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Dear Miltonians - Milton Lunch Friday 2 August 2019 Earth Cafe

With the economic situation hammering all of us... we still need to have a luncheon this year. I have decided to call this luncheon and make the effort.

Venue: Earth Cafe
Friday 1230 for 1245pm

Thank you,

Ian Williams
4 June 2019

Passed in his sleep 30 May.
A good friend, and brilliant motor racer

Come on all “old miltonians”, how about some news here instead of using Facebook, this connects with almost everyone around the world and has extensive history of may of our parents and in some cases grand-parents as the school magazines extracts go back to before WWI.

Let's have some news about those who you have caught up with recently. We don't have much from the Sixth Form girls, Townsend, St. Peters, Eveline and the Convent, would love to have some input, maybe reunion photos.

There must be plenty of stories as retold on facebook that are welcome on the common room and also any old photos.

Recently came across an article on facebook from 1968 at the ceremony in at Rhodes Grave in the Matopos where George Lambert-Porter as head boy read the poem "The Burial" by Rudyard Kipling. 1968 was the centenary of Mzilikazi's death.


Benny Leon 05-26-2019

It is seventy years ago that I went Milton Senior School as a thirteen year old junior boarder in Charter House 1949.  The place was vibrant with twenty boys in each of four dormitories. I visited Milton School recently and was shocked to discover the state of Charter House which appeared to be derelict. The furniture and bedding of the dormitories had been removed.  In Dorm One I found a solitary locker.  It was quite obvious that the building no longer functioned as a hostel.  A young lady unlocked a door opening into a once prefects study and explained that this is where she lived.  The dining hall roof was in need of  a coat of paint.  Half the furniture in the dining hall was missing. Two cooks were using the old coal burning stove in the kitchen.  This had not changed.
I recognised a few school mates in some of the photographic displays on the walls of the dinning hall dated 1951.
The only place which had not changed in seventy years were the corridors and class rooms of the main building.  I checked the board of head prefects at the entrance to the to the main assembly hall and saw I. W. MacDonald 1949 and Reg Furber 1952 both head prefects.  Milton Senior School was well run.  No problems with food at the grub hall - although we could eat more!  Of course one school master who had been there for ages was Mr. Putt Jackson.  Don't know how he got that nickname.


We are always looking for old school magazines and photos please contact

Brian McIlvin


Back row: Barry Peinke, Hugh Marais, Innes, ?, A Hussey, Dave Rix, ? , ? , Dave Crozier, M Booth , Brian McKelvin, Rupert Goosen.
Middle row: B Walker, Ken Goldhawk, Tony Law, Rob Brewer, Mrs Young (Form Teacher), ? , J Donen, C Viljoen, ? .
Bottom row: Maurice Ross, H Labandter, S Gerber, ? , Colin Gordon, R McCuaig, J Drowley, M Rigby, George McLean.

1) I have managed to identify most of my class-mates. We remained together through to Forms 5 & 6.
2) Maurice Ross is uncle of Martin Ross. (Perth visa agent)
3) S Gerber is son of Gerbers Music Shop which was well known in Bulawayo.
4) Colin Gordon is son of Gordons, the grocery retail shop well known in those days.

Brian McKelvin (November 2018)