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2010 - Contribution of articles and memories and news

Deborah Hayes nee Wagner
Cape Town RSA
December 23, 2010

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, peaceful and safe festive season and a great 2011. Come on all my “old Historians”, how about some news. I miss your e-mails. Regards. Deborah


If any Old Miltonians have old pictures of Bulawayo buildings, historic and favorite places such as old grand hotel, palace, cecil and rio hotels, mcculagh & bothwell, kirrie buildings, woolworths, zippers, palace theatre, skyview drive-inn, fritz street pie carts, railway co-op, raylton sports club, treger house, eagle star house, cement house, warnborough mansions etc, and willing to share for a website dedicated to images of Bulawayo would welcome if you might send to


Hello All - Perth Celebrations - message of thanks

Well it was a magic weekend; Kudos to Paul (Cutler) for his vision & fortitude (and unashamed delegation). Thanks again to those who contributed & those who came. As promised, we have made available all the material that we used and collected over the weekend. Thanks to Sean for his idea to share it online.....fingers crossed that this works OK and everyone has access. The video that was taken will form part of a DVD that Steve is compiling; we'll send a few of those around later to anyone that wants one.

Old Miltonians attending the 100 year celebrations in Perth Kudos to Paul Cutler and Pete Hatton for the photgraphs
Mike Einhorn 1966 - 1972;
John Thomson 1969 – 1974
Peter Hatton 1972 – 1978 (Charter House)
Steve Barber 1972 – 1977
Sean McIlvin 1974 – 1979 (Charter House)
Steve Daly 1974 – 1978
Paul Cutler 1975 – 1980
Gerald Keyer 1974 – 1978
Steve McKenna 1975 – 1979
Ricky du Toit 1975 – 1979
Alex Yard 1975 – 1980
Andrew Buchan 1976 - 1979
Barry Watson 1978 - 1984
Craig Hardman 1979 – 1982
Neil Dempsey 1977 – 1983
Steve Kerr 1977 – 1980
Adrian Abel 1979 – 1984
Gary Hardman 1979 – 1982
Nelson Pollard 1980 – 1982 (Charter House)
Ric Caprez 1981 – 1983
Jim Felgate 1978 – 1980 (Head of English)


Rob Shand
November 14, 2010 10:45 pm

I have lost contact with most of those at school with me and would be interested in any news of them that may come up – if they are still around ! Would love to make contact again those I remeber:
Kelvin Ainslie, John Badham, Basil Bridal, David Batchelor (went to Canada his father was house master of Charter House – the one nearest Selbourne Avenue?), Clive Carbutt, Roy Clewes, Balfour Chandler (Bulawayo), Roy Downes (S.A) David Emery, Garth Farrell, Brian Fletcher, Alan Gershon, Ian Gibb, Michael Grant, John Gasson, Aluin Gilchrist, Peter Holmes, John Humphries, Dennis Hill, Leslie Hodes, John Hawkins, Michael Jaffey, ? Jacobsen, ? Levi, L.W.MacDonald, ? Kollenberg, Michael Kaplan, ? Negus, Frank Mussell (was in Perth and I think he still may be). Derek Playford, John Potterton, Michael Rosenfield (S.A) Rob Shand (Perth), Nasso Titalius, Les Vides, and Kevin van Jaarsveld.

100 year celebrations in September 2010. Please don't forget the photographs and memories - all articles and pictures welcome

Deborah Hayes nee Wagner
Cape Town RSA
September 24, 2010

You guys made Milton the best teaching years of my career. Have a wonderful 100th year celebration. Fondest regards to all OMs all over the world. Deborah


Paul Cutler
Perth Australia
September 19, 2010

“Quit ye like men” I know the OM's Perth reunion is still over 2 months away, There are a few updates

The venue for Friday boys’ evening has been confirmed as Edgewater Sports Club.
a. We will arrange draught beer, wine, cold drinks & snacks.
b. We will run a kitty on the evening to cover costs.
c. There will also be commemorative Milton beer mugs for sale at cost price.

Just to clarify, the school photo requested does not have to be in school uniform; any photo of you taken around the time of leaving school will do. I have recently discovered that some of the teachers of our era now live in Oz & hopefully we will see them at the reunion: Jim Felgate lives down the road from me in Connolly, Mike Harlen is working in Karratha and Brian Brett lives in Sydney

If anyone knows of any others who might be able to make it, please let me know?


Paul Cutler
Perth Australia
September 08, 2010 8:47

OMs reunion in Perth on the weekend 26-28 November 2010 (Sep update)


With less than 3 months to go, I thought it was time for another update & request for information.

The provisional itinerary for the weekend 26-28th November is as follows:
Friday 26th 6pm Welcome pub evening at Arena Sports Club (Milton "boys’ evening")
Saturday 27th 10am Boat cruise from Hillarys Harbour to Seal Island (visitors to Perth & hosts)
Saturday 27th 7pm Formal 3 course dinner & speeches at Spinnakers Restaurant (partners included; $50 pp + drinks)
Sunday 28th Am Golf at Joondalup Resort
Sunday 28th 3pm Braai/barbeque at Kings Park (to include all Zim friends)


Calvin Mashiri
Leicester UK
September 18, 2010

These were the best years of my life


Uxbridge UK
September 12, 2010

Old Miltonian from 1942 to 1947 , a great website


Rob Shand
August 09, 2010 1:45 am

Old Miltonian from 1944 to 1949, information that I can remember are the sixth form of 1949 though there may well be omissions from this - it’s a long time ago : Kelvin Ainslie, John Badham, Basil Bridal, David Batchelor (went to Canada. His father was house master of Charter House – the one nearest Selbourne Avenue?), Clive Carbutt, Roy Clewes, Balfour Chandler (Bulawayo).

Roy Downes (S.A) David Emery, Garth Farrell, Brian Fletcher, Alan Gershon, Ian Gibb, Michael Grant, John Gasson, Aluin Gilchrist, Peter Holmes, John Humphries, Dennis Hill, Leslie Hodes, John Hawkins, Michael Jaffey, ? Jacobsen. ? Levi, L.W.MacDonald, ? Kollenberg, Michael Kaplan, ? Negus, Frank Mussell (was in Perth and I think he still may be) Derek Playford, John Potterton, Michael Rosenfield (S.A) Rob Shand (Perth), Nasso Titalius, Les Vides, Kevin van Jaarsveld.

I have lost contact with most of those at school with me and would be interested in any news of them that may come up – if they are still around! I do not have much else of a general nature other than some 1949 Athletic meet records, annual sports 1949 (my interest as I represented RHODESIA in the mile and 880 in the 1953 SA Champs in Salisbury and am still competing in the masters).


Nick Wells
Berwick Melbourne Australia
August 07, 2010

Hi to all, happy centenery year to you all, other Melburnians/Australians, we would love to see you again, cheers for now.


Joe Goldberg
Haifa Israel
August 03, 2010 10:28 am

We lived in Luanshya N.R. and was enrolled at Milton Junior Borrow street as a board from 1944 and advance to the Senior school in 1946 again as a boarder at Pioneer House.

I still have many school sporting photographs and even my rugby honours cap of 1952.

Let me wish you all the success for 100th celebrations. My best wishes to all you Miltonians. I had a wonderfull time at school, those Saturday evenings watching those lovely St.Peters little girls dancing. I think we were caught only once up a tree, and when we were asked if we were from Milton we said no mam we are from Tech. Put never caught us.


Steve McKenna
Melbourne Australia
August 01, 2010 10:42 am

Hey Joe – How are you? All well here. Am living in Melbourne, have been now for 7 years. Greg is also very well and also living in Aus. Have recently been in touch with Dave Husband, Hun Herbst and Glen Taute – quite amazing after all these years. Alex Walker forwarded an update on the Centenary celebrations to Mom, who passed it on. Quite sad to hear about the current state of this great school – one wonders what will arrest the decay and whether it will be around in another 100 years.

Would be great to hear your news.


Terence French
Coff's Harbour NSW Australia
July 30, 2010

I've just discovered this site, amazing. I now live in Australia, practise as a consultant physician in Grafton where I have worked since 2002.


Hylton Sher
Tel Aviv Israel
July 27, 2010

I live in Israel and run my own business at Milton1960-1962


Basil Ziv
Toronto Ontario Canada
July 26, 2010

It's great to reconnect. Nice to see a few people I know in the common room.


Neil Rix
July 25, 2010

Museum pictures available on 100 Year anniversay page. The school celebrated on Friday - some of the Old Boys walked on the actual centenary day, starting at Eveline, through Milton Junior and then to the High School and finally at OM's - better pictures will follow from the "official" photographer - Nic Marsburg!!

Mr Einhorn followed in a carriage as the oldest old boy..! We now look forward to the 23rd / 25th of Sept...


Sean Roderick
Zurich Switzerland
July 25, 2010

Milton 100 years old today....happy birthday to you


Frances and Joe Krige
July 15, 2010

On behalf of the whole Krige family- Simon, Neil, Eugene and Joe. I remember his strong compact physique. He was a class act in gymnastics and a great rugby player. More importantly, he was a very popular Miltonian.
Joe Krige


George Archibald 1970-1974
South Africa
July 16, 2010

Please put a little note on the common room for me. Just came back from Mauritius and managed to track down 2 class mates Eugene Krige and Glenn Pretorius. Nice meeting up with the lads and a good chat. Pics on my face book under Milton Boys. Search for high and wide all over the world. Looking for a whole lot of other, Tim Foley, Alf Bossy and Trevor Michael and Chris Pantazakos, just to name a few
Thanks George Archibald


Rodney Huni
July 12, 2010

Dear All, Fantastic game over the weekend. Final score Milton 37 - Plumtree 12.
Regards Rodney


Elizabeth Archibald
South Arica
July 12 2010

George Archibald 1970 - 1974, On a sad note, Brian Cogill passed away on Wednesday 30th of June 2010, in Durban after a short illness. RIP Brian, from your class mates of 1974.


Geoff Crimes
11 July 2010
Subject: Add to List of Pupils

Would you mind adding my name to your list of pupils. My name is Geoffrey Cyril Crimes, I was in 1a2,2a2,3a2,4a2 from 1956 through to the beginning of 1957(March) when I left to join the Federal Dept of Customs and Excise.
I well remember in our first year(1956)at the beginning of the Rugby Season we were all assembled (purely voluntarily of course!!) at morning tea break, behind the science blocks, where the Milton Rugby chant was instilled in us by such luminaries as Colin Bland (then playing fullback in the First 15), Mazoo Simpson, Roy Chesworth, Don Harvey, Rob Iversen and P Finlayson. An African staff member was included to lead the 'memory' in the singing spots. It was learnt with a great degree of gusto (or else) and we were all 'invited' to be at the game on Saturday afternoon,(which would of course mean that we would have to forgo Saturday Afternoon 'mof' at the Palace Cinema!!) complete in school uniform (Navy Blue Blazer Grey Longs and topped off with your 'crown' your STRAW BASHER!) Woebetide if you weren't there, an excuse letter from Crocker Bros may be acceptable, but not necessarily so, and in case anyone thought of taking a chance one of the prefects would be there in plain clothes!
I must say that at first we felt a little 'spare' when called upon to sing but once we saw that we had so obviously been the cause of them scoring the odd point we became much more enthusiastic in our performance. There was one catch to this outpouring of good will towards our brothers on the field. It was that at the end of the war cry we all had to toss our straw boaters high into the air. Now those things were very fragile being made out of compressed straw, and in the rush of about 500 Highly enervated schoolboys all trying to reclaim their own headgear, there were bound to be breakages!!
Our singing must have worked for that year Milton were the only team in the Federation to beat the South African Touring Team. That year it was Greys College. They'd bean unbeaten up until then when probably the finest game of rugby I've ever watched was played on the Green sward that was the First 15 field. I forget the exact score except I seem to remember that there was only 2 points in it. I do remember that Bland played a blinder of a game, despite their determination to remove or at least to render him negligent in any future major moves!.(to no avail Milton bred them strong!).
I write this from London where schoolboys are no longer allowed to play conkers, and any physical touching games are usually not allowed!. They really don't know what they're doing to their kids, no wonder they have so much crime amongst their youth. I thank you all who were responsible for my upbringing. The latest that I've just seen on the BBC newsheet is that the Mosques want schools to cancel swimming during the month of Ramadan as "pupils may inadvertidly drink some water whilst swimming,during the fasting hours of daylight", CAN You believe it?!


Deborah Hayes nee Wagner
Cape Town RSA
07 Nov 2009 09:47:55

Hi all. Just had hard drive crash and have lost any info if you emailed me from 2008. Ant Dry and Alex Fraser-Kirk spring to mind but I know there were others who are owed mail from this end. Please can you re-forward me details and pen/paper are going to come in handy!!! Regards to all of you. Deborah.


Joe Krige
Frome, UK
June 25 2010

Hi Stuart L, Steve M, Clifford W and all other OMS. Drifted onto the site, happy to see names I know so well. Steve , hope you are well. How is Greg doing? I hope you and your family are in good health. Stuart , I will be in JHB in late July August. Greg Hurly could hook us up. I hope Gerry and Wanda are good. Clifford you ol son of a gun I remember laughing a lot when you we were together. Regards to the folks. I remember attending the Jubilee festivities in 1970 in my Hillside uniform. Where is Johan (Hun) Herbst.. my good friend?
Thanks for the website. Joe Krige


Steve Bryer
Auckland, New Zealand
24 June 2010

Stumbled on the site this week, saw post from a few familiar names which brought back many fond memories of the old days. I attended Milton 72 to 77, and have often paused to think on how my fellow class mates have fared over the years. Good to get some regular commentary from Pete Chadwick; Hi Pete.
I see there's a get together in Perth in November. I might pop over.
All the best to fellow Old Miltonians.


John Fynaut
Mon, 31 May 2010 17:39:39
1976 Lower Sixth Class List-I have been rubbed out!

I enjoyed some fond memories of my time at Milton from 1972 to 1976. I commenced the sixth form in 1976 after underachieving (thorough my own lack of effort) in my O Levels. But I was disappointed to see that Gracie appears to have erased me from the school memory. The likes of Guy Hickling, Meir Levin or Clifford Welch (amonst others) will verify I was there, albeit for a short time. I would be grateful if my name was included because I was there at the start of the year, even if it was short-lived. I did receive an extremely brief and non-complimentary reference from Gracie to support my claim, which I have in a box somewhere in my loft.

WANTED - Artciles and Pictures as an extension to OM's (Milton Junior and Eveline High School)
Milton and Eveline became the first state-maintained high schools in Rhodesia. Milton and Eveline were officially opened on the same day by Sir William Milton, his wife Lady Eveline, articles and pictures etc are welcome to extend the alumni website to facilitate communications between people who have attended Milton High, Milton Junior and Eveline High School. Articles and pictures from the 1970 Jubilee magazine will be uploaded shorty.


22 May 2010 12:09pm

The Bulawayo reunion takes place in London next weekend in May. I am having a banner made up with the school badge on it ..... 1910 on one side of the badge and 2010 on the other, the word "Centenary" on the top and "Milton School" underneath. I will gather all those who went to Milton together for a photo graph with the banner and at the same time have a clip board recording names and email numbers once the photo has been taken.
Once I have that, I will email them all and push for attendance on 23rd September. I will bring the banner with me to Bulawayo at the end of Sept.


Paul Cutler
Perth, Australia
4 May 2010 0:20pm

OMs reunion in Perth on the weekend 26-28 November 2010. Gidday/Howzit fellow Old Miltonians. As most of you are aware, a reunion is being organised to celebrate Milton’s 100th anniversary & 30 years (or so) since leaving school. Perth has been chosen as the host city, as there are already so many of us here & those who are yet to visit, will not be disappointed.

Please can you pass on this invitation to any of our old school mates, who you think might be interested/able to attend? Attached is a list of names & contact details, so far. Please add anyone I have missed & send the list back to me, so I can include them in future updates. The proposed itinerary for the weekend 26-28th November is as follows:

Friday 26th eve Welcome pub evening
Saturday 27th Am Brunch at the beach
Pm Boat cruise to Rottnest or Swan River
Eve Formal dinner & speeches
Sunday 28th Am Golf at Joondalup resort
Pm Braai/Barbeque at Kings Park (to include all Zim friends)

Once we have an idea of numbers, we can start to make bookings & finalise the cost involved. For those OMs who are coming from outside Perth, please feel free to bring your family & make a holiday of it, as there are enough of us here to assist with accommodation. Personally, I am really looking forward to seeing all my old school mates again & catching up on the past 30 years.
Paul (Cutler)


Rick Wilson
Thu, May 20, 2010 5:03 am

So pleased to see that finally my old school is getting its website up and running. I am currently Headmaster of the school St David’s Marist Inanda in Joburg – in some ways it’s like Milton in tradition. Some ‘bullet’ points in thinking about the school I attended from 1963 – 1976 (6M)
The war cry when we played rugby – the ‘Prefects kneeling in front of the school with their bashers and then the war cry ‘guBulawayo.....Ay! Enar, enar, enar kay!’
The prefect’s common room and being called in to be ‘lashed’ for various misdemeanours.
Being in class with members of Otis Waygood – the best Rhodesian Band ever – Rob and Alan Zipper, Ivor Rubenstein, Leigh Sager, Martin Jackson
Bunking to Headmaster Brett’s mansion in the corner of the grounds at break with his son and drinking liqueurs from his booze cabinet whilst listening to Jimi Hendrix’ new album. He then hosted a cocktail party and there was a furore when he poured his guests whiskey and brandy we had diluted with cold tea.
Morgan Davies thrashing a 240 run double century against Gifford or similar school.
Going on a motor bike to Townsend Girls school for History lessons – what a pleasure.
The great battle at the race course between the prefects and ducktails led by George Zacharades – about a hundred of us watched in awe!
Another great Milton Band – Short Circuit Guavas – Mick Allard and John Mawdsley amongst others.


Luther Adams
Vancouver Canada
20 May 2010 20:00:05

I was at Milton from 1988-1993. I was in a few different clubs. Pictures of the club members eg chess club were in the annual school magazine .Can I get a copy of the school magazines from that period. I am in Vancouver Canada however I can arrange for someone to come by to collect/buy them.
Please let me know. Thanks Luther Adams

Graham Ross
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
12 May 2010 03:16:38

Dear Fellow Miltonians, Congratulations on our humble and combined contribution in achieving a century for the old school! So many memories flood back but notable amongst these for me were playing in a group called The Stereos with several Miltonians; performing in various plays like 'Julius Caesar' with Jill Campbell and 'Salad Days' with the delectable Diana, the Headmaster's daughter; and being inspired by sixth form English teacher, Gordon Todd. Not so ravishing in memory were compulsory cadets and being thrashed by Reg Cowper for not doffing my cap to him ! Mostly happy, memorable days shared by an honourable band of brothers ! Best wishes to all, Graham Ross

Graham Ross
12 May 2010 03:20:38

Would anybody have a contact address / email for Gordon Todd who used to be head of English at the sixth form at Milton High School as I have tried to contact him relentlessly over the years but have never succeeded ? Most grateful for any contact.

100th Year Anniversary
Hi all fellow OM's, Thanks to all who have visited the site since 1999, especially those who have supplied info, pics, etc... If anyone out there has any info, photos, etc. or suggestions about the site then let us know. If your name isn't in the OM's database please send an update. We now have our own domain name and would like to receive any content that will encourage and support celebrating the 100 year anniversary.


Gordon Hardman
Boulder, Colorado
9th February 2010

I am glad to see the site up again. I attended Milton from 64-69. Also went to Milton Junior. Interestingly, my dad, Bob Hardman, was born in 1910, he attended Milton as well. I went on to UND, eventually got a BSEE and MS in physics. Then worked at the accelerator center in Faure
near Capetown, then drifted to the USA in 1981, and eventually became a citizen.

Gordon Hardman


Nqaba Donga
23 Jan 2010 18:13:38

Dear Miltonians, The official launch of the 100 years celebration preparations will be done on the 29 of January 2010, at the school Dining Hall and is when the official 100 year t-shirt will be sold for the first time.
Tickets for the Dinner launch will be going on sale from thursday 21 January 2010.
Nqaba Donga Committe Member.


Clifford Welch
Harare, Zimbabwe
24 Jan 2010 07:50:30

I was a pupil at Milton 1973 to 1977, I remember Ma Wagner and many of the other teachers. I see Ma Wagner is the only contributee from the teaching faculty. What has happened to all our old teachers. I would like to support the celebrations, however over the years I have seen the degradation at the school. Is this going to be fixed in time for the 100 celebration. It will be good to hook up with many of the old school mates and so despite all above I will attend.


Kim Robertson
14 Jan 2010 06:15:38

Have just discovered this web site and have had a gas looking through it. I was at Milton from 73 to 78 and looking back on it now, realise how much fun we all had, although at the time that was debatable! Sadly I have lost contact with most of my old school mates, but reading some of the entries in the common room has brought back lots of memories. Please drop me a line if you feel like it to renew old friendships. It is great to know that we have a website, so we must all use it. Best of luck to everyone, and hope to make it to the reunion.


Stuart Young
13 Jan 2010 08:12:38

Hi guys just found out about this sit through the morning mirrow, it is great to see there is a site. I would like to get in contact with some of my old friends, these being Tony Lewis, Greg Weedon.


Brian Frost
Between Cape Town and Hermanus in South Africa
07 Jan 2010 12:43:05

A good friend of mine sent me the details of the website which was a great new years present as I have been trying for some time to make contact with Old Miltonians of my era. I note with interest that there is a 100 year re-union being planned, I would certainly be interested in attending.


Hugh Roberts
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
17 Dec 2009 18:00:00

MILTON 100 YEARS. THE BIGGEST OF ALL PARTIES. All old Milton pupils are invited to gather for a great celebration. Milton School turns 100 years old in 2010. Make plans now to come and attend the occasion – a wonderful chance to meet up with old friends, talk about old times and to support the school that gave you an education second to none.

Thursday 23 September, School tour and evening braai/sheep on a spit.
Friday 24 September Golf day
Saturday 25 September Gala dinner.

The following have also been proposed and can be arranged depending on numbers: - Day in the Matopos, Lake Kariba (Binga) fishing trip, Victoria Falls and/or Hwange Game Reserve trip. Accommodation and transport can be arranged. At this stage the organizing committee needs feedback as to who might be interested in attending and who wants to book for the various activities. PLEASE NOTE: All old Milton pupils in the Bulawayo area – there will be a social evening at Hartsfield rugby ground in the evening of 20 January 2010. Come along to meet your friends and to hear about the plans for the year.