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Update on fund raising
A huge thank you to each and every one of you for coming to the Old Miltonians fundraising dinner on Saturday 29th September 2018. I would also like to thank those who donated or indeed purchased tickets but were unable to make it to the event. The level of support and participation was overwhelming. We managed to raise over £1,600 from the auction and raffles.

The gents that won the bid for the First XV rugby cap & the Dress tie will kindly send these items back to the school as they feel that they are a part of the history of Milton so belong back in the Milton museum.

We will continue to give you updates on the projects undertaken along the way.

The platform has now been set for this to be an annual event. We will be announcing dates and location of our next event in due course. We hope that you can all join us next year.

Quit ye like men, be strong!

Yours sincerely

Shep ( on behalf of the Old Miltonians Trust UK)

Old Miltonians Fund Raising Dinner at Villa Park, Birmingham.

Frances and Joe Krige
3rd October 2018

Greetings to all OMs.

On Saturday the 29th of September, Mike Ketzmer (68-72) and his wife Joanna, Simon Krige (69-74) and his wife Anne and myself (72-78) and my wife Frances attended a Fund Raising dinner at Aston Villa Football Club in Birmingham. It was a black tie event. Shep Zhou organised the whole thing and sponsored it. We were certainly representative of the old guard. Class of ’96 were there as were class of 2000 among others. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. A Brilliant Zimbabwean singer entertained us. (her name escapes me). Kevin Ncube (ex Gifford) was our MC. Kevin is a Radio Leicester DJ. (check him out on google)There were auctions of various memorabilia…..Sixth Form ties, Prefect ties and a 1926 1st XV cap which went for £200 . The Head Boy of 2000, Duma Xaba, gave a rousing speech calling all OMs worldwide to answer the call: ‘Make Milton great again’. I felt proud but I felt that I had been looking into the past too much. Yes, we had some great stories of life at Milton but ultimately, it’s the future that is important now. These young guns are taking the bull by the horns and doing something positive to restore the school which is a lot more than I have done.

I appeal to all OMs to support any initiatives to raise money and raise awareness of the school’s needs. I can hear you all saying, ‘What’s the government doing?’ Well, nothing it would seem, but that should not stop us.

On a lighter note, we concluded the evening by performing the ‘Milton War Cry’.

There should have been more OMs at this event. There is talk of making it annual. I do feel that it could have been advertised better but, hey, it’s a start of greater things to come. Well done, to Shep Zhou.

Quit ye like men.
Joe Krige.

A fundraising in UK

Denelda Fisher
George Wigginton - Formerly of Bulawayo. In memory of a devoted husband and loving father, he will be sadly missed, he passed away on 14th June 2018. Past pupil of Milton High School and living in Empangeni.

Ian Hodge
Tue, June 12, 2018

Hi everyone.

It is with great sadness that I let you know that Michael Rees passed away at his Harare home on Saturday morning 09/06/18, after a long illness.

Mike was at Milton from 1976 (in the A2 class) until 1979 when he sat his “O” Levels. He then moved to CBC to finish his schooling.

He also spent time at Milton Junior. Mike and I were neighbours during those Milton years, and we spent many happy hours in the pool, playing tennis, cricket and golf.

Deepest sympathies to Alison and their family. Mike will be fondly remembered and greatly missed by many. RIP Mike.

Ian Hodge (Auckland. NZ)
(Milton 1976-1979)

Bulawayo lunch reunions - June 15th

Please be advised our next lunch is coming up soon, any ex old boys & girls who may be visiting town are encouraged to join and catch up with many old miltonians who still live in Bulawayo.

Venue: TBD
Time : 12:30pm
RSVP: Ike (see email contact below)

Thank you,

News from the 2018 Australian National Masters track and field Championships

Rob Shand recently competed in the Australian National Masters track and field Championships in Perth at the end of April 2018 and came out with four Gold medals - Shot, Discus, Hammer and Javelin in the M85-89 group. Rob held the Rhodesian mile record in 1954, and stood for a number of years until Terry Sullivan broke his record.

Photo Rhodesian atheltics team 19xx, includes Rob Shand and Terry Sullivan

As an FYI, Terry Sullivan broke Rob Shand's 1954 Rhodesian Mile record of 4m 19.6 sec. Terry then first became South African mile champion (4 min. 14,3 sec.) in 1958 and the career of Rhodesia's greatest athlete was set. In 1960 he competed at the Summer Olympics and become the twenty-fifth man in the world to crack the magical four-minute barrier. Sullivan became the first man from the African continent to run a sub-four-minute mile


1969 ISSUED STAMP - Technical details


Peter Chadwick
Tues, January 29, 2018

Awesome website

Remains a very cool and well maintained web site. My contact details remain unchanged – currently working as the Regional Resident Geologist for the Kirkland Lake and Sudbury Districts (north-east Ontario, Canada) with the Ontario Geological Survey. Still keep a home in Ottawa.


Old Miltonians Sports Club - 90th year anniversay


Steven Russel
Mon, January 28, 2018

Hello was boarder Pioneer house 1972 to 1976. Steven Russell remember a few names Gary Blauuw, Rob Teasdale, Brian Weir both Vaniekerk's great days


Anderson Mutemererwa
Fri, January 05, 2018

Hi there,

Just happened upon this gem of a webpage - brought all those memories flooding in.

If you are still updating the webpage, here is another name for your database:

Anderson Mutemererwa, 81-85, now in Oxford, United Kingdom. Was part of the cross-country team in 1985 and ran the final leg of the Plumtree to Milton race to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the school. Would love to hear from all those who were at Milton particular those who took their O Levels in 1983 and A Levels 1985.




Tue, Jan 02, 2018

Subject: Sad News - The Loss of Peter Jones

Hi All,

With much sadness I have to advise that the ever popular Peter Jones - ultimate Team player, Captain of everything, Head of School, Rhodes Scholar – lost his long battle with cancer and passed away in Cape Town last week.

I have been informed that there will be a memorial service for Peter on the 16th January 2018, at 15:00 at St. Andrews, Kildare Road, Newlands, Cape Town for anybody who would like to attend.

I am using the Milton Reunion ‘grapevine’ address list to get this message out as this is the best way I know to reach most people who knew Peter, so please forgive any ‘repeats’ that may occur. The list is not exhaustive however, so please pass this message on to as many people as you know, and/or who might be on your own list of Milton contacts, via Facebook contacts or whatever.

Farewell Peter, RIP.

Regards to all,
George Lambert-Porter



Ioakeem Kehayias
Tue, Jan 02, 2018

February Old Boys Lunch

May I take this opportunity to Wish you all a Happy New Year 2018.

Please be advised our next lunch is set for:
Friday 2 February 2018
Venue: Deja Vu Restuarant
Time : 12:30pm
RSVP: Ike (see email contact below)

Many email invitations have already been sent out as part of the standard local practice.

Thank you,

Bulawayo lunch reunions

"If you are in or around Bulawayo wanted to let you know there are often informal lunch gatherings of oldmiltonians (Milton Old Boys and Girls) wanted to suggest that if you contact Ioakeem Kehayias at his email he can let you know when and where they will be meeting next, would be great for any old miltonians to stop by and catch up"

Ioakeem Kehayias


Contact details - updates

Often there have been emails following up that old miltonians are trying to make contact with others in their class etc, but have had emails bounce back as the email is out of date. Please send details of any new emails or relocations so that old miltonians can keep in touch with one another.

Looking for old school magazines and photos