Milton High School

Selborne Avenue, Bulawayo

Other - a collection of stories, photos, drawings and cartoons, school plays, awards, poetry, scholarships/bursaries and photos of sports in action

     ▪  Class of 54 - written by Ron Crittal in 2004

     ▪  Memories of Milton - a reunion written by Ron Crittal

     ▪  Memories of early days growing up away from school - from class of 54 reunion

     ▪  Cartoons of staff and students

     ▪  Drawings

     ▪  Reunions around the world - photos

     ▪  Poetry from school magazines, a profile of former students and teachers John Eppel on his literary achievements and Derek Fenton a collection of some of his work

     ▪  Africa: Unique perspectives of a Mission-raised child in New Memoir - Book written by D.H.M. Wright


1979 - A mixture of quotes With compliments from the Sixth Form Girls - 1979




Thanks to all those who have contributed and provided articles, photographs and copies of school magazines, including the original database Mick Higgins provided which formed the foundation of the site as it has grown into today. To those who attended the 100 year celebrations in Bulawayo and Perth who worked together to make those a success the photos will be a long lasting momento.
Adrian Monck-Mason, Aiden Cuddington, Alan Garriock, Alastair Mackintosh, Alex Walker, Alister Davis, Barry Zworestine, Benny Leon, Brian Khumalo, Bryan Simon, Colin Newton, Dusty Miller, George Archibald, Gerry Adlard, Graham Andrews, Greg Bawden, Howard Parker, Hugh Roberts, Ian Macfarlane, Joao Santa Clara, Joe Goldberg, Joe Krige, June McIntyre, Lewis Walter, Neil Potter, Neil Rix, Nick Wells, Pat Rundgren, Paul Cutler, Pete Hatton, Peter Gould, Richard Nash, Rick Bull, Rob Shand, Ron Crittall, Roy Hopkinson, Tom Waugh, Tommy Todd,