even our under 20 side, who had an impressive unbeaten local record, lost their last game of the season for this very reason. I sincerely hope that all you boys reading this article will never lose the will to win a lesson that your first XV must surely have taught you this past year. In spite of our poor record, we still produced a number of Rhodesian players-Neser, Wilson, Jacobi, Thompson, Bowes, Buchanan and Mommsen.

Cricket. Like our rugby section, we lost star players at crucial moments-McCallum and Barbour to the Air Force, Laughlin left for South Africa and Bowes was injured. This, coupled with some bad performances, left us with an unimpressive record. The only player selected for Rhodesia was Barbour.

Water polo. Once again our team swept all before them and produced the entire Matabele­land side plus the majority of the Rhodesian side -Foster, Currie, Semple, Mutch, Meredity, Page and the Horrocks brothers.

Hockey. This past season has seen both our men's and women's sides produce some fine hockey and bring off some unexpected wins.

Basketball. At this sport we continued to dominate the local scene with schoolboy Jim Skelton outstanding.

Tennis. This section is rapidly reaching the stage when they will be challenging for a position in the major leagues.

Bowls. As always, a very competent section of our club producing a number of fine players, especially Johnny Allman, Rhodesia's champion singles player.




President: The Headmaster, Mr. R. K.Gracie
Chairman: Mr L. N.Denyer
Committee: Messrs. J.Allman, R.Cleminshaw, N.Ewing, R.Love, F.Morgan, J.Stobbs, M.van Aswegan, S.van de Merwe, E.Wolhuter.

Representative to School Council: Mr R.G.Stephens

The year under review has, to the members of the Club, been one of reasonable satisfaction. One of the main objects of the Club, to foster good comradeship and sportsmanship and allied to this, to provide facilities both social and sporting, has been pursued vigorously by the encumbent committee and the results of our teams in whatever sphere of activity they perform, speaks for itself in illustrating the success which this effort has met.

The social life of the Club, affected as in all other walks of life by military commitments, has been positive with the idea and object of getting the members together as much as possible, proving a great success.

Apart from the day-to-day meeting place at the Club, several extraneous social functions cater to the "togetherness" ideal.

Fund raising, the ever present necessity has been a major consideration during the year and has enabled the Association to provide small improvements where required. The monthly recurring problem of the water bill to maintain one of th largest areas of land under cultivated grass in Bulawayo has resulted in the sinking of a borehole, which, while not yet fitted with a pump, has been tested at 2 000 plus gallons of water per hour his supply augmented by the Municipal reclaimed water bodes well for the maintenance of our fields.

Future development and additions to the Club premises are at the moment in the formative stage, and ideas of an additional lounge and a possible dining room must await more affluent times.

Contact with the school becomes more evident with the appearance of Milton scholars actively participating in our sporting program s as very welcome members of the Club's sporting bodies. This contact is further enhanced by the annual get together sponsored by the school, of all ex-Miltltonians and their ladies. The evening's festivities are generally preceded by sports fixtures -cricket, tennis, hockey, between Old Boys and the school teams, and ends with a cocktail hour followed by a finger supper.

The Salisbury Old Miltonians have proved their unwaning interest in the school's progress by a sundowner party following one of Milton's away matches in the capital.
However, the Association is continually discouraged by the very small number of school leavers who find their way to the Club, which is, after all, 'what its name states, a meeting place for all ex-Miltonians.

Maybe next year will be better!
A resume of the activities of our social and sporting scenes over the past year bring to mind:

THE FORUM CLUB: This Club within the Club gives the member the always welcome chance of winning a small prize while assisting in the general fund raising programme. Basically a contributory "100" Club, its popularity is proved b). the fact that there are now about 130 members. As a gesture to these generous people \ ho are always putting their hands in their pockets, these members are invited to a Forum once every three months, where a speaker is invited to address them and a variety of food is provided together with a cocktail party "on the house".

During the year several very interesting speakers kindly addressed us and at one Forum we were entertained by the very talented and popular Northlea Marimba Band. An additional and very popular social activity is provided by the Snooker Hall which contains two tables. While not an official "section" of the Club, we do play in the 2nd Division of the Matabeleland Snooker League, with varying success. The main object of the installation of the tables, however, is to provide the non-sporting member with an additional facility and judging by the length of time one has to wait for a table booking, the popularity of the facility is amply proved.

On the sporting scene we must once again give pride of place to the Rugby Section. 1978 marks the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the Old Miltonian Rugby Club and to mark this occasion the Rugger Club held a get together sundowner to which all the "old" Rugger players were invited. A very successful evening was enjoyed by all.

With the pr vision (at last-50 ) ears later) of a suitably turfed rugby ground, this all day popular section has gone from strength to strength, dominating the local sc ne, but still trying to wrest the title of "Champion" from the "Old Boys" in Salisbury.

We are very proud that the current Rhodesian Captain has been selected from our ranks al1d also that four of our rugger players have been permanent members of the 1978 Rhodesian XV.

Our junior team, the Greyhounds, has no lack of playing talent and this speaks well for the As a golden jubilee present from itself to itself, the Rugby Section is sponsoring the redecoration of the decrepit old "Cocktail Bar" and looks forward to meeting all rugger friends in the' "Ruck and Maul", due to be completed in July.

The Bowls Section which is probably the biggest group in the Club (excluding juniors) is always a busy group and one can always find some activity taking place on the well kept greens. Social bowling is conducted on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings and visitors are always welcome.

The year’s bowls programme whether at National or District level always seems to have a smattering of Old Miltonian. Bowlers, ladies and gents, near, if not at, the top. We were very gratified to see our men’s rinks runners up in the Rhodesian Bowling Championships.

Again we had our fair share in the award of Rhodesian Colours both in the men's and women's sections.

An encouraging sight is the fact that several of the younger members of other sections are turning out and rolling woods to find out for themselves the fascination of "Grannies marbles".

The Cricket Section, while having a very limited playing membership and very affected by army commitments, still are able to win the Matabeleland First League and finish third in the B section of Rothmans Super League. Here, the Club were very fortunate to be able to call on the assistance of several Milton scholars thereby further encouraging the attraction of Miltonians to the Club.

Our cricket table, acknowledged to be potentially dne of the best in the country, improves from season to season and with the help of the ladies, the Cricket Section were able to entertain visiting teams at the Club House providing light lunches and pleasant after game cocktail hours.

We had a representative on the Rhodesian tour of South Africa and a very substantial representation in the Matabeleland XI. While difficult to maintain continuity in the Reserve and Second Leagues because of military priority, we finished well in the minor leagues. Aspiring cricketers are always assured of a good welcome at OM’s

Men's Hockey: The men’s hockey section have had a reasonably successful but frustrating season. Successful from the "building up" point of view and frustrating from the fact that while always in the picture, always just that odd goal away from a win.

A very encouraging part of the hockey scene was that Milton schoolboys featured very strongly particularly in the 2nd team which started in the 3rd league and then were asked to move up to the 2nd league by the governing body. This support from the school can only help to get the OM image over to the other boys at school.

While no major successes resulted this year, we look forward to a stronger and more stable team in future years.

Ladies' Hockey: Our ladies' hockey section has proved to be an asset both on and off the playing fields. On the sporting aspect, the senior team is at present in keen competition to top the Matabeleland first league and, in fact, the final league game of the season will probably determine the league position. A very strong section, determined to do well, in fact this is the first year that our ladies' hockey have been able to enter three league hockey sides.

Individual playing strength is illustrated y the fact that we provide the current Rhodesian Captain, who has been awarded her Springbok Colours this season; two players in the Rhodesian Under 21 side and at Matabeleland level no less than seven of our players have been selected this season.

This small group of ladies organised and hosted the Rhodesian under 21 Trials Tournament which received the plaudits of both players and officials.

Soccer: This very successful group gains strength from season to season. Assisted by the reason that they have very well supported junior teams from 10 up providing playing strength and continuity.

The soccer section in the last five years have dominated the European soccer scene both at junior and senior level. At Matabeleland level, the senior side last year provided no less than six players and throughout the junior sections a large representation from the Club.

This year, in a new venture, our senior side has entered into the South Zone Soccer League, here they are currently top of the l0ague and the Reserve side is at the top or the B.A.F. A League - a commendable effort.

Here again, the section is now practising on its own turfed arena under lights and the future of the soccer group seems well assured.

Tennis: The tennis group, while small, makes up in enthusiasm. Currently they are raising funds in an effort to build a new tennis pavilion.

Socially, very well supported by their members, the tennis group will always welcome new players. Again the section seems well provided for in the future by the participation of junior members in all tennis activities. The section have, this season, contested the Matabeleland 2nd league in ladies', men's and mixed events and have finished reasonably well in all three. We look forward to bigger things next year.

Squash: Squash racquets is the newest of our sporting groups, but is rapidly becoming the most popular. Membership of this section is open to men, women and juniors and congestion on the courts, particularly at peak hours, has led us to seriously consider building two more courts. Once again, lack of development funds or priorities in other aspects of Club requirements have temporarily shelved this project.

The section has enjoyed a full programme. Apart from the usual Club Championships for all, several Round Robin tournaments have been held during the year culminating in very enjoyable social get-togethers, cocktail parties, braaivleis gatherings and fund raising Discos.

The Men's Squash Section are competing in the Matabeleland First, Second and Third and Fourth Leagues, where the first league team is very favourably placed and the others, well in the running.

The ladies in First, Second and Third Leagues, while not quite as well placed as the men, are building a well balanced, capable team which should show its teeth next season.

Finally, on the sporting scene, Ladies Basketball and Softball have made their mark in their respective spheres, but, unfortunately, further information in their connection are not to hand.

In conclusion, the foregoing gives a brief outline of the activities of our club. We hope that the reader may be encouraged to seek more detail at first hand. We at the Club look forward to close liaison with Milton School and ·hope that we can offer tangible help, whether it be to run the numerous activities of the school, because, after all, Milton School is what it is all about.

Good health and fortune to all Miltonians, whether old or current and



From Simon Wolfe who first came to Milton in 1924 to Brian Johnson and Malcolm Davidson who were here in 1977, there was a full range of ages at the Old Boys' Reunion on Saturday, 3rd February 1978.

The members that came were a considerable advance on those we had last year, including a new Member of Parliament, Mr. D. Chalmers; Father Einhorn and son Peter; at least two ex-head boys, Charlie Brownlee and last year's, William Loxton (who arrived late having taken part in the production of the University Players of Sweeney Todd).

It was a very pleasant evening with much swapping of news and of stories about what happened when the Old Boys were still at Milton, old Masters remembered with affection (or amusement), ex-pupils' dark secrets revealed now that it was safe to do so. Names often on the lips of Old Boys were those of Putt Jackson, Buck Jones and Fred Hambly. One Old Boy remembered headmaster Col Brady particularly because he used to lend boarders his car.

Mr. Lyn Denyer told the gathering that the Old Miltonians and School would in future compete for two trophies - one for cricket and one for tennis, both donated by the Old Miltonians. The cricket match of that day was unfortunately rained off.


The day began with the Rugby teams arriving in Salisbury in the morning on t me which augured well for the day, After breakfasting in various parts of the city, the boys gathered outside the Parliamentary Buildings for a short session in the Strangers' Gallery. Much amusement was derived from the "antics" in the House; the coming and going of the ministers, the interjections and counters and particularly the regal entrance of a certain- individual.

Once the sun was well over the yard-arm the gathering at the Monomatapa Hotel began. The First XV and prefects were invited to attend for a short period so that they could meet some of the older Miltonians. After a remarkably short time, under the influence of the hotels excellent hosting, the hum of talking and laughter increased as old friends met again and new acquaintances were made.

Mr. Gracie welcomed everybody present and expressed the hope that these functions should continue and more Old Miltonians would attend. It seems a pity that the attendance was not better as all who were there enjoyed themselves to the extent that their departure was delay d by several hours.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Swales for organising the function.


Clive Barker - is in the army. By now he will probably have moved to the Signals Section.
John Phillips (1965-69) - In Malawi working for Associated Gases and is married with two children
Mickie Filannino, Russell Armstrong (in PATU), Michael Husband, Jess Mitchell, Gavin Cooper, Rodney Watts, Dryn Williams, Trevor Davenport all in the police.
Simon Krige just started medicine at U.R., and Eugene is planning an overseas trip when he is released from the army.
Neil Freestone - studying for B.Sc. Agriculture at Pietermaritzburg University.
Mike King and Anton Hall are studying medicine at U.R .

The following have completed their National Service and are at University:-
Roy Lange (Wits), Ian Lasker (Leicester Polytech.), Mark Hyman (Stirling), Chris Robinson (St Andrews), Peter Haddow (Cape Town), Antony Dry and Nicky Baglow (Salisbury), Robert Lerman (1974) and John and Russell Pridgeon (Cape Town), Ian Penhale and Paul McLearie (Natal).

Dave Norman and Barry Anderson are in armoured cars.

Doing National Service in the Security Forces are-
Alex de Barros (RAR), Stuart Ferguson, Hugh Thompson and Howard Muggeridge (all in SAS), Roy Wright and Willie Loxton both passed out as 2nd Lieutena11ts, Brian Johnston, Malcolm Davidson and Russell van Wyk on Second Phase training; Dave Freel (Sergeant), George MacDonald (Sergeant), Tony Ralt, Nick Clinker (Grey Scouts), Gavin King (Signals), Roy Slater (Instructor at Llewellin Barracks) ; Tony Carlisle (Keep Commander), Roy French, Sean 'Brien are in the Guard Force; Martin Atkinson (Grey Scouts),Guy Perotti.
At Llewellin Barracks are Bruce Anderson, Mike Dando, Jimmy Geddes, Roy Abbott, Peter Chadwick (Grey Scouts).
Howard Pennells is living in Louis Trichardt. Howard Atkinson is farming and Tony Clark and Ray Prinsloo are electricians.
Chris Rogers is Rhodesian Hooker; Charlie Brownlee is at TTC; Peter Einhorn is doing Hotel Management; Paul Rose is in Internal Affairs. James McNeillie is in SAS; Gavin Masterson - Support Unit;
Ian Slement married at the beginning of 1978, and is with the BSAP at Binga.
Bruce McNair married in July 1978.
Peter Wilson and Clayton Steyn are in BSAP.
Kevin Rosenberg is now engaged.
George Mihalopolous is basking in the sun in Greece.
Myers Brothers have gone to Israel.
Peter Wallace is at Natal University.
Nicholas Bashall is at Cambridge University and has now got his Boxing Blues.
Larry Katz is in America on a tennis scholarship.
David Kibel is studying at UCT (Medicine). Owen Kibel at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship.
Andrew Cook in RN.
David Cook is married and in BSAP,
Darrell Lazarus has been awarded tennis scholarship to USA,
Neil Stirk - Signals.
David Maloney - Sergeant.
Jan Steenkamp - P.T.I, Llewellin Barracks,
Brian Barbour is playing Rhodesian Cricket,
Andrew Pattison is living in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, currently playing for New Orleans Inter City League and tours Europe and SA playing tennis,
David Dry - UCT (Medicine).
Anthony Hall - Medicine, U,R,
Andrew Barker - engaged to be married.
M. Lange-Smith (1974) - pilot, Air Force (Choppers)
G. Pretorius (1974) - Pilot, Air Force (Canberras)
M. Knight - Pilot
B. Knight (1970) - Practicing as an Army Doctor,
R. Favish (UCT)
B. Garlick (1974) - completed B, Comm, Now doing LLB at Natal University.
P. Wallace (1978) Natal University,
P. Edwards (1971) - Teaching in Salisbury
A. Bosch (1971) Teaching in Salisbury,
Mr. and Mrs. P. Craig - still touring the world; last heard of in Australia.