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2009 - Contribution of articles and memories

Apologies posts for 2007 and 2008 were lost due to a server crash

All articles and pictures welcome, please email to

Nqaba Donga
23 Jan 2010 18:13:38

Dear Miltonians, The official launch of the 100 years celebration preparations will be done on the 29 of January 2010, at the school Dining Hall. and that is when the official 100 year t-shirt will be sold for the first time. Tickets for the Dinner launch will be going on sale from thursday 21 January 2010. Will send more information on Dinner Launch in a separate email tomorrow. Regards Nqaba Donga Committe Member.

Clifford Welch
Harare, Zimbabwe
24 Jan 2010 07:50:30

I was a pupil at Milton 1973 to 1977, I remember Ma Wagner and many of the other teachers. I see Ma Wagner is the only contributee from the teaching faculty. What has happened to all our old teachers. I would like to support the celebrations, however over the years I have seen the degradation at the school. Is this going to be fixed in time for the 100 celebration. It will be good to hook up with many of the old school mates and so despite all above I will attend.

Kim Robertson
14 Jan 2010 06:15:38

Have just discovered this web site and have had a gas looking through it. I was at Milton from 73 to 78 and looking back on it now, realise how much fun we all had, although at the time that was debatable! Sadly I have lost contact with most of my old school mates, but reading some of the entries in the common room has brought back lots of memories. Please drop me a line if you feel like it to renew old friendships. It is great to know that we have a website, so we must all use it. Best of luck to everyone, and hope to make it to the reunion.

Stuart Young
13 Jan 2010 08:12:38

Hi guys just found out about this sit through the morning mirrow, it is great to see there is a site. I would like to get in contact with some of my old friends, these being Tony Lewis, Greg Weedon.

Brian Frost
Between Cape Town and Hermanus in South Africa
07 Jan 2010 12:43:05

A good friend of mine sent me the details of the website which was a great new years present as I have been trying for some time to make contact with Old Miltonians of my era. I note with interest that there is a 100 year re-union being planned, I would certainly be interested in attending.

Hugh Roberts
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
17 Dec 2009 18:00:00

MILTON 100 YEARS. THE BIGGEST OF ALL PARTIES. All old Milton pupils are invited to gather for a great celebration. Milton School turns 100 years old in 2010. Make plans now to come and attend the occasion – a wonderful chance to meet up with old friends, talk about old times and to support the school that gave you an education second to none.
Thursday 23 September, School tour and evening braai/sheep on a spit.
Friday 24 September Golf day
Saturday 25 September Gala dinner.

The following have also been proposed and can be arranged depending on numbers: - Day in the Matopos, Lake Kariba (Binga) fishing trip, Victoria Falls and/or Hwange Game Reserve trip. Accommodation and transport can be arranged. At this stage the organizing committee needs feedback as to who might be interested in attending and who wants to book for the various activities. PLEASE NOTE: All old Milton pupils in the Bulawayo area – there will be a social evening at Hartsfield rugby ground in the evening of 20 January 2010. Come along to meet your friends and to hear about the plans for the year.

Faith Tauro
Idabel, Oklahoma, USA
15 Dec 2009 18:10:15

Thank for this site guys has helped me get in touch with old friends. I'm the third of four Tauro's that all attend Milton. Will get my brothers to join the site to

Deborah Hayes nee Wagner
Cape Town RSA
26 Nov 2009 13:33:26

Happy Thanksgiving to all the OMs in the USA. I've enjoyed it immensely when I've been with my NY cousins on Thanksgiving... a unique holiday.

Ron Crittall
25 Nov 2009

Subject: Form IV 1954 I'm attaching:
- the Intro, which includes The Photo with names, and a description of the major events that shaped our lives in 1954;
- Memories of Bulawayo, in 1954, as supplied by various members of the class;
- Memories of Milton, of our years there from 1951 to 1954, again presented as individual recollections. You will note that several people refer to Form II and Room 15. This was a totally separate room tucked away near the bike sheds and Townsend Road, which allowed us to misbehave in a quite outrageous manner - and we got away with it for an amazingly long time. The memories include some relevant photos of places that have been mentioned in the text - these were mostly taken in after 2000, and includes that rather dreadful, undefined picture of a dilapidated shed. This was Room 15 in 2004.

Regards and thanks for your efforts re the centenary
Ron Crittall

Tommy Todd
Glasgow, Scotland
17 Nov 2009 18:53:37

I'm trying to find out any information regarding Anthony `Tony` Payne.He would have been at Milton about 1966.Would appreciate any help in this matter.Cheers

Graham Andrews

Maidenhead, UK
17 Nov 2009 00:46:13

Thanks Colin for getting the "Common Room" up and running again. I am off to Vic Falls shortly where my family still live and I hope to catch up with Hugh Roberts and Lou Corbi. A burglar broke into Lou's house a week ago and stabbed him several times. He lost a lot of blood but is now thankfully on the mend.

Matthew Smuts
Centurion, Pretoria, S.A.
09 Nov 2009 08:21:59

Hi "Deborah Hayes nee Wagner" I wonder if you remember my mother. She is standing 2 to your left in the Staff 69 photo on the site. Passed away 10 years ago but loved teaching and was one for over 25 years including in a few of Paddy Brett's schools in Salisbury and Bulawayo

Matthew Smuts
09 Nov 2009 08:02:22

I have some photos of school teams and Pioner House students that I will scan. How do I submit them to you

John Thurlow
New Zealand
08 Nov 2009 11:20:04

Staff 1973. My association with Milton was neither deep nor intense. However, I did meet some memorable characters, both staff and students. One staff member, Peter Craig ( and his wife Viv. ) actually came to N.Z. before settling in Bowral Australia, where they apparently still living. I also played Rugby for Queens. I would appreciate continued contact.

Alan Hammer
08 Nov 2009 11:17:26

Thank you for your email regarding the Milton website. It was one of my favourite sites and I was quite devastated to find that it had gone off line. Can I commend you and those involved in resurrecting the site for your enterprise.

Ron Crittall
08 Nov 2009 11:11:15

I read your recent email about the approaching centenary and how you were looking for contributions and recollections. I was at Milton from 1951-1956. While there our class had just the one photograph taken, in 1954 when we were in Form IV - so I decided to try for a fiftieth anniversary reunion (an electronic version) by trying to track down all 26 boys who appeared in the photo. We found all but one and put together a memoir/celebratory summary with contributions from everyone (or their families where they'd died), and distributed it. We put together: - an introduction which set the scene as it was in 1954; - a selection of Memories of Milton School from those days; - a selection of memories of Bulawayo also from those days; - the Class of '54, the story of each person in the class, what they'd done, where they lived, etc; - a brief Postscript. Not one of the class is still in Bulawayo. The great Rhodesian diaspora has taken them to Harare (2), South Africa (7), Perth (5), other Australia (2), UK (2), North America (3), Deceased (4), unknown (1). We wondered whether you might be interested in some of this. I'd be happy to supply copies of whatever appeals to you, other than the detailed individual biographies. I could provide brief summaries of these if you wanted them.

Deborah Hayes nee Wagner
Cape Town RSA
08 Nov 2009 10:14:41

Today, being Remembrance Sunday, I remember with respect the OMs on the Roll of Honour and I trust Oms will not take it amiss if I name the very special young men who I was privileged to know well in the 1970's: D Hawkes, AD Herbst, FM Kaschula,DL Mclaren,H Myerson, S Nugent, WM Partridge, KW Standers,and WL Loxton. My classes were lit up with your personalities and you are sadly missed. Deborah

Deborah Hayes nee Wagner
Cape Town RSA
07 Nov 2009 09:47:55

Hi Pete. So glad you popped up on the common room. I've long been wondering what your e-mail address is and how you've all adjusted to life in Canada. Regards. Deborah

Pete Chadwick
Ottawa, Canada
04 Nov 2009 13:01:16

Hi Guys - great to see the OM's site back in action, but it looks as though we recently had some oddish visitors! Still slaving away as a geological consultant - though it has been a difficult year. Cheers, Pete

Colin Hamilton
Cape Town, South Africa
01 Nov 2009 07:30:31

Hi Colin Good that you have got the site up and running again. I heard about it from Deborah Hayes - a great site. If my memory is right we were in Ralph Eden's sixth form maths classes. It would be great to hear from old friends from the time I was at Milton - 70 to 75. Cheers Colin

Deborah Hayes nee Wagner
Cape Town RSA
01 Nov 2009 00:59:26

Hi there Stuart. Talk about jogging the memory.. long Lance Smith. Saw Colin Hamilton not too long ago. Also at Old Mutual, in Pinelands. Don't worry about the age! You should see me! Grey hair all disguised. Lines alas not! See what you all did to me! Regards. Deborah

Stuart Loxton
South africa
31 Oct 2009 07:17:23

Was referred to the site by the very long Lance Smith who was chatting to a mate Paul Hanratty at their son's cricket match in JHB. What a hoot to see some of the old photies. Shit I am now older than my father was when he was teaching.

Perkins Kangai
28 Oct 2009 19:56:54

I was at Milton from 88 to 91.Those were the best schooling days.Going through the photo gallary just brings all those memories back.Remember the rugby season with Rawson and Dully.The Match days with all the sprogs in their number ones beating on the ground.The prefects Common room.I remember I had a couple of original Miltonian school socks that had been handed done to me from my brother.I did a bit of surgery on them and I always wore them with pride till I was called into the common room.You know the rest.

Perkins Kangai
28 Oct 2009 19:54:30

I was at Milton from 88 to 91.Those were the best schooling days.Going through the photo gallary just brings all those memories back.Remember the rugby season with Rawson and Dully.The Match days with all the sprogs in their number ones beating on the ground.The prefects Common room.I remember I had a couple of original Miltonian school socks that had been handed done to me from my brother.I did a bit of surgery on them and I always wore them with pride till I was called into the common room.You know the rest.

Ian Benning

28 Oct 2009 08:29:12

Got wind of this website recently! Was a border in Pioneer from 1976-1980....five of the best years of my life! Many fond memories! Would be great to hear from any old mates that are out there!! Ian

Brian Khumalo
London, UK
28 Oct 2009 06:26:19

Great to see the emergence of the site. Keep up the good work!

Tommy Todd
26 Oct 2009 17:15:53

I have got some photos from my time at Milton from 1981 - 1984.How do I upload them to this site

John Smith
21 Oct 2009 14:55:27

Hi was at Milton '60 to '65. Wow, Richard, I was in Sumas Valley, Abbotsford last week!!! If anyone is in the Paris area let us know about you, Great to see we are spread so far and wide.

Alex Prinsloo
Centurion - RSA
21 Oct 2009 01:00:23

Hi all Old Miltonians. Was in Bulawayo in January 2008. Went to Milton, meet with the Deputy Mr Mpofu, great guy, had a chat. Walked around the school and Pioneer House. Yes very sad state. Was good to see the students all in uniform, and the prefects i spoke to were proud to be Miltonians. Regards Alex.P.

Ben Durham
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
19 Oct 2009 13:26:07

I was at Milton from 1950 to 1954. Never shone at anything there - only woke up later! I did a B.Sc (Pharmacy) at Rhodes and years later a B.A.(Hons) in Theology at University of PE. So practised hospital pharmacy, then was in ministry, now "retired" and back to pharmacy in PE. Would really like to meet with those I knew at Milton. Cell phone 0826228023.

M. Ngwenya (Current Headmaster)
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
19 Oct 2009 09:00:13

Its great to see that the website is up and running again. It help in keeping OMs updated on what is happening on the ground. Preparations are at an advanced stage and we would like all to get involved. 2010 will see the ELEPHANT RISING TO CLAIMING ITS 100 YEARS

Rufus Gruber
16 Oct 2009 21:44:55

I attended Milton from 1957-1962 I now live in Westlake Village California 35 miles north of Los Angeles I am in touch with a few Old Miltonians in my area

Dennis Riley
16 Oct 2009 21:37:39

Well done on the re-emergence of this site. As an OM [1964 to 1969 inclusive]I will take an active interest in the preparation for our centenary next year

Steve McKenna
15 Oct 2009 00:41:31

Hi - great to see the website up and running again. I have photos etc that could be added to website, just need to know where to send them and in what format. Cheers Steve

Mick Higgins
14 Oct 2009 10:00:04

Well its good to see the site back up and running again. Keep it up... Mick

Graham Andrews
14 Oct 2009 06:39:24

I was at Milton Junior 53 - 56 and Senior 57 - 62. Head Boy in 62 was Hugh Roberts, now a Vet and still living in Bulawayo. He is organising the 100 year anniversary on 25/26 July 2010. His email: Contact him and spread the word. Cheers

Richard Nash
Richmond / Canada
13 Oct 2009 12:55:57

Great to see the site re-emerge. 100th anniversary - that puts my 6 year stint into perspective. Any chance of seeing some more recent pic's on the site? If there are any other Old Boys in the Vancouver / Richmond area, it would be great to catch up.

Deborah Hayes nee Wagner

Cape Town RSA
12 Oct 2009 03:04:36

Hi Colin. Remember the blond Dragon who taught history 1969-1978? Good to see the Common Room up and running again. Would love to hear from the OMs who remember me. Regards to you all. Deborah

Alister Davis
12 Oct 2009 00:01:13

Hi Roy, I was pointed to your email on the Old Miltonian web page by a close school friend still living in Zim. I was at Milton from ... well, you know when!! To bring you briefly up to date ... Left Zim in 1971 to go to Uni in Durbs and after completing my degree, came back to work in Byo, where I married the love of my life. We eventually emigrated to South Africa, which is now our permanment home. I am currently working in the Gulf region, in Bahrain, at a small investment bank, where I am the compliance officer. Arrived too late to set myself up for life, but am managing OK. The scariest thing is to meet other Zims or South Africans who have been here for more than 20 years - I didn't even know this place existed then!! Hair is a bit greyer (only from working in this part of the world!!) and am combatting middle-age spread, but otherwise, I am much the same. Hope life has been kind to you too. Last I heard, Bill Green is somewhere in Sydney (if you can track him down). Regards Alister

Clinton Jones
11 Oct 2009 22:19:28

Well I am now in the US and it seems decades since I was in Saudi but only a short time ago that I was at Milton. Had a splendid time catching up with Rob Yackel, some of you may remember he was an exchange student in 1985 at Milton; he lives here in Seattle. At any rate, good to see the site is back up. I received an email from the current headmaster and wonder if anyone else did too ?

The Common Room
11 Oct 2009 18:17:38

Spread the news to any Old Miltonians that this web site is back up and running. The school will be celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2010 and it would be great to have more recollections and reminiscences on this site. If you have any stories, information, photographs, or suggestions about the site, please contact

Colin Telfer
Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
03 Oct 2009 14:10:30

We're baaaack! The common room is open again.