Milton High School Badge History

Milton High School

Selborne Avenue, Bulawayo

Badge history

The original (unofficial) Bulawayo Crest was adopted by Milton High School. The arms of Bulawayo were granted on 19 October 1943. The arms replaced an unofficial design.

The current Bulawayo coat of arms three rock rabbits were the totem of the Royal Family of the Matabele, the Kumalo. The cross below symbolises the bringing of Christianity by the first missionaries and settlers.

The elephant crest is based on the royal seal of Lobengula, last king of the Matabele. The motto "Si Ye Pambili", in Sindebele, means "Let us go Forward". The rock rabbit is an indigenous species, not related to the European rabbit. Its official name is a rock hyrax (Procavia capensis).


badge_byocoa_original     badge_byocao_originalsketch    badge_miltondrawing     badge_miltonsenior     badge_miltonprefects     badge_blazer

Progressions to the current Milton Senior badge and lastly the Prefects badge.


This memorial in St. John's Cathedral, Bulawayo (the early school location) to an old Miltonian features the School Crest.

Original (unofficial) Bulawayo Crest featuring the elephant in the crest.

badge_byocoa_currentbw     badge_byocoa_current Bulawayo Coat of Arms